Zodiac compatibilty : Scorpio

OCT 23-NOV 21

Aries and Scorpio both share great passion for physical as well as emotional pleasures. They both can also get attracted to each other but just for few moments of pleasures. They define two opposite characteristics. Aries defines the Fire element while Scorpio defines the water element. They both differ in their personalities and nature.

Aries personality:

Aries people live independent lives. They like to be admired by people thus they are always involved in effort that will get them fame. They don’t like to be controlled by others hence they prefer to go their own way. They have good managing and communicating skills thus they also get quick success. They are quick witted but they also get temper quickly. They are not stable and that’s what put halt between their success. They lack consistency and patience. They often tend to things without any rigorous study, which can again put them in misery. Though they are social and talkative person they can also get involved heated arguments. They have kind and sensitive heart. They will always run for help if they see any helpless person. They just want to dominate people. If they can get what they want and some admiration at regular intervals, then these people can be merrier than ever. They can be selfish sometimes. They need constant excitement in life without which they will lose interest in it.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people symbolize the strong will power and tolerance. They are highly adaptable to any environments. It is believed that they possess unknown power which makes them little different from other signs. This power can be used for either good or evil. They are strong individuals and they never back down. They have enormous power put they never misuse it. If anyone tries to assault them then they will tolerate at that time but when they will strike it will be inevitable. They strike with full force. They are secretive, intelligent and ordered people. They don’t like to rely on others thus they make themselves tough enough to stand in any situations. They have natural talent for exploring and studying. They have good analytic mind. They can look after themselves and can be self oriented sometimes. Some people admire such attitude but some may just say that they are too conservative. Their habit of investigating every single detail can make them desperate and obsessive towards it.

Aries and Scorpio relationship:

The strong base of this relationship is built with loyalty shown by both Aries and Scorpio. They are also determined individuals which can definitely help them achieve any feat in their lives. With some time spent with each other and patience they both can form a good bond. Scorpio will need some privacy at initial stages to adjust well with Aries. Aries who likes living on his own would not hesitate to allow this. Scorpio will need to create a emotional bond with Aries, which can be easily created with passionate Aries.

Aries and Scorpio both can have better understandability between them. If they are friends or co-workers then they will have competitive but friendly relationship with each other. If they are relative or siblings then they will be affectionate with each other. As business partners they can achieve good success and respect for each other as both are courageous and born to win. Lovers will share good intimacy and passion for each other. They can make disciplined and kind parents.

If both of them stand against each other, they will come to know that their opponent is not easy to win. If Aries has winning persona then Scorpio has strong determination to win. One wants to win always and another can’t take defeat. Both of them are firm individuals. They soon understand the need of being together as they both can win every task of their lives.

Aries and Scorpio

Though, there are lots of matching points present in this relationship there are moments which can simply destroy it. Aries like to rule and control other but Scorpio prefer to work alone. This can increase the heat in this relationship. Aries are talkative and like to share things while Scorpio talks less and keep it up to them. This secrecy can explode the fire in the mind of Aries. Scorpio may find Aries sloppy and would not dare to trust him. Scorpio likes to live royal life but within their budget this is not same with Aries people as they spend money without thinking about their needs.


Taurus and Scorpio share some of the very important virtues of life. They both are determinant, powerful and reliable. Personally they both seek loyal relationship and commitment. Along with some positive virtues they also share some negative ones which may change the equation. They both are stiff natured people thus it can become difficult for them to co-operate.

Taurus personality:

Taurus people are honest, serene and less active in nature. They remain simple and down to earth. They believe in hard work and are ready to work until they are finished with it. They always follow their own way for doing any work. They are disciplined people and would not like any carelessness. They are usually quiet and patient people but if they see anyone interrupting or unnecessarily testing them then they might show their original character to them. This scene can be threatening for that person and would never again go in Taurus’ way. Taurus people are kind to their loved ones. They are sensitive people with need to share their emotions. They are either emotional or strict. Sometimes they miss being funny as they are devoted to their job.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio sign has strong will power, intelligence and courage to keep fighting unless they achieve their success. With these virtues Scorpio can be really successful person in his life. They have developed self reliant nature and try to be as independent as possible. Being independent also removes the extra responsibility from their shoulders. They can be little lazy sometimes and try to find comfort for them. They also possess strong physic with which they can handle any problem with any other signs. They are smart and know how to talk to people in order to get rid of their work. They can survive in any type of environment. Another good thing about Scorpio is they have good amount of patience. It is said that Scorpio people own mystical powers and powerful venom which can be harmful to others, but it is hardly seen that they misuse of it. They can feel suspicious for others as they are always inspecting to them. This can make them possessive even for their close people or relatives.

Taurus and Scorpio people:

Taurus and Scorpio both show stubbornness to each other. They will have expressions like “I don’t care about the world” but deep down they have respect for each other. They like each other for their strengths and abilities but never speak it out. They both have so many things to express to each other but they never show guts to express them. This circumstance may also be seen between close friends or relatives, who spend whole time with one another but never try to tell their emotions. If they try to be frank with one another and empty their heart, then they can learn lot of things from each other. They may also start sharing their talents together which may lead them to be more vibrant then before.

Taurus and Scorpio

When Taurus and Scorpio become serious about their relationship, they tend to do anything that will keep the relation live. If they are siblings or friends then they both will be helpful to each other and know their role well. They like each other’s company very much. If they are business partners then they can become rich and famous, since they both are materialistic, clever and hard working. Love relationship will take place only after being around for extended time. Once they accept their relationship, they will become passionate about each other. As parents they would like to teach their children by self and take care of them. If this relationship has Taurus woman and Scorpio man then it will result in better compatibility.

They both show good signs of healthy relationship but they can become cold towards each other if failed to express their feelings. They both can be expressionless sometimes. Analytical nature of Scorpio may also disturb the Taurus people as they don’t like anyone interfering in their work. They will have to ask one another for their feelings rather than waiting for chance to express them. They both will show honesty in their relationship, which may hold the key to save them from separation.


Gemini and Scorpio relationship is a real testing time for both. They both have different nature and characteristics which can blow up their relationship. Gemini is extrovert, active and high-spirited while Scorpio is of serious type in all of their activities. They may have initial attractions for each other due to different characteristics but it can become worse later when they move towards the serious phase. It has chance to live up if they both get married and are living together.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people are fickle minded and easy going. They are never serious about what they do. They like to meet people and entertain them. They have gifted qualities of talking using which they can make you listen to them for hours. They are humorous and funny people. They show impatient and frequently changing nature. They can never be stopped at they have whole world to hunt. They make decision but even before executing it they change their mind and move on to next decision. They want to achieve the best. Actually they are clever people but usually fail to convert those decisions into results due to their moodiness. They like to live independently which can make them fall in trouble if not guided properly.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people have good amount of strength and they can tackle anybody who tries to dominate them. They themselves are dominating creatures but often like to keep it cool and under control. They are self-sufficient people. Scorpio people can possess strong will power with which they can achieve any task. They make their own decisions and stand for it. They rarely mind others view so there is no way that they will change their decisions. They are honest people for those who respect them and be honest with them. They look mysterious due to their self-reliant qualities. It is also difficult to read their minds since they do not socialize more and always involved in some activities. They have need to research and study.

Gemini and Scorpio relationship:

Gemini and Scorpio Since Scorpio people are expert in analyzing they easily notice the moody nature of Gemini people. This is not their type as they have stable mind. Gemini also talks too much which is not appreciated by Scorpion. Gemini can get tired of talking alone and would feel need of having someone with whom they can share their feelings. They are the people who need frequent change and if they get paired with people like Scorpio then they can get bored easily. They like to show people how intelligent they are. They have good entertaining abilities with which they can keep them amused all the time. They are careless people who take every task easily. Be it their relationship with another or their professional life, they never care what may be the result of their activity.

If Gemini and Scorpio decide to live together then they can have honest and devoted relationship. They both will show interest in learning more about one another. Generally free spirited and active Gemini may start concentrating more on Scorpio’s mysterious work style. As Scorpio looks for detailed information and accurate work they take their time for completion; this can annoy the impatient Gemini people. Similarly, Scorpio can get annoyed by Gemini’s inability to stick to one thing. Scorpio may share some typical characteristics of Gemini like getting tense easily or feeling of excitement etc but they never show it to Gemini. They become confident with every coming day. Gemini on the other hand is open person; it will not take much time for Scorpio to learn about their characteristics.

Gemini and Scorpio as friends or siblings, they both can perform well with Scorpio in leading role. As relatives they will hardly have any interactions. In business, Gemini can bring new ideas and Scorpio can convert them into results. They will have to have good understanding between them to work together. They may not succeed in love relationship as they have many differences to understand. They may succeed in keeping good relationship if waited and understood each other for long time. A marriage can help them have good relationship ahead.Scorpio can teach their children discipline while Gemini will be close to them as a friend.

Gemini and Scorpio though Scorpio people are good in studying the human nature, they fail to analyze some traits of Gemini. It is also difficult because Gemini goes with their imagination abilities. They can have visions and would go after chasing them. Scorpio may feel it uncomfortable. Gemini may get involved in some rumors as they are freely floating and social people. This can make Scorpio a little possessive towards Gemini. Gemini on the other hand may do not like him being too possessive about them. They won’t even show care about them. There is nothing common between them which can bind them together, thus they would need their family members or close friends’ help to live together. If you see from another angle, they are difficult to become a pair.


Cancer and Scorpio may have striking resemblance with each other. They both give high priorities to their relationships. They can rely on each other in order to play supportive role in their lives. Scorpio is more stable among them so cancer can live steady life with them. There can be some dull moments in this relationship, when Cancer shows changing moods and Scorpio lives detached life.

Cancer personality:

Cancer people have calm and peaceful nature. They live in harmony with all the members of their family including their close friends. Cancer people are funny and social but they keep it restricted. They make friends who last for long time. They like to help people with their problems. They are ready to leave their current work to help out people who need their help. They know how to cover up things with the help of humor that makes them worry. They can easily trick people into talking. They are innovative people, who bring out new ideas to help them out of current situation. They can be effective in business as they are determinant and economical in nature. They can take good decisions but sometimes seek proper guidance from their family or friends. Cancer people learn from their past and try never to repeat those mistakes. Cancer people would like to control things around if possible. They also have good managing skills.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people are best known for their never sat die attitude. They have strong will power and confidence to win. They also have immense amount of power; together all of these virtues helps them to win in any task. They only take rest after completing their task. They have ability to survive in any kind of situations. Scorpio person is like calm sea, nobody knows what lies deep inside it. Scorpio may appear quiet and still but he is actually planning a very good plan. They want to improve their daily life. They would love to have luxurious lifestyle one day. They are not much of social people. They like to live alone and spend their time studying. They have curious nature to understand all the facts around them. This kind of nature makes any onlooker to suspect on them. Generally, they are calm in nature but their weird nature makes them look angry.

Cancer and Scorpio relationship:

Cancer and Scorpio have lot of things common in between them hence they can easily form good bonds among them. Their caring and well developed nature brings them closer. They both can enjoy light moments with little humor and creativity from Cancer. They grow such type of understanding that they both can talk without speaking a word. They can sense what other person might be trying to say at that point of time. Scorpio people do not want to lose their money to some other guys while Cancer has fears of spending their money unnecessarily. So together they can help each other for saving their earnings for their futuristic needs. There can be time when Scorpio is busy in his own thoughts and may not give response to cancer person properly. Such things can keep happening in this relationship which in turn can sadden the sensitive cancer person. There is no need to panic by Cancer person as Scorpio person is always analyzing something due to which they might appear detached from reality. Since they both have good understanding, they will learn from this experience and forgive each other.

Cancer and Scorpio enjoy each other’s company in any bond they make with each other. If they are friends or siblings then they would show support for each other though out their life. They would be grateful to one another. As family members they would have cheerful bond with one another. Cancer and Scorpio can be good in business partners as Cancer provides the financial stability while Scorpio adds more intelligent thoughts in it. Cancer and Scorpio can have successful marriage and love affairs. Combination of Scorpio male and Cancer female can prove to be even more productive. They make great parents together and would enjoy their parenthood.

There are some personal issues with both of them which can damage their relationship. They both can try to control one another or may seek consideration from each other. As both expect same thing from each other, they may remain unsatisfied of their desires. Scorpio can feel irritable by the moodiness of the cancer while Cancer may feel insecure due to Scorpio’s tendency to keep track on them.

As Cancer and Scorpio understand and have faith in one another they may forgive each other quickly. They may also reveal their deepest secret to each other. This is the indication that they both are loyal to each other.


Leo and Scorpio relationship is a combination of two strong and stable individuals. They both are passionate and honest lovers. Together they can achieve anything they want but this is not possible due to authority problems between those two. They both are rigid and can give good competition to each other. There can be frequent conflicts or distrust in this relationship.

Leo personality:

Leo people like dominating others; it comes natural to them. They make firm decisions and act on it with their creative minds. They are also strong willed people to complete every task with success. They always prefer to work alone because they won’t have to take orders from others. They like to give orders to others. Sometimes they may also expect appreciations from other people on their decisions. They would never take disapproval from anyone. They can turn very angry in such situations. They have good managing skills with which they can become good leader. They blindly accept praises from people and often fail to recognize their purpose behind it. People can make misuse of Leo’s power.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people are determinant and intelligent in nature. They have tolerance to live under any circumstances. Scorpio people have high ambitions in life and they want to be successful person one day. To achieve their goals, Scorpio people can become selfish sometimes. They may not even like to mix with people. They may become secretive sometimes. They don’t like to share things with others but are analytical in nature. Scorpio people are curious to observe things. They want to learn everything which can get them huge success. They are calm looking person but beneath, there are many thoughts ready to play mind games. They do not get angry easily but if they do then there is no one as cruel as them. They admire people who are worth it.

Leo and Scorpio relationship:

Leo people always need words of appreciation from other. It boosts their confidence. Though Scorpio people are dominating they never care for such things. They will not even get it from egotistic Leo person. Scorpio people would like to dominate over Leo but they like the cheerful nature of Leo and do not go after it. They may also pay good attention to Leo person so that they can keep them happy. There can be some hidden agendas as Scorpios are famous for it. If they give attention to Leo then Leo should also show softness towards them otherwise Scorpio can show immense fury to Leo people. Leo might be furious in nature but they can be easily calmed down. Scorpio people calm down only after taking their revenge.

In Leo and Scorpio relationship, there can be initial pull on both sides due to their similarities but problems can arrive when they start competing for dominance. They both would try their own ideas to defeat other one. Leo would start arguing with them while Scorpio will neglect and would relapse in their own secretive nature. Leo should be careful while dealing with Scorpio as they can attack anytime. If Scorpio can’t find any solution to their arguments then they will simply go away from it.

Leo and Scorpio can never have easy relationship. As friends, sibling or family members they can have normal relationship but they would have competition for taking charge on each other. They may have frequent disputes between them. This type of relationship can be experienced between parent-child. If they are in committed relationship then they would need to have tolerance for each other otherwise this relationship can end right away. They can’t work together unless they have common agendas.

Leo and Scorpio both are too rigid to have same opinions. Scorpio hates Leo’s dominance while Leo hates Scorpio’s nature of being possessive. There is always problem with who leads their relationship. Leo and Scorpio will have to adjust with their partner’s characteristics as they both are persistent on their own characteristics. If they can see positive skills of each other and neglect the conflicts then they can have good bond with each other.


Virgo and Scorpio relationship is not easy but it can become satisfying if they both are ready to live together. Virgo people shows their doubting and analytical nature while Scorpio shows secrecy thus there will always be uncertainty about each other. Though their basic traits are differs from one another, they might find some things matching between them.

Virgo personality:

Virgo people are intellectual and realistic in nature. They want to achieve their goals with systematic plans. They like learning new things through study or experiences. They also have tendency of researching but they can also lose hopes and become negative if they do not succeed. They are of helping nature, who can even go in depth to get the answers for others. Virgo people always do their things perfectly and in well organized manner. Due to this also start expecting accuracy from others too. Such nature can also make them critical towards others. Virgo people are also honest to speak their opinions. They will speak about person’s success as well as about failure. Though it can hurt other people but they should take it positively as a feedback for their work. Virgo people often live detached life which can make them insensitive to others’ feelings.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people are determinant, intelligent and hard working in nature. They live independent life and try to have better control on it. They are ambitious and can adjust in any circumstances in order to achieve their goals. They are calm and self centered people but can get angry if anyone tries to dominate over them. Never try to hurt Scorpio person because they never forgive their enemies. They will wait for the correct opportunity and then attack their enemies. They are emotional but rather hide them deep inside thus they are also called secretive. They are said to have ability to rise back from failure. They admire true courage and intelligence. They might also become loyal to people who have good virtues. They are good in judging people and can find out what skills they have. They are also helpful in nature.

Virgo and Scorpio relationship:

As Virgo is always trying to learn from their experiences so that they can improve themselves, Scorpio gets impressed by such a quality. They also find the realistic nature of Virgo which is fairly similar to them. Virgo people look for the perfection and when they see Scorpio aiming for the same they appreciate it. This way Virgo and Scorpio both can work on their individual goals; it also gives them freedom to live life with their own merits. They both like to stick to the plans and complete their work in any way. They both are intellectual people. This creates the happy and peaceful relationship between them. Virgo needs someone who can give proper support to them and Scorpio is always ready to do that. Scorpio appreciates and respects Virgo for their dedication to their work.

Scorpio seeks thrill and passion in everything in their life. Virgo and Scorpio prefer little tricky life instead of same boring daily life. If they see lack of passion in their relationship then suddenly they will fill bored with Virgo people. Virgo can become boring when they go after achieving perfection. They simply forget their personal life while all Scorpio needs is emotional attachments. Before this Virgo and Scorpio relationship can become any dull Virgo returns back to Scorpio to complete their desires. Virgo people show enough flexibility to adjust with Scorpio person which is admired by the Scorpio. In this way, Virgo and Scorpio never really have to face any problems with any relationship they share.

Virgo and Scorpio may suffer from the problems arising due to their individual orientations. Virgo people are more into their work life while Scorpio needs someone who can unhide their secrets and emotions. When Scorpio finds the detached nature of Virgo they try to have control on them. This can again make Virgo person feel irritated. Virgo tries to solve problems of all the people including Scorpio while Scorpio hates them for interfering in their matter. Virgo can also turn negative which is just not acceptable to determinant Scorpio. Virgo may also bring troubles to Scorpio and seek their help. This can make Scorpio irritated. Virgo people can get offended by the distrustful nature of Scorpio. There can always be reasons for them to worry but they always find solutions to it. Virgo and Scorpio relationship is made for life time. They both show loyalty to each other.


Libra and Scorpio both can live together in harmony as they both seek loyalty. They both are passionate about love. They both show enough respect to each other. They both will show excitement to know understand one another.

Libra personality:

Libra people are good in logic and this always helps them in their daily life. Since they are good in reasoning and logic they can always help people solving their doubts. They would prefer to have freedom of living their life as they tend to live their life adapting to others. They always study before making any decisions. They will only act if there is no confusion in their mind. Unfortunately, they tend to get confused pretty easily thus they rarely get into any action. They will need strong support in order to complete their dreams. Libra people are good in communication. They like to take part in debate and win it. Since they have good intellectual abilities, they can talk on both side of the topic. They will always have friendly arguments. Serious arguments can hurt other people thus they tend to avoid them.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people are of mysterious type. They look simple and calm from outside but their brain is continuously working inside. They have ambitious nature and strong will power to achieve their goals. They set difficult targets but well structured plans to achieve them. They are so eager to become successful that they mold themselves for extreme conditions. They usually prefer to live lonely life but would like the company of intelligent person. They like honest people and one who cheats with them will have to pay for it someday. Scorpio neither forgets nor forgives their enemies. They are aggressive lovers. They have sensitive heart which can get hurt easily. Thus never break their hearts.

Libra and Scorpio relationship:

Libra and Scorpio may have initial attraction for each other. Scorpio finds Libra gentle and caring. They understand that Libra people need good support without which they will always remain uncertain about their qualities. Libra people are good in sweet talking and can manipulate anyone but in this case Scorpio people are master mind of them all. They never fall for such tricks. Sometimes Scorpio may also use such tricks to get their job done. Scorpio like controlling things around, they may also brag about it sometimes. Libra people are simple they don’t like such things; they may feel annoying by such behavior. Scorpio may feel that Libra people are too imaginative to match with them. They also find them lazy. Scorpio people are well determined to complete their job while Libra tends to put effort as long as they are in right mood.

Libra and Scorpio can have some good relationship among them. They always share good reputation and respect in every bond they create. They make good friends and enjoy each other’s company. As siblings they will cheer for each other. If they are family members or relatives then they may have formal relationship with one another but when they come together they may change in to cool old buddies. Libra and Scorpio have good chance of being successful romantic pair as they both show loyalty and love to each other. They will also share good parent-child relationship. Being business partners also suits them as they both are intelligent enough to make money.

Libra and Scorpio both can bring problems in their relationship. Scorpio’s controlling nature can hurt Libra people while Libra people can also hurt Scorpio people with their tendency to indulge in unnecessary debates. Whenever Scorpio feels that Libra can’t play his role well, Libra shows up their true potential to do well. They may face several problems in their relationship but can also come together quickly with their kind and caring nature. Scorpio people show keen interest in innovative act of Libra person. They will not forget to admire Libra people. Such understanding maintains good balance in Libra and Scorpio relationship.


Scorpio and Scorpio may have many things to share and appreciate about. They may also have common mindsets and work ethics which make them comfortable with each other. With other similarities, they both also show dominating natures which can create resentments between them.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people are intelligent, smart and strong willed individuals. They generally look calm and composed but there are many things going on in their mind. Thus they are also called mystifying creatures. Scorpio people like to spend time alone but they are also family oriented people. They show loyalty to their partners. They may also show dominant nature sometimes. They have good physical and mental strength. Scorpio people like lavishness and may spend too much money on it. They are passionate lovers with intensity seen in their every action. Scorpio people like studying as they have analytical minds. They have ability to detect even smallest variations from around. Scorpio people have good patience with which they can withstand any stress. They never show their anger but if anyone tries to manipulate them then, they may attack with their poisonous sting. They are the master of disguise and can quickly identify the person with wrong intentions. They never forget nor forgive.

Scorpio and Scorpio relationship:

Scorpio and Scorpio people form amusing relationship with both showing enough humor to keep each other entertained. Scorpio people want to know everything about the person whom they meet but never disclose their true identity. Still they hope to find a person who will understand them. As both people involved in this relationship are Scorpio they will see each other suspiciously. They make every decisions precisely thus they can achieve almost all of their objectives. They may also have competitions among them.

Scorpio and Scorpio relationship may show honesty and commitment. Scorpio people adore those people who are honest or have some good attributes. They will return with same amount of loyalty and love to them. Both Scorpios will hide their secrets from other one but they will be glad that they are with person who has same personality and intelligence. They may have to act safely not to do anything that will make any one of them angry. If anyone gets angry on other one then, they will display furious nature but this is not the end; now it is turn for other Scorpio and they will come with even more destructive anger. This will continue in loop unless anyone of them retires. They can always find the solution with their intelligence and interacting skills but for that they will need to maintain peace between them.

Scorpio and Scorpio can bring either positive or negative energy. It will depend on them how they use their energy. Two Scorpios make good siblings, friends and Lovers. They will show affection and trust for each others. They would also like to work together if they have same objectives to achieve. Good understanding makes base for their relationship. As colleagues or even friends they may also share competitive bond. Two Scorpio relatives may not have anything to share with each other. Scorpio people can become very successful businessmen if worked together. Sadly, they like to work alone and would become competitors for each others. As parents and children they will have respectful bond but they may also fight to prove their point. Thus, Scorpio and Scorpio relationship will have to go through several ups and downs.

Scorpio and Scorpio often face problems related to honesty. They would often turn negative to each other. Their suspicious nature and detached living style can create possessiveness in their mind. They may become jealous of one another. First, they will need to control their anger and dominating nature. They should try to adjust with each other which will help them to create loyalty. If they succeed to maintain peace between them, then they will learn many things and achieve many milestones together. They should often let other one to direct them as this will only thicken their bond and trust. Scorpio and Scorpio relationship can be highly affected by negative energy possessed by every Scorpio thus they should try to eliminate it.


Scorpio and Sagittarius may share different types of relationship with one another. Scorpio is little serious person while Sagittarius is fun loving. Sagittarius can learn to have patience and steadiness from Scorpio while Scorpio can learn to enjoy the life with Sagittarius. They both have good humor thus this relationship will grow happily.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people show mystical and self centered personality. They may also have manly voice which can be good for Scorpio men to lure other woman. They are ambitious, confident and hard working too. They have good humor and charming personality, which make people to follow them. They may like to spend most of their time alone or doing something their own work. They may show calm personality while living in the crowd but they may have hidden intensions and desires dwelling inside their powerful mind. They are also sensitive people but they hardly express their emotions. Scorpio is loyal to those people who show loyalty and love to them. Those who try to hurt them will never miss the punishment from Scorpio people as they are always waiting to take their revenge. They never judge people but can easily find the intensions in their mind. They have “never say die” spirit which keeps them going in any conditions. They can either be best with their energetic personality or worst with their cruelty.


Sagittarius people like outgoing and having fun with people they meet. They like to have frequent changes in their daily routine. They are high spirited people and would love to do something adventurous. They show positive attitude towards the life regardless of how bad their situation is. They are honest while expressing their opinions but it can also hurt people. If you are really close to Sagittarius person then you should work on what they said, it may be necessary to for you. Sagittarius people are intelligent in nature and they want to do something that will keep their mind functioning. They may show interest in solving riddles and finding secrets of others. They will feel extremely satisfied when they will succeed in doing that. They like learning from any sources so they may hold on to any person who they think is knowledgeable and ask them all the doubts they have in their mind. With their talkative and social nature, they may create many bonds, especially romantic ones. They seek excitement in life which is served to them through multiple relationships.

Scorpio and Sagittarius relationship:

Scorpio and Sagittarius may find many similarities between them. They both are intelligent and show curiosity to learn more and more. They both have strong will power and will only stop after completing their job. Scorpio keeps working till they feel satisfied while Sagittarius takes small rest and try their best to succeed this time. Scorpio people not only have will power but they also have other characteristics like hard working nature and energetic body. Due these traits they always achieve what they want. Sagittarius people will do enough inquiries and researches to find their answers. They may also show competitive nature to one another but will stay away from hurting each other. They both will look to save their own side.

Scorpio and Sagittarius may have some healthy and enjoyable relationships but some relationship may not do well. If they are family members, siblings or friends then they will enjoy each other’s company. They may have same interests and many things to share with each other. They may not have good bond as co-workers, as Sagittarius finds Scorpio person to be rude and selfish while Scorpio finds Sagittarius to be careless and unreliable. They can be god lovers and if they share Scorpio man and Sagittarius woman relationship then they may find it more interesting. As parents, Sagittarius will be more comfortable with their children while Scorpio parents will stress more on practicality. Scorpio people will provide more security and care to their child. They can do well in business partnership if Scorpio handles all the monetary work and Sagittarius handles all the meeting and promotional work.

Scorpio and Sagittarius both will have to overlook some bad traits of their partners and just concentrate on their common qualities which can bring happiness to their relationship. Sagittarius takes everything for granted and look for easy life. They would prefer to enjoy their life with many plans for outdoor activities rather than settling in life and enjoying it with their life partner. Scorpio prefers more stable life and dislikes such attitude of Sagittarius. Sagittarius may not understand why Scorpio shows so much seriousness. Scorpio should try to communicate more with Sagittarius and Sagittarius should pay attention to what Scorpio wants from them. Scorpio and Sagittarius can achieve just anything if coordinated well with each other.


Scorpio and Capricorn may have many things to share with one another since they have several things common between them. They both will keep each other entertained. They both show enough reliability and honesty. Word of appreciations will flow from both sides.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people are highly stable and intelligent individuals. They show confidence and hard working personality. Scorpio shows intensity in everything they do. They make passionate lovers and sensitive personality. They usually show calm nature but they are always thinking about something. They always hide their emotions and intensions. They are good in judging the nature of people. They admire people who show honesty and hard working nature. They may show self centered nature sometimes. They do not like to waste their time for unnecessary reasons. They are also good managing their money. Though Scorpio people show serious nature, they have good humor and entertaining personality. They will show affections to people who are close to them.

Capricorn personality:

Capricorn people are more concerned about their individual success rather than others. They have high tolerance and careful nature. They are also clever people. Capricorn people have big dreams to achieve thus they are continuously working on it. They may have all planned before doing any job and they will only follow their plan. They follow well structured and strict life. They want to have all the luxuries of world. They are reliable and hard working thus they can always succeed in their own business. Their only desire is to earn good respect and money. They may appear selfish but they are also gentle in nature. Their sensitive nature is only reserved for their family and close people. Though money and success matters most to them, they will always run to help the person closed to them.

Scorpio and Capricorn relationship:

Scorpio and Capricorn both are ambitious in nature. They may have same goals but differ in the way they choose to work. They both can be secretive sometimes in terms of their desires to earn money and respect. They both also show good amount of patience. These virtues may lead in creation of fine relationship between them. They can also turn enemies due to their rigid nature. Scorpio often hides their true identity thus their partner or lover may have problems matching with their true nature in initial phase of their relationship. They may have quarrels due to different approaches but in the end they finalize on same decisions. They both understand each other’s nature and hope to enhance their relationship. If they can come together, it will be union of two well determined energies. They may find immediate solutions for any dispute between them. If they can communicate every problem well with one another then it will make their relationship easier.

Scorpio and Capricorn share happy bond in every relationship they make. As siblings or relatives they will have peaceful life. They both are also compatible for marriage and also make good lovers. Scorpio man and Capricorn woman can have even better relationship. They make loyal and helpful friends. Their business partnership will also bring success as they both are devoted to their work. Scorpio and Capricorn also make good parent and child bond. They both will be caring parents and give respect to their parents as a child. Though, there can be some arguments between them sometimes. If they are co-workers then they may look each other as competitors but not always. They usually play supportive role.

Scorpio and Capricorn can have some dull moments due to one or more reasons. Capricorn may find Scorpio too energetic. They don’t like wasting so much energy after single job. Scorpio people may not like critical comments from Capricorn. Scorpio thinks of Capricorn as insensitive person. Otherwise, there are no big problems in this relationship. Scorpio and Sagittarius both may have tendency to track what their partner is doing and make their own strategies according to it. They both may also mix up their ideas to get better results. Scorpio and Capricorn may get stuck in their personal life due to their devotion towards their work. They both need to come out of their shells and blend with the world. Once they learn to socialize and communicate it will also have its effects on their relationship.


Scorpio and Aquarius can have difficulties in their relationships due to their different natures. They may also find opposite traits in each other. Scorpio prefers stable and independent life while Aquarius likes travelling and socializing. They are not the one to settle with the same thing.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people are firm and clever individuals. They are ambitious in nature and put enough efforts to achieve them. They generally live lonely life in order to have better control on in their life. They can be kind and loyal also. They may also show witty nature and good humor. They have high tolerance and keep their head calm but they can also show immense anger if any tries to hurt them or their loved ones. Scorpio people never forget their enemies. They will attack at the right time with full force to destroy their enemies. Scorpio people are said to be gifted with unique power. It can make them do either best or worst. These powers can also make them positive or negative depending upon how they use it. Scorpio people are generally economical but would like to live lavish life. They can be best con ever as they are good at judging people.

Aquarius personality:

Aquarius people are innovative and calm individuals. They are friendly and good humored people. Aquarius people like going out and having fun with other people. They can also be moody sometimes. Aquarius people often indulge in some antics but for them it may hold some special values. They are capable of thinking in full details about any topic. Their intelligence and creative mind may offer them new ideas to create miracles. They have unique way of thinking. They are of helpful nature; Aquarius people may have concern about global problems and they may start working to find universal solution. They are optimistic in nature. They also have high spiritual level doe to which they have better understanding of the human life. They may have studious nature and would like to research on several things. They like to make their own opinions but they also consider opinions of others. They will not like anyone forcing them to follow their opinion. They do not like to judge people.

Scorpio and Aquarius relationship:

Scorpio and Aquarius are curious to find the facts and this ability also helps them to learn more about each other. They both may also find out their secrets some cases. This is the combination of two intelligent, rigid and independent people. If they both can get along well with each other then they will have lot of things to share with each other. They will bring many creative ideas and act on it. Scorpio may show frequent anger blasts but this is not the same with Aquarius people. They generally act and forget about it.

Aquarius is fun loving person and he will need to make Scorpio person open up to them in order to have happy moments with them. Scorpio can also show good humor sometimes. Aquarius may come with some ideas to play with serious Scorpio but before they can even start their trick Scorpio will come to know about it. Their unwillingness to change can cause the problem in Scorpio and Aquarius relationship. Scorpio and Aquarius both are sensitive in nature thus they can understand each other given that they show loyalty to one another. They both are intelligent and talkative which can help them to communicate well and solve their differences.

Most of the relationships shared by Scorpio and Aquarius become successful. When they share bonds like siblings or friends they often have no problems at all. They can also have good relationship within relatives and family members. They excel as business partners since they both are intelligent and innovative. Aquarius is always ready to experiment while Scorpio is curious to learn anything new. Romantic relationship may not live long between them as they will frequently have quarrels. Their married life can do well with some understanding. Scorpio and Aquarius also make good parents; their children will genetically have good intelligence and innovative nature.

Scorpio and Aquarius can also learn few important things from one another. Aquarius can learn to have steady and well structured life while Scorpio can learn to enjoy their life and take things easily. Scorpio should learn to control their anger as it can destroy their relationship. Scorpio and Aquarius both can make this relationship everlasting with some efforts and understandings. Scorpio and Aquarius should be ready to compromise with one another.


Scorpio and Pisces will share pleasing relationship with better understanding of one another. They both are sensitive and look for commitment. They may share some common things between them which will enhance their relationship.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people have good intellectuals and confident nature. They have ability to work for long hours in any circumstances. They have good decisions making abilities and always make firm decisions. They tend to have strength and good physique. They would like to use their power and dominate on others. They seek luxurious life. They set objectives for them and achieve it with their strong will power. They also like to learn and implement it in their daily life. Another reason for their success is their patience and ability to stay calm in most of the situations. They may also get angry when anyone tries to interfere in their life. They like to have their privacy and they can’t compromise it. They are good in judging people thus nobody can fool them with wrong intentions. They themselves have mastered in arts of disguise and can trick anyone for their own benefits. They tend to live detached life unless they find someone loyal and matching to their personality.

Pisces personality:

Pisces people are extremely friendly and polite individuals. They can adapt to any situations thus often make good relationships. They are sensitive in nature thus have better understandings to pain of other people. They tend to run for helping them and often forget their own problems. They have good imagination ability and logically fine mind but they often fail to take effecting decisions. They have curious nature which makes them to run after everything. They may have many things in their creative mind which can keep them busy or confused also. They change their mind too quickly and go after next thing. Pisces people tend to have dreamy nature and they seek many things from their life. Their dreams may also look impossible sometimes.

Scorpio and Pisces relationship:

Scorpio and Pisces both share good mental connection. Pisces people have high dreams which look imaginary and impossible to others but not to Scorpio. They have faith in Pisces because their intellect matches one another. They create thick spiritual bond between them. They tend to have good coordination and communication between them. This allows Scorpio to open up to Pisces and express their emotions. Pisces can definitely help Scorpio to reduce their tension. Pisces can take help of Scorpio to find their ultimate goals.

Scorpio should take some precautions not to hurt sensitive nature of Pisces. When hurt, Pisces people tend to become cold. Thus Scorpio should avoid being too harsh with Pisces. Scorpio and Pisces can enhance their relationship with some outings and by attending social events. Scorpio people tend to show their affection to Pisces people as they find loyal nature in them. Pisces people look for good support from Scorpio and dominating nature of Scorpio likes it. They tend to have so deep bonding with each other that they easily find out what other person is thinking about.

Scorpio and Pisces may share many beautiful relationships. They make good bond as siblings, friends or as co-workers. As family members and relatives they will share gentle bond with one another. They will make great romantic pair. They will show lot of support to each other. In business partnership, Scorpio will have to take lead and control all the things as Pisces will be busy thinking about their progress and taking care of all. As parent and child, both will show gentle nature and care.

Scorpio and Pisces can have some problems due to their basic nature. Pisces shows friendly nature to all the people whom they meet but this can cause suspiciousness for Scorpio. Scorpio tends to overpower Pisces sometimes, which can also hurt them. Scorpio should not always try to control things but let them loose so that they can enjoy some time with Pisces. Pisces can take them in their imaginary world and give them unique experience of life. Scorpio and Pisces create life long relationship with one another. The level of intimacy and understanding they show is just wonderful.