Zodiac compatibilty : Sagittarius

NOV 22-DEC 21

Aries and Sagittarius both share most of the same attributes. They also like each other’s company which would also help them create healthy bond between them. They can make cheerful and happy couple. They both will receive words of appreciation from each other.

Aries personality:

Aries people are straight edge and fiery people. They are born leaders which aid them to dominate over other people. Though, it looks like a selfish person they are also kind from heart. Aggressiveness is naturally earned by them which come due to the urges of winning everything around them. Their kind heart makes them help anyone who needs them. They like to meet new people and visit new places. They prefer to have job where no one is monitoring over them. This is also the reason why they start their own business. They have tendency get attracted by unusual things. They may leave their current work if they don’t find anything fascinated in it and would go after something new. Aries people like to have debates.

Sagittarius personality:

Sagittarius also symbolizes the Fire element; hence they can have some of the characteristics shown by Aries. They are confident individuals and like to brag about themselves. They are talkative and not afraid of expressing their feelings. Aries and Sagittarius like to attract people towards them by doing something weird. They find it confident booster if people approaches them. They are simple people who prefer to show honesty to all the people they interact with.Being honest makes them saying things which can also hurt people. Sagittarius people like to roam around especially in natural surroundings. These people are adventurous like to have excitements in their lives. They always want more and more. For them sky is the limit. They have creative mind which makes them generate new ideas and try to complete them.

Aries and Sagittarius relationship:

This relationship can work well as both of them have similar kind of characteristics. Aries and Sagittarius both are loud and want to prove their opinion to others. They both have impressive personalities which leaves their impact on others. They both can indulge in frequent unnecessary debates but soon they stop it due to no possible results found out of it. They both like to explore new places thus they would often make small trips to exotic places. They both would decide to do something and will act on it together. They are always firm on their decisions which will make it sure to complete it. They both can show lack of patience and excitement which will make them run after several things. They can also get injured while doing this.

Aries and Sagittarius as friends or relatives they can have lot of things to share with each other. They will also cherish the exciting company of each other. They both would like to work together and achieve their goals. They can also have some arguments but it will be part of their lovely relationship. To be the business associates they will need to share common interests and goals. If they have different thinking then they may not stand with each other. They can become passionate and romantic lovers. They will always have excitement and suspense in their relationship. They become careful parents. They can become their child’s best friend in his teenage years.

Aries and Sagittarius

Aries are innocent and optimistic in nature. Scorpio is well matured and they prefer to go with reality. They can also have some sparks between them due to their tendency to show superiority. Their outspoken natures can hurt each other but they are not one who holds grudges. They quickly become normal and start behaving like they were before. Once they have spoken their mind out, they will act normally. They maintain this relationship with honesty and trust.


Taurus and Sagittarius may have several differences between their natures and personalities. They may also differ in their attitude and goals towards life. Taurus shows genuineness and calm personality while Sagittarius shows active, impatient and playful personality. If decided to come together they can learn essential things from each other about life.

Taurus personality:

Taurus makes practical and hard working individual who is also determined to achieve his goals. Taurus people make good reliable individuals who can be trusted to successfully complete their given task. They are traditional as far as their working strategies are concern. They think that learning new ways may create confusion so it is better resort to well known old ways. Due to this type of thinking they may become reluctant to change. This can also harm them but their ability to fight against the odd saves them every time. They hate being questioned about their capabilities as they think they are always right. Do not try to pressurize them by seeing their outer calm and patient looks, when they will strike they will strike with vengeance. Taurus people can also have talent for arts and music. There is another kind side of them who always cheer for their loved ones. They are family people and believe in providing all types of security to them.

Sagittarius personality:

Sagittarius people are risk takers and courageous in nature. They are optimistic people with enthusiastic and creative mind. They like to be independent and careless. They would love to go on travelling. They are social people who like to meet people from far distance. They would just start their car and leave for new route. They are also talkative people thus believe in maintaining social relationship. They would make various types of bonds with them but they usually keep them away from love. They would be seen helping people without any expectation. Sagittarius people tend to be too frank to say the truth. They may not understand that they are actually hurting people by saying the truth. They are also good in humor with which they can also entertain the world.

Taurus and Sagittarius relationship:

Taurus and Sagittarius may have opposite characteristics but they still can make different bonds with each other. Taurus people usually admire active and fun loving nature of Sagittarius. Even Taurus can also feel the effects of being in a contact of Sagittarius, turning little careless. Sagittarius may feel lucky sometimes as they have satisfactory life but this can also make them lose control of their life and fall from great heights. Fortunately for them, this time they will have Taurus waiting for them to serve. Taurus can provide them stability and security. Taurus can be good support for Sagittarius. On the other, Taurus becomes wise by working with Sagittarius people. They can also taste some good luck with Sagittarius’s company.

Taurus and Sagittarius both can make good relationship with each other if they show enough patience for it. As friends they will share active and exciting relationship with each other. Relatives or siblings may share deep love and trust for each other. They both would also go out finding new things and places together. Since Sagittarius people are always running from responsibility and hard work, it is difficult for them to show good success ratio in business. If Sagittarius person’s luck strikes then they can have swift and rich life. They may not be lucky enough to get in romantic relationship as they both are self-centered and rigid individuals. Sagittarius people feel like trapped in Love thus they keep themselves away from being in love. If they get married, then they can become devoted parents. Taurus people will always believe in completing their children’s wishes as they recall their own childhood memories. Sagittarius would act freely and become close to their children.

Taurus and Sagittarius both can have frequent quarrels in this relationship but they tend to solve their differences easily. Since both of them are calm and composite in nature they don’t get involved in any types arguments. Taurus will be sincere and honest to Sagittarius whereas Sagittarius can be more outgoing and social in nature. They care more about their freedom. Taurus people can also get annoyed by the detached nature of the Sagittarius people.


Gemini and Sagittarius both have common need of humor and fun. They both are independent people like to have their own space. Gemini and Sagittarius both have good communicating abilities so they fulfill each other’s needs of sharing and talking. They complement each other in any type of bond that they may share.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people are intelligent and talkative people. They can manipulate people with their magical words easily. They have good control of language and ability to entertain any number of crowds. They show high spirited and active personality. They lack steadiness due to which they keep changing from one aspect to another. They think they will miss something good and exciting if they will stick to single task. Because of such tendency they keep moving from one task to another regardless of its consequences. They like to brag about good virtues and discipline but they themselves never follow it. .

Sagittarius personality:

Like Gemini, Sagittarius people also like talking. They like to go for outing or camp. They like to cheer for people and motivate them. They can be straightedge sometimes which may result in hurting people. It is due to their nature of being honest with people they love. They seek look for betterment of people. Sagittarius people are confident and optimistic in nature. They want excitement in their lives hence they call for challenges. They may also have tendency to take unnecessary risks. They are never satisfied with their possessions and look for more.

Gemini and Sagittarius relationship:

There can be some similarities seen between Gemini and Sagittarius people. They both love talking; they are expressive to share their feeling and thoughts. They both may share same level of intelligence too. Even after so many similarities they both tend to feel jealous of each other. They may feel competition here! Sagittarius people are practical in nature. They may take risky decisions sometimes but they often prove them correct. Their tendency to point out the mistakes can annoy the Gemini person. Gemini, who is smarter than Sagittarius, traps them into sweet conversation and tries to fulfill their dreams.

Gemini and Sagittarius both can learn from each other only if they are willing to be together. They both have spirituality with which they can create strong bond between them. They both may have good intelligence but they lack ability to work together. They will try to pin down each other. They are also not reliable people. Even if they try to work together, they will start with enthusiasm and soon lose it. Friends can share things, interests and experiences with one another. They will good conversation with each other. Doing business together can be challenging for them as Sagittarius takes unnecessary risks while Gemini is lack practicality. They can have romantic relationship after establishing good understanding between them. As parents they can teach their children to find out several exciting things.

Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius relationship is can have several ups and downs. Sagittarius people have tendency to force others in following their decisions. They would dismiss other’s opinion to get their working. Gemini would never allow this and defeat Sagittarius people in arguments. Gemini people can show very good sensibility in such situations. They would have to make peace in this relationship rather than fighting with each other. Gemini and Sagittarius relationship can be happy and entertaining for both of them. Since they both have good communicating skills, they can solve their problems via talking.


Cancer and Sagittarius pair is little difficult and need patience to keep it alive. They both show some significant differences and sometimes similarities in their behaviors and personalities too. Cancer person looks for stable life while Sagittarius person looks for frequent changes and excitement. If they can give some time for each other than they would enjoy joyful moments with each other.

Cancer personality:

Cancer people like to lead people. They are strict on following disciplines. They may also become harsh if given the opportunity to lead others. Such Cancers can be very successful in their lives but this is not the thing with other cancer people. Cancer people are basically lazy and slow. They may have artistic talent and creativity. If they can work on these attributes of them then they can achieve good heights in their lives. Cancer people are quick witted and kind in nature. They would never hurt anyone intentionally. They like to greet people with sweet smile on their face. They are also good in maintaining their relationship with their beloved people. Cancer may show mood changes sometimes but they can also adjust with other people and their conditions. They like to work in harmony and on the same level of other person. If anyone tries to bully them or pressurize them then they might show you their furious looks too.

Sagittarius personality:

Sagittarius people are highly social and talkative n nature. They generally make lots of friends due to their good communicating skills. They are also good observers and quick learners. They are always happy and positive while thinking. They like to be honest with people so they might hurt you with their straight answers. They never think what their listeners will think about them, they are always clear about their opinions. Sagittarius person like to take frequent risks their lives in order to maintain the excitements and thrills in their lives. They can also become uncertain about some decisions in their lives. They can also be moody sometimes. They are restless for success. They never settle down for what they have and would always look to gain more. They would like to visit holy places as they are spiritual people and like travelling.

Cancer and Sagittarius relationship:

Cancer and Sagittarius both show good amount of loyalty and compassion, this builds the base for their relationship. Sagittarius has ability to gamble and win, which can help them to earn good amount of money. They both show curiosity for each other in their initial phase of the relationship. Sagittarius people are not so funny like cancer and they like to play pranks on Cancer. Cancer may feel bad for this but they would come back to normal after realizing no harm from Sagittarius.

Cancer and Sagittarius would have to learn some important things about each other. Cancer is not spendthrifts like Sagittarius; they like to earn and save money for future use. While Sagittarius people like to enjoy each moment of their life; which require money. Cancer may not like it and can behave rudely with Sagittarius. If cancer people are of low esteem then they may feel bad about this. At this time Sagittarius would calm them down. Both would feel bad about their act and would apologize for it. Such type of understanding makes their bond even thicker. Cancer would also have to give enough space for Sagittarius person as they like to be independent and free in their life.

Cancer and Sagittarius share very happy relationship with each other. If they are siblings, friends or relatives then they would provide good support for each other. They would like to see each other being successful in their personal and professional lives. Hence they would always help each other. Cancer and Sagittarius can’t be successful in their business venture as Sagittarius lack patience to work on it. Cancer will have to be in complete command to take their business ahead. This way he can also fulfill his wish to lead others. They can feel all the emotions in their romantic relationship. Their relationship will grow better with time spent together. Cancer and Sagittarius share amazing bond as parents and children. Cancer make caring parent for Sagittarius while Sagittarius make friendly parent for Cancer person.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Generally we say; that people start understanding each other with time but this may come false in Cancer and Sagittarius relationship. They may start finding odds between them. Cancer would like to have upper hand in all types of relationship but Sagittarius doesn’t like to take orders from others. Cancer and Sagittarius can be critical moment in this relationship. Cancer will have to put away their dream of leading their partner and co-operate with them. They might have to control their emotions to get better results with their bond shared with Sagittarius person.


Leo and Sagittarius both share same amount of enthusiasm for each other in all the relationships they share. They may have initial sparks between them but as relationship proceeds Sagittarius may show lack of interest for Leo. This can hurt the faithful heart of Leo.

Leo personality:

Leo people are kind, friendly and curious in nature. They like to help people and solve their problems. They are loyal to their family and beloved people. Leo people are active and energetic. People like being around Leo people due to their fun loving nature while Leo people like being the center of attraction. Leo people are blessed with leading qualities and they know how to use them. Thus they can’t withstand any other dominating person. They are of lazy nature and like to have lavish life style. They are proud of their powers and can become harsh on others sometimes. If you want to win them then you will have to praise them.

Sagittarius personality:

Sagittarius people are outgoing and friendly in nature. They are always optimistic and energetic thus people like being in their companionship. They are simple and honest people who like to hang out with other people and most of the time different people. They are straight in nature thus they directly show your negative or positive point. They usually lack smartness and get cheated by others. They like adventures and often go out in search of one. They like challenges and taking risks. They hate being idle. They are imaginative and talkative thus they can entertain people easily. They often follow their moody nature thus it is unpredictable how they will behave in next minute.

Leo and Sagittarius relationship:

Leo and Sagittarius both share their common need of being independent. They both are active and energetic thus they can enjoy happy moments with each other. Though Leo is of dominating and rigid nature, still Leo and Sagittarius manage to live in peace. This is because they both live their own independent life. They both are attention seekers and they usually get it from their followers. They both learn to avoid criticizing one another after their initial clashes. They may like to chase common goal together. They both cheer for each other and keep themselves entertained. Though, they still can have some quarrels between them due to straight and frank nature of Sagittarius. Leo does not show any signs of changing their opinion and then Sagittarius has to change his mind to follow Leo. Leo is proud person while Sagittarius is simple in nature thus he don’t mind following Leo.

Leo and Sagittarius hardly have any dull moments in their relationships. If they are siblings, family members or friends then they will share lot of affection towards each other. They may neglect minor differences between them and have fun together. They both would also enjoy lavish life together. Is Sagittarius can show reliability then Leo can make good business with them. They can have great love relationship as far as they show respect for each other. As a parents Leo will be strict towards their child while Sagittarius will be caring and friendly towards them.

There can be some dissimilarity in Leo and Sagittarius relationship which can be taken as positive or negative. Sagittarius people are clear in mind while pointing out mistakes of Leo. This can be bad from the point of view of Leo but actually such sharp comments can only stop arrogance of Leo. Sagittarius lack consistency and loyalty thus this can create problems in Leo and Sagittarius relationship. Leo who always wants to take lead can show their managerial skills here and get their work done from Sagittarius. Sagittarius can also learn lot of things under the leadership ship of Leo people.


Virgo and Sagittarius both are good communicators and this can be the key to maintain their relationship. Beside this they don’t have anything common that can increase the attraction between them.

Virgo personality:

Virgo people are scholar and always curious about finding details of any subject. They also learn from their experience. Virgo people also co-operative but they do not like to entertain a careless behavior. They seek perfection in every aspect of life. They believe in reality instead of being just limited to their imaginations. Their tendency to excel in every work makes them find faults in others’ work. They can also be critical if they do not see satisfying performance. If they are friends with you then they will just be honest with you while pointing out at your mistakes. Virgo people often have many things to share but they lack ability to express their feelings. They are also afraid to show their emotions because they think this can also become obstacle in their life. Thus they keep themselves away from getting engaged in serious relationship.

Sagittarius personality:

Sagittarius people are very active and playful in nature. They show optimism in almost every field of their life. They show excitement for knowing and understanding life. They like to travel to different parts of the world. Sagittarius people are also daring and risk takers. They would like to have lots of challenges in their life. They may also have tendency to play gambling related games. They are simple and straight while expressing their thoughts. They are also intelligent people which make them explore more and more. They are of little traditional styles thus this can make their partners uncomfortable. One thing that can always make their partner pleased is their attentiveness to them while they are talking. They are also talkative in nature. Sagittarius people are helpful to needy people.

Virgo and Sagittarius relationship:

In Virgo and Sagittarius relationship, Scorpio has tendency to exaggerate every single thing while Virgo prefer to have exact details. Virgo may feel that Sagittarius is lying to them. But when Sagittarius becomes honest with Virgo, their truth can also hurt Virgo people. In contrast, Sagittarius people are always ready to find the truths and work on it, thus they will always welcome Virgo people to criticize them. They will need to spend some time to understand their individual needs.

Virgo and Sagittarius both are talkative in nature which will definitely help them understanding one another. They can easily solve their differences with such a pleasant nature. They both can have interesting chat. Sagittarius would love to take Virgo out and enjoy their companion. They like having someone with them. With intelligent Virgo they can also find out the facts that they always wanted to know. Sagittarius can learn from Virgo to have stability and discipline in their life. Virgo can learn to enjoy their life in company of Sagittarius.

Virgo and Sagittarius can have different bonds with one another. Some bonds may need extra efforts to maintain it. If they are friends or siblings then they will enjoy having fun together. They can also teach many things to each other. They may have different goals to achieve thus they never interfere in their personal life or try to compete with them. In order to be business partners they will have to have common objectives. As relatives they may not have anything to talk about as their level of thinking differs. If they come together than they will be just casual with each other. If they are married than they might have problems finalizing their decision. As parents, Sagittarius will have friendly relationship with Virgo while Virgo is parenting they can be strict with their Sagittarius.

Virgo and Sagittarius relationship can become dull due to their tendencies of being critical. Sagittarius people are honest while speaking their minds out but this can hurt Virgo badly. Same way Virgo has tendency to point out the mistakes which can really upset the Sagittarius. Even after these differences they can have peaceful life with their ability to forgive their partners. Virgo and Sagittarius show positive attitude towards the life which helps them to enjoy each other.


Libra and Sagittarius both often find themselves matching well with each other. They both may share same amount of excitement and optimism. They both will also keep good communication going on between them. Problem may arise when Sagittarius shows the outgoing nature and unwillingness to commit.

Libra Personality:

Libra people are friendly and talkative in nature. They are also romantic and cheerful in nature which attracts people from around. Libra people would love to have control on other people. They have intelligent mind and good logic thus people often ask for their advices. Libra people are adaptive in nature thus they can adjust with other people easily. They have good communication skills combined with clever mind which allows them to talk on almost any subject. They are also good in arguing with people. They can add multiple topics to original topic of argument. They will show positive and stable attitude as long as there is no controversy. Once they feel that things are not going their way they start being confused and worried. A positive Libra can become very enthusiastic and firm person.

Sagittarius Personality:

Sagittarius people like having easy life with frequent outdoor activities. They are fun loving and energetic people. Sagittarius people are honest in nature but sometimes they may speak too frankly. They may not even realize how much it can affect other people. They are not one to stick to the same things or work or even partner. They like having varieties in their life. Change keeps them excited otherwise they can get bored easily. They will need fun loving person as their partner in order to stay loyal. Sagittarius people may like to be independent and make their own plans. They are good in decision making and just know how to complete their work. They are intelligent, quick witted and sometimes lucky too. They always show positive attitude towards life. They may show moody nature sometimes.

Libra and Sagittarius relationship:

Talkative nature holds Libra and Sagittarius together. They both can talk for long hours on same topic. They both have clever mind and attractive personality, which helps them to keep excitement in their relationship. They both like to argue. Libra people can talk on both side of the subject, hoping to either win the argument or balance it. This is not the same with Sagittarius; they speak up their mind whether it is correct or not. Libra people always manage to maintain the balance with their jolly nature.

Libra and Sagittarius get along well with each other. Libra people are comparatively more stable than Sagittarius and they try to keep them calm and steady. Sagittarius can also help Libra in decision making as they are more firm in nature than Libra. They can have good relationship as long as it doesn’t create problems for their independence. They both would like to control other one but most of the times Libra people take over Sagittarius.

Libra and Sagittarius can have happy bonding in any type of relationship. As siblings or friends they will always take part in social activities. They will always have fun in each other’s company. If they are relatives or co-workers then they may have many things to discuss about. Libra will enjoy going outdoors with Sagittarius. Libra and Sagittarius are also good for romantic relationship and marriage but they may have sad moments due to harsh nature of Sagittarius. As they both are enthusiastic in nature they will have good parent-child relationship. As child they may have lot to learn from their parent. They may fail as business partners as they both lack stability. At least one of them should be certain of their goals in order to make it successful. They both are intelligent but need to calm down their mind to think positively.

There can be some minor problems in Libra and Sagittarius relationship.Libra people want to settle down quickly but Sagittarius may show uncertainty to commitment. Sagittarius people would like to spend time with new people thus they never stay committed. Such tendency can make Libra people possessive about them. Libra people are dreaming about their future together but Sagittarius are more interested in living their present to the fullest. Libra will have to keep Sagittarius person interested with their intellectual mind and positive energy. If they can succeed in doing this, they can really have amazing life together. Libra and Sagittarius can achieve every milestone with proper support from each other.


Scorpio and Sagittarius may share different types of relationship with one another. Scorpio is little serious person while Sagittarius is fun loving. Sagittarius can learn to have patience and steadiness from Scorpio while Scorpio can learn to enjoy the life with Sagittarius. They both have good humor thus this relationship will grow happily.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people show mystical and self centered personality. They may also have manly voice which can be good for Scorpio men to lure other woman. They are ambitious, confident and hard working too. They have good humor and charming personality, which make people to follow them. They may like to spend most of their time alone or doing something their own work. They may show calm personality while living in the crowd but they may have hidden intensions and desires dwelling inside their powerful mind. They are also sensitive people but they hardly express their emotions. Scorpio is loyal to those people who show loyalty and love to them. Those who try to hurt them will never miss the punishment from Scorpio people as they are always waiting to take their revenge. They never judge people but can easily find the intensions in their mind. They have “never say die” spirit which keeps them going in any conditions. They can either be best with their energetic personality or worst with their cruelty.


Sagittarius people like outgoing and having fun with people they meet. They like to have frequent changes in their daily routine. They are high spirited people and would love to do something adventurous. They show positive attitude towards the life regardless of how bad their situation is. They are honest while expressing their opinions but it can also hurt people. If you are really close to Sagittarius person then you should work on what they said, it may be necessary to for you. Sagittarius people are intelligent in nature and they want to do something that will keep their mind functioning. They may show interest in solving riddles and finding secrets of others. They will feel extremely satisfied when they will succeed in doing that. They like learning from any sources so they may hold on to any person who they think is knowledgeable and ask them all the doubts they have in their mind. With their talkative and social nature, they may create many bonds, especially romantic ones. They seek excitement in life which is served to them through multiple relationships.

Scorpio and Sagittarius relationship:

Scorpio and Sagittarius may find many similarities between them. They both are intelligent and show curiosity to learn more and more. They both have strong will power and will only stop after completing their job. Scorpio keeps working till they feel satisfied while Sagittarius takes small rest and try their best to succeed this time. Scorpio people not only have will power but they also have other characteristics like hard working nature and energetic body. Due these traits they always achieve what they want. Sagittarius people will do enough inquiries and researches to find their answers. They may also show competitive nature to one another but will stay away from hurting each other. They both will look to save their own side.

Scorpio and Sagittarius may have some healthy and enjoyable relationships but some relationship may not do well. If they are family members, siblings or friends then they will enjoy each other’s company. They may have same interests and many things to share with each other. They may not have good bond as co-workers, as Sagittarius finds Scorpio person to be rude and selfish while Scorpio finds Sagittarius to be careless and unreliable. They can be god lovers and if they share Scorpio man and Sagittarius woman relationship then they may find it more interesting. As parents, Sagittarius will be more comfortable with their children while Scorpio parents will stress more on practicality. Scorpio people will provide more security and care to their child. They can do well in business partnership if Scorpio handles all the monetary work and Sagittarius handles all the meeting and promotional work.

Scorpio and Sagittarius both will have to overlook some bad traits of their partners and just concentrate on their common qualities which can bring happiness to their relationship. Sagittarius takes everything for granted and look for easy life. They would prefer to enjoy their life with many plans for outdoor activities rather than settling in life and enjoying it with their life partner. Scorpio prefers more stable life and dislikes such attitude of Sagittarius. Sagittarius may not understand why Scorpio shows so much seriousness. Scorpio should try to communicate more with Sagittarius and Sagittarius should pay attention to what Scorpio wants from them. Scorpio and Sagittarius can achieve just anything if coordinated well with each other.


Sagittarius and Capricorn relationship may have to face some difficulties in their relationship but together they can be great support for each other. Their successful union may have lot to learn from this relationship. They will have different characteristics and still admire their partner’s traits.

Sagittarius personality:

Sagittarius people are fun loving and independent in nature. They like travelling, meeting new people and establishing new relationships. They are talkative but can also be harsh sometimes due to their straight nature. They don’t mind speaking the truth. Sometimes they can show serious nature also. They show curiosity to learn new things but they do not accept it as it is. They will inquire about it everywhere and only accept it when they are satisfied with their research. Sagittarius people like doing risky tasks thus they may have habits of gambling. It can also earn good money for them. They like making relationships but they can’t stand it for long time as they feel captivated. They will need entertaining partner to keep them in relationship.

Capricorn personality:

Capricorn people are practical and truth seeking individuals. They would prefer to follow traditional and safe way while working on any task. They are not social thus they may not have interest in talking with people. They show just opposite nature while treating their family members. They are totally devoted to them. Their ambitious nature makes them spend most of the time thinking about their goals. They are able to take effective decisions thus they may not believe in ideas provided by other people. Thus people may think of them as rigid and unfriendly person. They will listen to the person who will provide support to them and has convincing qualities.

Sagittarius and Capricorn relationship:

Sagittarius and Capricorn both may have several differences in their personality traits. Capricorn people are serious and intelligent while Sagittarius people are fun loving and unstable in nature. Capricorn people make firm decisions while Sagittarius people are always exploring something. Capricorn people who show devotion to their work thinks of Sagittarius as total fool for wasting his time while Sagittarius feels annoyed by rigid and serious nature of Capricorn. Sagittarius people are of outgoing nature thus they may spend too much of money on travelling. Capricorn people like saving their money. They hardly go for shopping. They will need to have good understanding in order to get over their differences. If they can understand each other’s aspects about money then they can also adapt to those habits. Sagittarius may think of saving some money while Capricorn will think of buying something useful to them.

Sagittarius and Capricorn may share some good relationship while some may need their combined efforts to make it come true. They share good relationship as siblings, friends. Parent child relationship also manages to have good bond but relationships like lovers, husband-wife and business partners may not go smooth as they find each other offensive and annoying. They need to have patience and some co-operation to make their bond better.

In Sagittarius and Capricorn relationship, both of them find more number of differences than common traits. Thus they tend to concentrate on pointing out each other’s differences. Sagittarius people can’t always stay at home and they want to go outside in order to come back peacefully. Capricorn person who tries to settle down at same place for life will feel this uncomfortable to stay with Sagittarius. Capricorn people are money savers while Sagittarius people are big spenders. Capricorn people always follow same path on which they were raised by their parents. They stick to their spirituality and feelings. Sagittarius people make their own philosophies and always change their opinions. Sometimes Sagittarius may even try to change Capricorn’s mind but it will yield only arguments and nothing else. Sagittarius and Capricorn need to understands their differences and appreciate their similarities only then they can live happily with one another.


Sagittarius and Aquarius both are intelligent and like to research on several things. They both are freedom loving thus no one tries to control other one. They have many similarities and appreciate each other’s company.

Sagittarius personality:

Sagittarius people are truth seeking and honest individuals. They are talkative but may speak harsh truth sometimes. They like traveling and campaigning thus you may always find them ready to explore new things. They like to have their freedom; they will meet new people and create bonding with them. They easily get bored of repetitive or simple things thus they seek frequent changes in their life. This may also lead them to have multiple relationships. They also make god friends. They have curious nature which makes them research in full detail. They may ask too many questions just confirm that they have accurate information. Sagittarius people always show positive nature.

Aquarius personality:

Aquarius people are bright and intelligent individuals. They are also practical and innovative thus they often come up with unique ideas. They make good decisions but advices from other people are always welcomed. They have helping nature and want to do something that will make life easier for world. They also have spiritual and logically well developed mind which has capability to think far beyond the limit of other people. Others may laugh on their thoughts but they always have faith in their ideas. With the blend of creativity, practicality and will power they will achieve what they were planning. Those people who were laughing on them earlier will become their followers after looking at their progress. They never follow existing laws but make their own. Aquarius people like people who are honest to them; they will become everlasting friends with such people.

Sagittarius and Aquarius relationship:

Sagittarius and Aquarius people often make friendly relationship. They may have some dull moments in their relationship but calm and understanding nature of Aquarius ends their fight quickly. Sagittarius may show their critical nature but Aquarius will take it lightly as they already know their nature. Aquarius people can also get angry sometimes but they convert their energy in their work. They also have high level of tolerance to allow all the mistakes of Sagittarius. They are also forgiving in nature and they often forget the reason why they were angry. Together they will participate in many strange activities. They will challenge each other and try to beat each other but in friendly manner.

Sagittarius and Aquarius both have peaceful relationship between them. They both like to argue but in this case they will argue for the beneficial of both them. They both can sort out their differences and bring fun in their life with their witty nature. They both would like to go out and spend time together. Sagittarius will easily adapt to new places and will also make Aquarius follow them. It is not easy to make Aquarius people come out their traditional style but with some efforts from them can make it possible.

Sagittarius and Aquarius make fine relationship in every aspect of life. As friends or siblings they will make great pair. They will be more famous in college or school. As family members or as parent-child they will have caring relationship. They will keep gathering of all and go for outings. As lovers they share intimacy and try to enhance their relationship. They will look to make progress in their hobbies. If they want to make business together then Aquarius need to be accurate as Sagittarius is unstable and spendthrift. Aquarius can also have spending nature sometimes.

Sagittarius and Aquarius

relationship can have some minor problems. Aquarius people tend to have their own dreamy life where they continuously try to invent something new. This can keep them away from Sagittarius; it will also make Sagittarius to look out for someone who can take care of them. In this way Sagittarius can become more flirty and outgoing. Sagittarius can become harsh sometimes with their honest nature. It can easily hurt the sensitive heart of Aquarius. Sagittarius and Aquarius will have to avoid arguing with one another which can bring dull moments in their life. Decision making becomes the most important part of their life and they both need to make it together.


Sagittarius and Pisces both are optimistic in nature thus they often look to pick good qualities of each other. Such understanding makes their bond stronger and reliable. Though problems may come when Sagittarius attack Pisces with harsh words.

Sagittarius personality:

Sagittarius people like to have their freedom of choice as they like having varieties in their life. They show airy and outgoing nature. They are good in communicating thus they also make many friends. They like to live challenging life otherwise they will get bored of it. Every Sagittarius person may differ in their nature. They may show serious nature sometimes or they can also show witty nature sometimes. They are frank while expressing their feelings or opinions. Some people may get hurt by their direct approach but there are always many things to learn from Sagittarius people. This ability comes natural to them. They may run from their responsibilities as they feel trapped in it. They like exploring new things; they would learn to be responsible as time goes by.

Pisces personality:

Pisces are very calm and sensitive individuals. They show sympathy and care to those people who are in pain. They may have special bonds with such people. They have ability to adjust with other person which allows them to understand their feelings. They may run to help needy people without any hesitations or expectations. Pisces people are day-dreamers who often spend most of the time dreaming about their desires. They are also gifted with good intelligence and logic but they lack self-confidence to take good decisions. Thus they tend to have many ideas in idle state. They may also become confused sometimes. In such conditions they will keep taking others’ opinions. They become uncertain about which dream to follow and which one to leave. They will need some good support to be firm enough. They are patient thus can tolerate anything and mold themselves according to it.

Sagittarius and Pisces relationship:

Sagittarius and Pisces relationship often becomes gloomy due to frank but harsh words of the Sagittarius person. Sagittarius people don’t like the adjusting nature of the Pisces; they want them to be firm and accept the realities. Pisces often become too dreamy to live up to the realities of the world. Pisces people may also avoid the facts sometimes just hide their inability to work on them. They can learn to accept the truth as it is from Sagittarius person. Pisces people should ask for the help from Sagittarius. Sagittarius should understand the highly sensitive nature of Pisces and take things easy. If they both can adjust with the work ethics of each other then Sagittarius can guide the Pisces person and Pisces can work on it. This can also help Pisces person to understand their true abilities. They both are intelligent enough to live their independent life and don’t like anyone controlling them. They both would like to chase their dreams or aims. They should not pull each other to be part of their personal life. When they both will feel satisfied with their personal achievements, they will come back to each other and share their experiences with one another.

Sagittarius and Pisces relationship always brings up some interesting facts about their life. If they are siblings then they will be influenced by the same environment causing them to have same mentality. Their approaches towards life will be different but they will always try to learn from each other. As friends, co-workers or even lovers will have close bond with each other. Sagittarius and Pisces will always have many thinks to share with each other. They may also admire each other’s differences. If they are family members or relatives then there may not be regular interactions between them as Sagittarius people will be on the tours most of the times. In parent-child relationship, Pisces people can be better in playing the role of parent as they are more caring and steady then Sagittarius. Sagittarius and Pisces should avoid doing business together as Sagittarius is never serious about anything while Pisces is confused most of the times.

Sagittarius and Pisces

In order to save Sagittarius and Pisces relationship, Sagittarius people should learn to control their critical nature towards Pisces. Pisces people often show tendency to either mold themselves with surroundings or try to change the whole story according to their comfort. When Sagittarius finds this they become furious on Pisces thus they should try to deal with it and not to settle down with it. Not only Sagittarius and Pisces have good understanding but they also have divine qualities which can make their relationship more soothing. If Sagittarius and Pisces both can come together then Pisces can bring some interesting thoughts for Sagittarius person and Sagittarius can match them to the realities. Sagittarius and Pisces will have to work on this relationship if they want to be together.