Zodiac compatibilty : Gemini

MAY 21-JUNE 20

Every fun loving person will look to find another funny and humorous person to be his/her partner. This is just the same combination that we will be talking about. Aries and Gemini both are playful, cheering and active people. Aries and Gemini both can have very good time together due to similarities in their nature.

Aries personality:

With innovative mind, attractive personality and will to dominate others, Aries can be attention seekers at times. They like to live independently and take part in social events actively. Winning is the only way they know, thus they are always surrounded by their supporters. They have tendency to challenge every next person. Challenges are like fuel to their lives. Sometimes they take unnecessary risk which can cause them harm mentally, physically or financially. They often ignore the consequences which can hold them in trouble.

Though looking fiery Aries are also soft and sensitive from inside. If they see anyone in need of their help then they will run immediately to help them.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people are clever and logically rational. In addition, they are also high-spirited and jolly people. You will see them actively working in their surroundings. They don’t like wasting their time and would prefer to utilize it for better things. Aries and Gemini live in present and would not keep scratching the wounds received from their past. They can overcome their past easily. They have tough mindset; they make their own target and try to achieve it. Though they have good intellectual skills they never try to dominate anyone. They also like travelling and socializing.

Aries And Gemini

Gemini would have to be practical in order to convert their ideas into action. They don’t like anyone keeping them under control.

Aries and Gemini relationship:

Aries and Gemini both can have several similarities. Aries and Gemini both don’t like to be controlled by others. They like to live independent life, help needy person and they both are capable of bringing innovative ideas. They both can be unreliable too as they lack patience. They both can be childish sometimes.

Aries and Gemini

As siblings, friends, lover or work associates they can have good bond between them. They both will know their duties and would complete it. There is a good synchronization between them but it can also become mechanical rather than two individuals working or living together. Their tendency of living independent can keep them away from each other. Their understandability keeps relationship trouble free. As Gemini is never trying to take lead or dominate Aries, they accept to work under Aries. As Aries is not so rational as compared to Gemini, they also adjust to Gemini’s personality.

This relationship is more like friendship. They may be lovers, relatives or professionals but their relationship remains very friendly. They can have good communication among them even if they are fighting with each other. In this relationship, both of them would like to mock or mess with each other. Since both of them are equal they tend to stand as opponents to each other and laugh it off. Together they both can be best pals and would complete any tough task. They both lead positive lifestyles and cheer each other.

Aries and Gemini

They can also have good relationship with each other as both of them prefer to have and give enough space to each other. They both would go on long trip to enjoy their holidays as they like travelling and exploring new places. They both have witty nature which makes it less prone to fights and anger. Like them, they will also treat their children like friends. This will increase the quality of communication between them.

Though this relationship looks splendid, there can be some bad moments in this relationship. Who in this world is so perfect? They both can tend to run away from their responsibilities. Since Gemini is more interested in keeping social life happy, it can make Aries person feel possessive and sometimes jealous. Due to dominating nature of Aries, Gemini can find it difficult to cop up with them. Gemini would feel that their partner is being more selfish. Aries can try to run away from running conversation if he finds it out of his context.

They both should have control over their active energies and try to adjust with each other. Otherwise, this relationship can have bright and happy future ahead.


Taurus represents the Earth while Gemini represents the Air. This combination could go out of context as one shows rock solid characteristics while other one is unstable and freely flowing in nature. If they can succeed to maintain balance between them then, Taurus can enjoy jolly nature of Gemini and provide it security and love.

Taurus personality:

Taurus people have highly stable and calm character. Taurus and Gemini achieve great heights with their strong determination and hard work. They are reliable and hence they get to work on higher posts. They live simple life with caring nature thus they are also admired by other people. They have charm that can attract lot of people. They like to work according to plans and would not like anyone disturbing them. This may be the reason they prefer to work alone. They are not creative but they like to modify existing things for their own use. They can repair things and make it work for longer time. They have urges to keep learning new things and use it. They feel the need of having secure and safe future thus they save money.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people are active, chatty and social. They like to find and learn new information. Taurus and Gemini are innovative people who can generate several ideas. They also take opinions of their friends and relatives. They are good humored and adaptive. Thus they can have no problems keeping with other people. Their analytical mind helps them quickly take decisions and stay out of any danger. They like to maintain their space from other people. They will often go on small trips since they like travelling. They can’t be stopped at particular thing; they like to have changes in their life. Gemini people can become masters in multiple talents. They can handle large crowd with their witty nature. They are fun loving and can be seen surrounded by the people in parties or at social gatherings. They can lack consistency as they do not like to stick with same thing.

Taurus and Gemini relationship:

Taurus and Gemini would have to put extra effort to maintain the bond between them. Whether they are friends, relatives or co-workers, if they have to work with same work together then they may show different approaches towards it. They also have different way of handling the money. Besides these, there won’t be any particular problems with them. They will be gentle with each other. They can have problems if they are business partners, especially regarding the money. Gemini, being smarter one would run from responsibilities and work. It will put pressure on Taurus. They can get attracted to each other easily but will not stand chance for long term relationship unless they compromise. Taurus will need to show some flexibility while Gemini must show some stability to Taurus. Taurus can make good caretaker for his children while Gemini shares friendly nature with them.

Taurus and Gemini

Gemini people show adaptive nature in every way of life. They change themselves according to needs but this can be annoying for rigid Taurus people. They may even show keenness to learn new things but it becomes difficult or Gemini to teach them. This can make Taurus people angry on them. Gemini people are more involved in social causes then their personal lives which can create space between these two. Taurus needs constant touch and love from their partner, which is not felt here with Gemini people. They both may get involve in heating arguments over Gemini’s outgoing habits. Gemini people are not good reasoning which may not satisfy Taurus causing more havoc.

Taurus and Gemini

They both will need to adjust with opposite natures of each other which can be time consuming. Taurus people can calm down uneasy Gemini people. Their company can provide Gemini steadiness in life. Gemini can teach Taurus people about experimenting and bringing change at least in vital aspects.


Gemini and Gemini both can have smooth and entertaining relationship. Since, they both have similar characteristics they find it easy to understand each other. They will like each other’s company but still there can be some dull moments with their moody nature.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people are intelligent and yet creative. They are talkative in nature and talk to people on the subject they are interested in. They like to gain information from whichever way it may come. They like to learn new things and would learn it quickly. They are witty people and would prefer to entertain people any time. They like surrounded by people. They may also show intentions of staying independent but will soon come out of it get mixed with other people. They can also show duality in their nature which may also confuse them. They may be involved in some experimenting, looking to find their answers but at the same time they may also cause financial loss. Thus they can’t be depended. Since they are bigmouth they may even lie to entertain you.

Gemini and Gemini Relationship:

When Gemini and Gemini are involved in a relationship, they may make comforting relationship with each other. They will have good understanding with each other since their nature and needs are almost same. They will also like each other’s company as they both like talking. They both are intelligent and would like to have their own space. They both are capable of bringing different innovations but may get confused with them as this is their natural habit. They tend to have difficulties while deciding their strategies.

Gemini and Gemini both can have easy life with one another. There will entertain their partners with their funny nature. Since, they both possess same skills there will not be place for any suspicion. Their playful nature may take them away from reality and sometimes out of control. They both like dreaming but they never try to achieve those goals. They will need to take their lives seriously and help each other out. They have better chances of getting cooperation from each other since, they like working together.

Gemini and Gemini can have freely floating relationship with each other. As friends or siblings they will have much more to share with each other. They may have same interests in which they will look to succeed. Co-workers or relatives will have good communication between them. They may talk on several topics and motivate each other to learn more about it. They are just not good to be business partners as they both lack practicality and reliability. They may come up with innovative concepts but they fail in executing them. They make independent living but still caring lovers. They show no possessiveness for each other. They may have to suffer from moody nature of one another. They make kinds of parents who generally inspire their children.

Gemini and Gemini

Sometimes living with similarities may also become irritating. They both have problems with unstable moods. They may lose the contact with reality if not given any feeds by any third party. They will need someone to wake them up from their dreamy nature. Their moody nature can also put them against each other. They have tendency to make situations even worse. They lose their control when they get into fights. After all of this, they still manage to stay together. They don’t keep grudges and move on quickly. They will have to show loyalty and respect for each other in order to have stability in their lives.


Gemini and Cancer find it easy to adjust with one another since they bo0th are mutable in nature. They both have different tastes and attitudes of living life but still they fascinate each other. They may also share close intimacy that most of the couples want to have between them. As cancer is sensitive in nature, he may get hurt by mischievous Gemini sometimes but it is not a big deal.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people show restlessness. They are highly intelligent but unstable due to which they may appear confused or little uncertain about their decision. They are talkative people and like to brag about themselves. They may talk about what people should do against pollution and crime but never really follow it. They would just talk and leave its burden on you. They never try to do or act on what they usually insist to people; because they will have to follow it first. They can even just say lie to entertain you. Gemini people need frequent changes in their lives. They sense something more interesting is missing in their lives, and thus they keep running from one task to another. This habit can give them, problems maintaining friendship, relationships or more importantly their careers.

Cancer personality:

Under strong shell their lies the soft hearted and sensitive person. Cancer people are kind and forgiving in nature. They are little lazy but when they decide to do anything they do it with full dedication. They can work in any conditions with patience and full determination. They usually come with good ideas and convert them in reality. They are creative people and have artistic talents. They may have gifted talents of dancing, singing, drawing or any sport. They may also show high values like honesty and loyalty. They can even show urge to dominate sometimes but not in cunning way. They would like to manage things around. Cancer people are attentions seeker and they love taking admirations from people.

Gemini and Cancer compatibility:

Gemini and Cancer share good compatibility as they may find many characteristics common between them. Cancer person is creative and sometimes even talkative. They like to share their thoughts so that they can get better reviews of it. They are also a good listener which will give good opportunity to Gemini to talk and share their feelings. Gemini and Cancer both can be funny and cheerful. They both possess the ability to daydream, with which they both can entertain each other by sharing it. If any outsider listens to their gossips then he would probably listen to their imaginary stories more interestingly. They both can also get moody sometimes.

Along with their abilities they may also share some common interests. They both know how to get attention from people. They can also see what people need and can change according to that. They know exactly how to represent themselves in public while controlling their inner emotions and excitements. They both can have interests in arts and would work on it together.

Gemini and Cancer

This relationship between Gemini and Cancer may show lots of love and care to each other. As friends or co-workers, they both can have really good interactions and understandings. They both make each other feel comfortable by lending a helping hand at regular interval. Friends or siblings may share common interests or goals. They van have many enjoyable moments together. If they are thinking of entering in business together then Gemini would have to be more precise and practical to help Cancer people. Gemini and Cancer can have pleasant relationship with one another. Some problems can arrive as cancer is more emotional and take relations seriously while Gemini is never really serious about their relationships. Gemini and Cancer would make great parents as one is caring and cheering while other is affectionate in nature.


Gemini and Leo can easily get into several relationships. They both can be fun loving and cheerful to each other. They may also have respect for the kind of bond they share among them. Leo is dominating and seeks admiration from their partner. This is the place where Gemini can fall short.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people are friendly and live in nature. They are easy going people with little carelessness in their attitude. They like to meet new people and can talk on any subject with them. They usually try to lure people with their good interacting skills. They can entertain people, whenever they get a chance. Gemini people are impatient, always running to find best for them. Their mind is not stable so they may show uncertainties about their decisions. Actually Gemini people are born intelligent but they lack ability to take decisions. They can often find themselves day dreaming. Gemini people have tendency to run away from their responsibilities. They do not believe in relationships and may cause several break ups. They may also be linked to several other people hoping to keep their life exciting. Excitement and interest are keys to their relationships.

Leo personality:

Leo people are dominating and courageous in nature. They like to win over all the things. They have quite resemblance to the nature of the Lion, which also symbolizes the Leo personality. They are creative and take pride in making. They are attention seekers and like receiving appreciations from people. They could even take whole credits to them even if they have worked on small part of it. They show helping and kind nature due to which they get huge amount of followers. They are confident about their decisions and stand firm on it. Leo people can become furious if anyone tries to disapprove them. They can also become rude while proving themselves right. But their kind nature also makes them forgive people. They are rigid people and do not change their mind unnecessarily.

Gemini and Leo personality:

In Gemini and Leo relationship, Leo tries to prove their creativeness and ability to defend any challenges. They are little unsure if they can do it or not but definitely confident about winning over it. They are also well supported by Gemini people, who are not so good in making decisions but cheerful in nature. Sometimes, Leo may have to work alone as Gemini is often trapped in its own uncertainties and race to complete their own goals. Gemini person needs freedom which is well provided by Leo. They may feel that their ability to dream is not understood by other people. Leo finds sad Gemini and shows his consideration for her. After getting well support from Leo, Gemini comes back to the life and showers the words of appreciation. Leo who dies for admirations will grow more close to Gemini. Actually Gemini ties to induce Leo person in doing things that they always wanted. They can easily fool Leo people with their good conversation skills.

Gemini and Leo

As friends, co workers or relatives Gemini and Leo show good support for each other. Gemini may show more respect for Leo person and allowing them to lead first. Leo also feels the kindness of Gemini and becomes more loving towards them. They will also have good conversation amongst them which will make things clear to one another. They may not become much successful as they both are selfish and spendthrifts in nature. They get very intimate in beginning but Gemini soon loses interest in relationship and creates problems for Leo person. Gemini must remain close to Leo or else it can result in separation or divorce. They can become good parents once they are together.

Gemini and Leo can have plenty of problems in this relationship to solve. Gemini person must try to control on their moods as it really tests the Furious Leo’s patience. They themselves are firm natured people and will not allow any careless nature. Leo who is in love with Gemini tries to explain how wrong they are but Gemini shows no care and feels annoyed by Leo’s lecture. Gemini and Leo must cooperate with each other to have peaceful life. Leo should allow Gemini to be independent while Gemini must learn to be firm like Leo.


Gemini and Virgo both are intellectual people. They both may seem to be comfortable with each other’s intelligence and admire it. They may also like to teach or learn from each other. This relationship builds due to logical stimulation between them.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people are highly social. They like to meet new people and discover new things. They are chatterbox and can talk on anything. They have tendency to spend some time with people and when they feel it is enough for them they move on. They do not take their relationships seriously. This is same with their life style. They keep moving with several tasks due lack of concentration and patience. They want to find out more interesting things in life. They may be doing some work but as soon as they find something new they run towards that thing. They would often talk about reliability and honesty. Gemini people often run away from their responsibility, which shows contradiction to what they tell to their audiences.

Virgo people:

Virgo people are intelligent and real. They are also good at decision making and make firm judgments. They like to help needful people; they help people without expecting anything return from them. They are dependable people who complete their work with efficiency. Virgo people are not so social in nature but they show affection towards the people they love. They are very organized people and seek perfection in whatever work they do. This ability makes them more critical towards those who can’t complete their work with perfection. They are straight forward as far as expressing their feelings are concern. They never keep anything inside mind; they just speak it on your face.

Gemini and Virgo relationship:

Gemini people change their behavior while being with Virgo. Gemini people are not so serious while being in relationship as they behave with Virgo! They both have mental connection with each other. They show immense respect for one another. As they show good understanding between them, there is hardly any time when they are in quarrels or are upset. They both have needs to learn something new hence they may be seen sharing knowledge and thoughts. They both maintain peaceful relationship with each other.

Gemini and Virgo both help each other and show their honesty. Gemini can help Virgo people with their skillful talking. They both can have quick negotiations with other people thanks to Gemini and their talkative nature. Though, Gemini helped them out this time, it is not going to help them all the time; and this is well now by Virgo people. They always keep their plans ready to win over difficult times. If there is enough understanding and kindness between them, then Gemini may allow Virgo person to win over them. Virgo’s down to earth nature fascinates them.

Most of the time, Gemini and Virgo share bond created due to their common goals or interests. If they are friends or siblings then they will have lot to share with each other. They would cherish the qualities possessed by each other. Gemini and Virgo can make good business together as Gemini would show their communicating skills while Virgo can provide their ability to do things accurately and will power. Their romantic relationship is quite healthy but there can exist, some uncertainties due to their strong intellectual activities. They will need some time to settle down. As parents, Virgo people are well disciplined while Gemini can be little friendly. Hence they both will make good parents.

Gemini and Virgo

This friendly and mentally stimulating relationship can have some problems due their basic traits which are different from each other. They may indulge in frequent verbal fights; if this happens then Virgo tends to speak all about what they think lacks in Gemini people in full detail. Whereas, Gemini people never listen to anything and start arguing with Virgo on any point. Their fights would also be related to some mental stimulation.


Gemini and Libra both like socializing and having fun. They both are intellectual people who need something to work on. They both can also be moody or dreamy, thus they usually have problems making firm decision. They both tend to enjoy each other’s company regardless of their weaknesses.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people are blessed with good communication skills. They like to entertain people or use it for own benefits. They are clever people with urges to learn more and more. Their ability talk with other people also helps them to give and share information. They do not have any specific goals or opinions. They change according to needs of people. They lack consistency and decision making ability. For them nothing is enough and they are always after the best of best. They will leave their current activity to go after new. They like activities which involves lot of thinking.

Libra personality:

Libra people have attractive features and charming personality which can lure any person towards them. Along with good looks they have strong logical abilities. They may not be able to make good decisions but they are good while analyzing what is right for them. They like to help people finding the truths. They have better understandability which helps them to understand people. They can also become negotiator between two fighting parties. They always try to maintain balance in all things. They like to win every task; they will not stop or leave that work until and unless they succeed.

Gemini and Libra relationship:

Gemini and Libra both like to spend some valuable time with other people. Hence, as a couple they would meet other couples, organize small gatherings, parties etc. They both have artistic knowledge and curiosity to learn more in it. Due to this their lives are always filled with entertainment and they never suffer from boredom. Gemini and Libra both bring new ideas to keep their lives exciting.

There is a difference between Gemini and Libra’s ethics. Gemini can always move on with whatever they think. They can change from one decision to another like it just doesn’t matter to them. Gemini does not like anyone keeping control on them and they just escape from it. This is not the same with Librans. They make decisions and try to obtain results from it. They will not run away from it. They make set of alternatives and pick one of best to get the results. They know how to keep balance in it. They know that they can find a solution for their problems and are confident about it.

Gemini and Libra

Gemini and Libra have never ending affection for each other, so whichever type of bond it may be. If they are friends, siblings or co-workers they interact very lively with one another. They always have many things to share with each other and to entertain each other. They may indulge in arguments but they will find out solution for it. Friendship is rooted deep inside of them. They are not built for business but they can use their communication skills as strong weapons for marketing. They not only make good lovers but also good parents. They will make very supportive parents for their children. They will introduce then to various new and exciting things in life. Their children can be born intelligent and smart.

Gemini and Libra

As far as relationship is concern Gemini and Libra make happy pair though there can be some debates in decision making. Libra will have to be quick in making their decisions and explaining it to Gemini, as they take lot of time to think. Gemini will have to learn to be consistent with their decisions. They always have good communication with each other and there can never be any dull moment in their relationship.


Gemini and Scorpio relationship is a real testing time for both. They both have different nature and characteristics which can blow up their relationship. Gemini is extrovert, active and high-spirited while Scorpio is of serious type in all of their activities. They may have initial attractions for each other due to different characteristics but it can become worse later when they move towards the serious phase. It has chance to live up if they both get married and are living together.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people are fickle minded and easy going. They are never serious about what they do. They like to meet people and entertain them. They have gifted qualities of talking using which they can make you listen to them for hours. They are humorous and funny people. They show impatient and frequently changing nature. They can never be stopped at they have whole world to hunt. They make decision but even before executing it they change their mind and move on to next decision. They want to achieve the best. Actually they are clever people but usually fail to convert those decisions into results due to their moodiness. They like to live independently which can make them fall in trouble if not guided properly.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people have good amount of strength and they can tackle anybody who tries to dominate them. They themselves are dominating creatures but often like to keep it cool and under control. They are self-sufficient people. Scorpio people can possess strong will power with which they can achieve any task. They make their own decisions and stand for it. They rarely mind others view so there is no way that they will change their decisions. They are honest people for those who respect them and be honest with them. They look mysterious due to their self-reliant qualities. It is also difficult to read their minds since they do not socialize more and always involved in some activities. They have need to research and study.

Gemini and Scorpio relationship:

Gemini and Scorpio Since Scorpio people are expert in analyzing they easily notice the moody nature of Gemini people. This is not their type as they have stable mind. Gemini also talks too much which is not appreciated by Scorpion. Gemini can get tired of talking alone and would feel need of having someone with whom they can share their feelings. They are the people who need frequent change and if they get paired with people like Scorpio then they can get bored easily. They like to show people how intelligent they are. They have good entertaining abilities with which they can keep them amused all the time. They are careless people who take every task easily. Be it their relationship with another or their professional life, they never care what may be the result of their activity.

If Gemini and Scorpio decide to live together then they can have honest and devoted relationship. They both will show interest in learning more about one another. Generally free spirited and active Gemini may start concentrating more on Scorpio’s mysterious work style. As Scorpio looks for detailed information and accurate work they take their time for completion; this can annoy the impatient Gemini people. Similarly, Scorpio can get annoyed by Gemini’s inability to stick to one thing. Scorpio may share some typical characteristics of Gemini like getting tense easily or feeling of excitement etc but they never show it to Gemini. They become confident with every coming day. Gemini on the other hand is open person; it will not take much time for Scorpio to learn about their characteristics.

Gemini and Scorpio

As friends or siblings, they both can perform well with Scorpio in leading role. As relatives they will hardly have any interactions. In business, Gemini can bring new ideas and Scorpio can convert them into results. They will have to have good understanding between them to work together. They may not succeed in love relationship as they have many differences to understand. They may succeed in keeping good relationship if waited and understood each other for long time. A marriage can help them have good relationship ahead.Scorpio can teach their children discipline while Gemini will be close to them as a friend.

Gemini and Scorpio

Though Scorpio people are good in studying the human nature, they fail to analyze some traits of Gemini. It is also difficult because Gemini goes with their imagination abilities. They can have visions and would go after chasing them. Scorpio may feel it uncomfortable. Gemini may get involved in some rumors as they are freely floating and social people. This can make Scorpio a little possessive towards Gemini. Gemini on the other hand may do not like him being too possessive about them. They won’t even show care about them. There is nothing common between them which can bind them together, thus they would need their family members or close friends’ help to live together. If you see from another angle, they are difficult to become a pair.


Gemini and Sagittarius both have common need of humor and fun. They both are independent people like to have their own space. Gemini and Sagittarius both have good communicating abilities so they fulfill each other’s needs of sharing and talking. They complement each other in any type of bond that they may share.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people are intelligent and talkative people. They can manipulate people with their magical words easily. They have good control of language and ability to entertain any number of crowds. They show high spirited and active personality. They lack steadiness due to which they keep changing from one aspect to another. They think they will miss something good and exciting if they will stick to single task. Because of such tendency they keep moving from one task to another regardless of its consequences. They like to brag about good virtues and discipline but they themselves never follow it. .

Sagittarius personality:

Like Gemini, Sagittarius people also like talking. They like to go for outing or camp. They like to cheer for people and motivate them. They can be straightedge sometimes which may result in hurting people. It is due to their nature of being honest with people they love. They seek look for betterment of people. Sagittarius people are confident and optimistic in nature. They want excitement in their lives hence they call for challenges. They may also have tendency to take unnecessary risks. They are never satisfied with their possessions and look for more.

Gemini and Sagittarius relationship:

There can be some similarities seen between Gemini and Sagittarius people. They both love talking; they are expressive to share their feeling and thoughts. They both may share same level of intelligence too. Even after so many similarities they both tend to feel jealous of each other. They may feel competition here! Sagittarius people are practical in nature. They may take risky decisions sometimes but they often prove them correct. Their tendency to point out the mistakes can annoy the Gemini person. Gemini, who is smarter than Sagittarius, traps them into sweet conversation and tries to fulfill their dreams.

Gemini and Sagittarius both can learn from each other only if they are willing to be together. They both have spirituality with which they can create strong bond between them. They both may have good intelligence but they lack ability to work together. They will try to pin down each other. They are also not reliable people. Even if they try to work together, they will start with enthusiasm and soon lose it. Friends can share things, interests and experiences with one another. They will good conversation with each other. Doing business together can be challenging for them as Sagittarius takes unnecessary risks while Gemini is lack practicality. They can have romantic relationship after establishing good understanding between them. As parents they can teach their children to find out several exciting things.

Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius relationship is can have several ups and downs. Sagittarius people have tendency to force others in following their decisions. They would dismiss other’s opinion to get their working. Gemini would never allow this and defeat Sagittarius people in arguments. Gemini people can show very good sensibility in such situations. They would have to make peace in this relationship rather than fighting with each other. Gemini and Sagittarius relationship can be happy and entertaining for both of them. Since they both have good communicating skills, they can solve their problems via talking.


Gemini and Capricorn both are interesting to be with but can have characteristic disliked by other one. Gemini is fun loving and enthusiastic people while Capricorn is of serious type and they want well settled life.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people can’t be predicted due to their ever changing moods. They are social and outgoing. They are attention seekers and like to draw attention from people. They would do mimicry to entertain people. They lack stability due to which they can’t keep themselves steady at particular thing. Their mind searches for excitement. Thus they tend to leave their current work and run after things which they think are more interesting. They use their talkative nature to learn from other people. They can involve in arguments with other people to prove that they right. They can talk on almost everything.

Capricorn personality:

Capricorn people are hard working and ambitious in nature. They are of serious type and like to be independent. They crave for success and fame. They believe in reality and action. They don’t like wasting their time so they keep themselves busy with any task. They have good memory and will to learn more. They show responsible personality on which you can rely to achieve any task. They always use known tactics to work rather than going for new ones. They are resourceful people and can work alone. They believe in experiments, if they get positive feedback than only they will resort to it.

Gemini and Capricorn relationship:

Gemini people find Capricorn people interesting due to their self-sufficient and calm nature. They will often get nervous and wayward; this time Capricorn can provide them stability and calm them down. Gemini will also try to entertain Capricorn people with their quick humor. Gemini would try to manipulate Capricorn people but they are not one to fall for their sweet talk. They learn quickly about the Gemini nature. Capricorn people make strong bonds with people and may stick to them forever. Gemini people are not like this. They can teach Capricorn people to spend good time with people and then move on.

Gemini and Capricorn

Gemini and Capricorn would have to co-operate with each other in order to make this relationship work. They may be just friends who don’t know what other person like. They may not be close enough for that. So, Gemini would have t make extra efforts to get to the Capricorn’s mind. If they are siblings then they would co-operate and work properly as they Capricorn are dedicated to their family members. There are very few chances to succeed in commercial partnership as Gemini lack seriousness. If Capricorn is ready to open up and share their feelings and Gemini is ready to control their moodiness then this relationship can work otherwise it is not possible. Capricorn can become lovely parent while Gemini can get friendly with their children.

Gemini and Capricorn

Gemini tries to pull Capricorn closer to them by talking sweetly to them. Capricorn who is self-reliant person may not have interest in it as they think it is waste of time. This can upset the Gemini people just like their Capricorn people feel about their playful nature. If Gemini and Capricorn manage to stay together then Gemini would get strong support from much tolerant Capricorn person while Capricorn can have some moments of fun with Gemini people.


Gemini and Aquarius both are cheerful and friendly in nature. They both like each other’s company as they have lots of things common. Aquarius person can provide more stability to Gemini person. They both would have friendly relationship in whichever type of relations they form.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people show childish and moody nature. They are talkative people who like to meet people and share their thoughts with them. They can talk with anybody on any topic. They are imaginative and clever. They often make stories to entertain people. They can manipulate your thoughts and make listen to them. Though they are intelligent they often lack decision making abilities. They also lack steadiness. Gemini people tend to indulge in several activities but leaving everyone incomplete. As soon as they start it, they would be distracted by some other ideas. They find it more interesting than previous one and they start running after new one. Gemini does not like to indulge in single relationship as they prefer to mingle with different people.

Aquarius personality:

Aquarius people are friendly in nature. They like to go on long journey or campaigning. They like to meet new people and share happy moments with them. They never get any problems while dealing with people. They have tendency to talk to people very nicely. They would collect as much information from them as possible. They are down to earth people who treat everybody in same manner. Though they are friendly in nature; they like to make their own identity. They live independent lives. They are strong willed people who achieve success in any condition. Aquarius people have better control on their emotions hence they make good decisions. Aquarius person may be seen involved in doing something strange. They want to serve people by making something new and unique.

Gemini and Aquarius relationship:

Gemini and Aquarius make very interesting couple. They can create good bond with one another regardless of their status. They know only one thing that is friendship. They both like to dream and share those dreams with each other. This can create more funny and enjoyable moments in their lives. They can also have some minor arguments but it doesn’t affect their relationship and affection for each other.

Gemini and Aquarius will never face any boredom in their relationship. Their way of talking and sharing their visions may not be understandable by other people. They will simply laugh off this fairytale couple and would go to their work. Both of them like to entertain another partner with their weird mindsets. They may also confuse each other but this confusion helps them to hold the challenges and debate over it. They both are spendthrifts in nature.

Gemini and Aquarius both add excitement in their relationship. As siblings or friends they will have maturity and understanding in between them. Together they will complete many milestones. They can make business where there are easy earnings as big amount of money would be spent by them in order to get have luxurious life. There will be no problem in their love relationship as they sail very smoothly. They would make fine parents who treat their children like friends.

Gemini and Aquarius

Gemini’s manipulating nature can bring the moral of relationship down. They have tendency to have half truths. So, in order to avoid any conflicts they would just not say anything. Aquarius who is analytical in nature tends to find those truths. This moment can start the arguments between Gemini and Aquarius. At one point Aquarius also becomes tolerant to the antics of the Gemini people which show their honesty. Gemini should understand this and try to be as clear as possible with them.


Gemini and Pisces have two totally different personalities with different requirements to fulfill in their lives. This relationship can be tricky for both of them. It will be interesting to see how this couple progresses and adjusts with one another. There can be one thing to note that both of them like to maintain harmony. They both can have good conversation to solve their mutual problems.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people are intriguing and intelligent in nature. Sadly they lack patience due to which they can’t concentrate on sole thing. They need frequent change in life to keep it full of surprises and excitements. They would just change their work or relationship like it doesn’t matter to them anymore. They can be very careless in such situations. They prefer to hang out with different people all the time. They are emotional but not sensitive to other’s feelings. They want to have all best things in the world. That’s why they run from one task to another hoping they would get something better than previous. They are talkative and just know how to use their talent to get their work done. They talk to people not just to fulfill their urge of talking and gossiping but also to get latest information from around. They like to experiment with their artistic talents.

Pisces personality:

Pisces people are creative, calm and very friendly people. They are spiritual and optimistic people. They believe helping other people and giving them joy would give their soul peace. They are patient and cheerful people who can get along with anyone. Probably that’s why they have far more friends and followers than others. Pisces people try to understand the life and adjust themselves with world. They are kind people who understand the people and their feelings. They would like to go on long travelling and to exotic places. They show devotion to their loved ones and close people. They have tendency to get addicted to drugs. Pisces people also like to dream and they have ambitions to achieve. They are born with artistic talent and can make successful career in it.

Gemini and Pisces relationship:

Gemini and Pisces both can have wonderful communication with each other. They both like to talk and share their thoughts. Gemini has more needs to be heard while Pisces people like to listen to the people. Pisces will provide keen ear to Gemini and Gemini will show her talent with interesting talking style. They both have imaginary worlds to discover and would love to take each other for ride in it. Together both Gemini and Pisces will capture great moments of their fantasies.

Gemini and Pisces both can be fluctuating every now and then. They can also show duality in their nature. They both have tendency to get involved in situations and then quickly remove themselves from it as they fear they might have to be responsible for it. Gemini may lose its grip from Pisces people as they are more outgoing. If they lose their touch then this relationship can have bumpy road ahead.

Gemini and Pisces

As far as their relationship is concern, they live independent lives and don’t really open up to each other unless one of them need to talk. If they are friends, relatives or siblings then they will have deep conversation whenever they meet each other but that happens on few occasions. If they open up to each other they will have lot to share with each other. They can’t do much well in business as they both have tendency to change their mind quickly. They will need to be more stable to achieve the success in business. They will have to be more careful with their love relationship as they have different urges to fulfill. They would show much seriousness when they become parents. They can make motivating parents.

Gemini and Pisces

Gemini and Pisces relationship can be impulsive. Gemini and Pisces both are little unsure about what they want from life. Gemini keeps showing their extrovert tendency which can create thick gap between them. Gemini may also try to analyze the Pisces but it s not so easy. Pisces will not let them read their minds. Bored with such attitude of Pisces, Gemini tends to leave them alone and go to mingle in their lives. Meanwhile caring Pisces may have to live while waiting for Gemini to return to them. In order to have better unity and relationship they will have to keep the communication going. Gemini and Pisces will need to show honesty to one another for making their bond thicker.