Zodiac compatibilty : Cancer

JUN 21-JUL 22

There will be lots of fog generated when Fire meets the Water. This relationship can be little mismatch as they both show opposite characteristic to each other. Aries people are active and impulsive individuals whereas cancer people can be lazy, slow and calm individuals. Aries and Cancer will need to spend lots of time together to understand each other. Aries will have to control their impulsive nature whereas cancer will have to give away their past to concentrate more on their present.

Aries personality:

Aries people live their lives to fullest. They are cheerful and highly active people. They don’t care about the results and would often act without thinking much. They may have to suffer from its bad results later but knowing that, they still risk their chances. They are humorous people and entertain people anytime. They may also have huge fan following. Normally Aries people attention seekers and they would do anything to get center of attention. Being famous nourishes their ego. They like to take on any challenges and would try different things in their lives. They are adventurous people who are born to lead and win.

Aries and Cancer

Their confidence helps them to impress the world and also to kick start any work. Though, Aries are known for their aggressiveness they are also soft and emotional from inside. They will never hurt anyone intentionally and are keen to help others.

Cancer personality:

Cancer people are emotional and sensitive too. They are calm and often slow people. Unlike cancer they have precision and patience. Once they take any task to perform they will only stop when they are done. Cancer people like to socialize and meet new faces but they are also reserved when it comes to share their thoughts. They may come across many friendly people but they make only few and lifelong friends. They are kind and helpful people thus other people also care and cherish their company. They can also be witty sometimes. Cancer people are artistic in nature and may possess good skills like drawing, dancing, singing, sports or any other skills. Cancer people are intellectual and creative. They have better understandability and ability to quickly adapt the environments.

Aries and Cancer

Cancer people are generally possessive about all things that are closed to them be it their family, friends and lover or their favorite clothes, book, games, ball etc. They can use their humor to distract people from original subject of conversation.

Aries and Cancer relationship:

This relationship between Aries and cancer can be of two professionals. Aries people are business oriented; they prefer to have their own business or at least working at reputed post. Similarly Cancer people are honest to their work. They may show high degree of professionalism. Due to this situation, it is possible that Aries and caner both have met each other at their working place. They will normally discus about their families whenever they get free time together.

Aries and Cancer

Their romance may start in office environment too. Since Aries and Cancer both are passionate about their relationship, they may create intimate bond between them. Aries may try to dominate this relation as it is his nature. Cancer people like to lead others but they are not greedy for doing so. They can always adjust with circumstances. Though, Cancer people remain calm they can burst out someday very badly. For better relationship they both should co-operate each other. There should be no feeling of master and servant. As Aries will never bend down, cancer will have to proceed first and mention the need of adjusting with each other. Cancer will have to be very understanding and mature to that otherwise they may end up in abusing or fighting with each other. This may also end this relation.

As friends, they may have good understandings but also have contest for every little thing. If they are cousins or siblings then their different nature will hardly come into the existence. They will have great chemistry together. If they are business partners, then they both can come with different ideas as they both are visionary. Cancer people can manage all money related problems and Aries will have to manage his business plans. If they are lovers then they may face some crucial problems but if they get married then they can make great parents. Their responsibility will make them work together.

They both can have problems with expressing their emotions. Aries people have probably never felt their own emotional side before they met cancer. They may hide it from cancer. Whereas, cancer people are sensitive and may immediately express their feelings. They will need to compromise on few things in order to get better relationship. There is also big difference between how they treat money. Cancer people think it is fundamental thing for their lives and prefer to save it for better use in future. Aries people are not like them, they would spend it unnecessarily.

This relationship is shows two individuals, who will have to learn their differences quickly and adapt it. Only this can allow them to live together happily.


This relationship defines the bond between Earth and Water. Earthly Taurus can provide steadiness to moody cancer. Taurus and Cancer both can have light hearted and soft relationship with each other. They both show emotional and physical support for each other. There can be some dull moments with frequently changing moods of cancer and rigidity shown by Taurus.

Taurus personality:

Taurus people is signifies sheer strength and will power. They are peaceful and self centered people. They seek emotional attachment and faithful partner. They are charming people who stand apart from other people. They give more priority to their families than any other things. They like steady life styles always try to have one. They don’t like people who are constantly running after several things. They have good patience and determination which takes them on new heights of success. They work on pre-ordered manner and complete their work as promised. Hence they are also dependable people. They can also get hot tempered when tested for patience. It is rare to see them angry but once they lose their temper it is better to stay out of their way.

Cancer personality:

Cancer people are calm and sensitive in nature. They are generally slow but can show too much enthusiasm sometimes. They can suffer from moodiness. They may react differently at different occasions. One may find them extremely energetic and happy sometimes but at another time they will be seen sitting alone. They also like day dreaming. They are caring and lovely people. They like being around their family and loved people. They are romantic people who also believe in committed relationship. They are affectionate to others and would share their feelings. They are helpful in nature. They may attempt to make those people laugh who are suffering from pain. They also have good managing skills which are well utilized by them with help of kind nature. They are innovative people and show good talent for arts.

Taurus and Cancer relationship:

Taurus and cancer make one of the most compatible relationships. They can be helpful to each other in any bond they share with each other. They can become best friends with each other. They will be frank with each other and would feel happy being together. They will listen to other one’s thought and try to help them. They can be very successful being business partners, as they show devotion for work, believe in saving money and live up to their reputation. The intimacy which they share can make others jealous of them. They are never short of love and romance. They handle each other like treasure. They have always dreamed of becoming caring parents.

Taurus and cancer may have dream of making their own organization. Taurus would like to organize things properly while cancer would love to manage and run things properly. Taurus may show stubbornness sometimes but they would be well handled by Cancer. They tend to adapt themselves according to Taurus personality. They both find loyal and honest lover inside each other. They both provide safety and love to each other. They both are family loving people thus they may build their own house and move in with full family. They cherish their past memories with family members. Cancer may sometime fail to forget their sad past and would hide it from Taurus partner. They both believe in sharing thus they may be seen in sharing their personal stuff too. Another aspect where their thinking meets is Money. They both think that spending unnecessary money is not good thing.

Taurus and Cancer

Taurus and Cancer may have satisfying bond all together but there can be some moments which may spoil it. Cancer people like to be praised and admired by their partner but Taurus may find it difficult to understand them due to frequently changing moods. Taurus may show too much rigidity to cancer which will make him even more moody. Their fights can also end up with broken hearts and anger. They both have cautious mind and patience which can help them to sort out the problems. This relationship should be happy, compatible and easy going.


Gemini and Cancer find it easy to adjust with one another since they bo0th are mutable in nature. They both have different tastes and attitudes of living life but still they fascinate each other. They may also share close intimacy that most of the couples want to have between them. As cancer is sensitive in nature, he may get hurt by mischievous Gemini sometimes but it is not a big deal.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people show restlessness. They are highly intelligent but unstable due to which they may appear confused or little uncertain about their decision. They are talkative people and like to brag about themselves. They may talk about what people should do against pollution and crime but never really follow it. They would just talk and leave its burden on you. They never try to do or act on what they usually insist to people; because they will have to follow it first. They can even just say lie to entertain you. Gemini people need frequent changes in their lives. They sense something more interesting is missing in their lives, and thus they keep running from one task to another. This habit can give them, problems maintaining friendship, relationships or more importantly their careers.

Cancer personality:

Under strong shell their lies the soft hearted and sensitive person. Cancer people are kind and forgiving in nature. They are little lazy but when they decide to do anything they do it with full dedication. They can work in any conditions with patience and full determination. They usually come with good ideas and convert them in reality. They are creative people and have artistic talents. They may have gifted talents of dancing, singing, drawing or any sport. They may also show high values like honesty and loyalty. They can even show urge to dominate sometimes but not in cunning way. They would like to manage things around. Cancer people are attentions seeker and they love taking admirations from people.

Gemini and Cancer compatibility:

Gemini and Cancer share good compatibility as they may find many characteristics common between them. Cancer person is creative and sometimes even talkative. They like to share their thoughts so that they can get better reviews of it. They are also a good listener which will give good opportunity to Gemini to talk and share their feelings. Gemini and Cancer both can be funny and cheerful. They both possess the ability to daydream, with which they both can entertain each other by sharing it. If any outsider listens to their gossips then he would probably listen to their imaginary stories more interestingly. They both can also get moody sometimes.

Along with their abilities they may also share some common interests. They both know how to get attention from people. They can also see what people need and can change according to that. They know exactly how to represent themselves in public while controlling their inner emotions and excitements. They both can have interests in arts and would work on it together.

Gemini and Cancer

This relationship between Gemini and Cancer may show lots of love and care to each other. As friends or co-workers, they both can have really good interactions and understandings. They both make each other feel comfortable by lending a helping hand at regular interval. Friends or siblings may share common interests or goals. They van have many enjoyable moments together. If they are thinking of entering in business together then Gemini would have to be more precise and practical to help Cancer people. Gemini and Cancer can have pleasant relationship with one another. Some problems can arrive as cancer is more emotional and take relations seriously while Gemini is never really serious about their relationships. Gemini and Cancer would make great parents as one is caring and cheering while other is affectionate in nature.


Cancer and cancer make sensitive and caring pair. They have good virtues like honesty, commitments. Their strength lies in their similarities while knowing their weaknesses. They can provide security to one another in with their supportive nature. The only thing which can annoy them is their individual tendency to have changing moods.

Cancer personality:

Cancer has deep and sensitive heart. They get touched by other people’s emotions. They are creative people and also like to have visions. Thus they make kind of people who can make interesting things all alone. They may also need some support from their family members or from their partners. Cancer people may show amazing determination and daring if they have opt for something. They are careful while working in their professional or personal life. They learn from their mistakes and try to improve themselves. They may recall their worst days from past and try to learn from it. They never forget vital or incredible moments from their life. They are simple and nurturing in their nature thus people also like being with them. People may also misuse them for their own gain. Sometimes, cancer person may have suffered from deep emotional wounds to their heart.

Cancer and Cancer relationship:

Cancer and Cancer make relationship which is just perfect. They both know each other like no other people can understand. Only Cancer person has potential to keep other Cancer free of worries and nervousness. They both know each other’s natures, likes and dislikes. They both can find out what makes other one happy or sad. They can also have some fights between them but it is normal in any relationship. They both would try to solve each other’s problems with soft conversation. They know each other’s weaknesses and try to find solution for it. Sometimes they get confused by each other and thus need third party to come and solve their problems.

Cancer and Cancer make more economical pair. They think rigorously before spending any money. Some may say that they are greedy for money but that is not true. They look to earn enough money for their secure future. They would also provide financial help to other people. They have canny and witty nature. They can entertain people with their weird sense of humor. But still they create such a environment that people enjoy them. Since both cancers have this ability, they both can form a pair to entertain people. They tend to show lot of emotions to each other through their every action.

When Cancer and Cancer create bond, they look for Sensitive heart and stable mind. If they are friends, co-workers or siblings then they would show immense care for each other. They admire each other’s presence in their lives. They would immediately run to help each other. They stand for each other through dark and light. They can make good business with each other as they have strong will power, creative mind and economical nature. They can also become cautious while taking risks which can cause lost opportunity. As romantic partners they show honesty, love and care which make them perfect couple. They just have to control their moody nature. If Cancer and Cancer have relationship of guardian and child then they both make strong bond between them. Child will be respectful to his parent while parent will be careful and affectionate to them.


Cancer symbolizes the water while Leo symbolizes the Fire. They both are very far from living together. There are many differences in their behaviors and their natures. Cancer may find Leo to be very arrogant while Leo may find Cancer to be moody. They will need to accept their differences and try to live with it.

Cancer personality:

Cancer people are kind hearted people. They like to do social activities like visiting orphanage, hospitals and donating some gifts, flowers or amount for them. They would help anyone who comes for help. They are simple people with smiling face that always welcomes other people. They are sensitive to emotions of people and try to understand their problems. Cancer people show classical work style accompanied with strong will power. They have aimed to be famous and successful person one day. They have creative mind which allows them to work on several new concepts but they will need some good quality support from their family members to achieve success. Though, they are of calm nature they don’t like dominated by other people. They don’t show or tell it easily but they actually get upset by it. If anyone continues to assault them then they might just explode also. Cancer can also be short temper at times. They are economical people and thinks before spending money. They can also help their relatives if anyone needs help with money.

Leo personality:

Leo people show good leading capabilities. They make effective and firm decisions. Leo people like to control things around them. They show royalty in whatever they do. Like any king, they like making or establishing new things. They feel proud whenever they achieve something. They are kind and helpful to their people and show loyalty to them. Thus they also get followers for their kind behaviors. Leo person seeks appreciation from those people and get it easily. If somehow, they did not receive praise for their work then they can show their temper and arrogance. Generally, Leo people are lazy and seek royal lifestyle but if not they can be really hard working as they want to be rich one day. When they work hard to achieve something, it is really appreciable how much effort they put to achieve it. They show courage to accept any challenges in their lives.

Cancer and Leo relationship:

Cancer and Leo both can be much supportive to each other in all the relationships they make. Leo can provide emotional stability to Cancer person while cancer can satisfy Leo with his physical urges. Cancer people have witty and dreamy natures, with which they can really entertain Leo people. Well entertained and respected by Cancer person Leo also neglects the moody nature of the Cancer. Cancer can also help Leo people with their creative minds while Leo can make it happen with their desires to create. It will be beneficial to both of them, if cancer maintains all the monetary work.

When it is about money, Cancer and Leo both can show different ways of treating for it. Leo needs royal life so he tends to spend it on it while Cancer thinks it is all unnecessary. Though Leo has to accept the moodiness of Cancer, they should always try to change this habit. Cancer should cooperate with Leo person otherwise Leo can lose his confidence due to cautious nature of Cancer. Cancer may come with creative ideas but they should not force Leo person to act on it. It might cause chaos in their relationship.

Cancer and Leo can create good supportive relationship with each other despite of their different approaches. As friends or siblings, they have sooth relationship with Leo in dominating position. Cancer also provides good support to Leo person in this relationship, without which it is not possible for both of them to be together. If they are relatives, then Cancer must show respect to them and praise them or just be tolerant to whatever they say. They can be good business partners, as both are practical, ambitious and creative. Leo should allow Cancer to take charge of finance and concentrate on the success of their business. There are no problems in their romantic relationship unless; cancer person shows the lack of self-confidence and Leo asks for more attachment. Cancer and Leo make better parents if Cancer is allowed to take charge of their home and responsibilities. They would have obedient children who will show lot of respect for their parents.


Cancer and Virgo make relationship which is fairly sensitive and caring. They both show respect for each other with down to earth natures of them. They keep it simple but enriched with lots of good virtues. There is fair amount of compatibility between them. They both feel secure and safe with each other. They share good understanding and closeness with each other.

Cancer personality:

Cancer people show affectionate and caring nature towards other people. They are friendly but little shy people. They need somebody to push them if they intend to do something. With good support they can excel in any task. Cancer people creative; they might also be good in arts like music, photography, drawing, dancing etc. They are ambitious people who want to achieve good success and money. They are economical with money. They find out their true needs and according to that spend money on it. They don’t like spending money at least not on things which are useless to them. They look for its’ applications and quality before purchasing it. They have tendency to store money for their future needs. Though cancer people show calm and patient personality, they don’t like anyone pointing out their mistakes. They would also not allow anyone to dominate them as they themselves need independent life. People tend to misuse Cancer as they might also fall for their sweet talking.

Virgo personality:

Virgo people are practical and realistic. They like to do things according to plans and do it perfectly. They can be good planners. They are intelligent people with lots of stability. They like mixing with people and serve them. Their analytical nature helps them to sense the problems of people they meet and solve them. Virgo people are simple and polite while talking but they can be harsh when while pointing out any deviations or mistakes from your work. As Virgo people are perfectionist they becomes harsh critic when they see any shortage or poor performance by people. Virgo people have high aims to be achieved. They make their own easy decisions to achieve those aims step by step. They always prefer to have best things around them. They like to live independent lives as they don’t like to adapt with other people.

Cancer and Virgo relationship:

Cancer and Virgo both can have peaceful relationship with one another since both of them don’t look to overpower one another. Due to initial excitements they both keep their personal agendas besides and come closer. Virgo feels good in the company of Cancer person as they are good humored and social in nature. They also like the helping nature of cancer. Virgo likes a person who is responsible and determinant to achieve his goals. They see such qualities in Cancer. Cancer likes the ambitious nature of Virgo person. They find it common and important that Virgo person also treats money well. They are able to provide emotional stability and comfortable life to Virgo person. Cancer can learn to be more practical and to have control on their emotions from Virgo. Virgo can learn to control their critical nature.

Cancer and Virgo tend to have close relationship between them. If by any reason they remain separated from each other than they can feel bored being alone. In such moments, cancer may gloom into his past.

Cancer and Virgo make easy going and pleased bond with each other in any type of relationship they share. They can have caring relationship as friends or siblings. They will have close relationship and would help each other through every thick and thin. They will share their knowledge with each other. Cancer and Virgo can earn enough turnovers through their business as they both are clever and ambitious. They both can have good romantic relationship but problem may arrive when Virgo would like to take a break away from their relationship. There is no doubt they will make good parents as they are dependable and loving individuals.

Cancer and Virgo

both may have some things to learn and teach about themselves. Cancer would have to make habit of listening from Virgo whenever they opt to make any decision. Similarly, Virgo will have to adjust with sudden mood changes in Cancer person. Another problem is they both can’t take disapproval from each other. Being critical is in Virgo person’s nature while Cancer feels that virgo is being rude and insensitive.


Cancer and Libra both are emotional people who are always ready to cooperate with each other. Their submissive nature helps them to have better start of the relationship. There can be some difference in their approaches towards life but they can easily solve their problems with little co-operations.

Cancer personality:

Cancer people have gentle and caring personality. They show deep emotions and loyalty towards their beloved people. Their friendly and mutable nature helps them to get along with any type of person. They are also appreciated by other people due to their helping nature. They show good amount of persistence and determination, which holds the key for their success. They may have tendency to count their success on the basis of money they have earned over the years. They are keen to store money so that they can be used later for better life. They have insecurities of not being able to provide good life to their family members. They look for stable life and securities from their partners. They are capable of bringing innovative ideas to their personal as well as professional life. They may have natural artistic talents in them, which may make them famous and favorite among their relatives.

Libra personality:

Libra people are very friendly in nature. They can easily make friends with their soft and charming nature. They are cautious about every relationship they form with people. Their natural tendency is to adjust or blend in with other people. They would never hurt other people for their own benefits. They act like a mediator whenever there are any problems with their friends or relatives. They have good sense of right and wrong. They believe in justice. It is natural to them to have logically strong mind. They seek commitments in every relationship that they make. They are admirers of nature, beauty and arts. They like to help people and give them the feeling of happiness. They are good at communicating with people. They are often uncertain about what to do and how to act in their lives.

Cancer and Libra relationship:

They both try to have peace in their relationship but due to their differences they fail to achieve it. Cancer treat money like a life but Libra seems to have no care about saving them. Though Cancer people like to make new friends they are of reserved nature but this is not same with Libra people as they are outgoing in nature. Cancer person has tendency to chase their false dreams. Libra may not like it and oppose them strongly. They tend to socialize more than concentrating on Cancer person. If they can manage to concentrate only on positive sides of their partners then they can have healthy and happy relationship with one another.

Cancer and Libra can have pretty much peaceful life together if they are ready to compromise with each other’s differences. If they are siblings or friends then they can have lots of comfortable and enjoyable moments with each other. Business would need cancer to handle all the money and Libra to make all dealings and then only they can succeed in it. They can maintain their love relationship as far as Cancer is comfortable with outgoing nature of the Libra and Libra is ready to accept the moody nature of the Cancer. Caner and Libra make caring parents. Cancer and Libra will teach their children discipline and good manners.

Cancer and Libra

There is still room for some problems in this relationship of Cancer and Libra. Libra person shares their deepest secret with Cancer partner but still cancer may have some doubts on Libra. Cancer and Libra tend to become possessive for their partner. Libra dislikes it as it is like doubting their honesty. When Cancer people are in pain or any fear they tend to hide it with their sharp sense of humor. Libra who is logically stronger than Cancer detects something abnormal here and tries to find out with Cancer person. Cancer person, who doesn’t know how to explain it, hides it from their partner. For the worst part of Cancer and Libra relationship, Cancer doesn’t like disapproval from any partner and especially from people who are close to them. Libra may not like this rudeness and can result into unnecessary fights.


Cancer and Scorpio may have striking resemblance with each other. They both give high priorities to their relationships. They can rely on each other in order to play supportive role in their lives. Scorpio is more stable among them so cancer can live steady life with them. There can be some dull moments in this relationship, when Cancer shows changing moods and Scorpio lives detached life.

Cancer personality:

Cancer people have calm and peaceful nature. They live in harmony with all the members of their family including their close friends. Cancer people are funny and social but they keep it restricted. They make friends who last for long time. They like to help people with their problems. They are ready to leave their current work to help out people who need their help. They know how to cover up things with the help of humor that makes them worry. They can easily trick people into talking. They are innovative people, who bring out new ideas to help them out of current situation. They can be effective in business as they are determinant and economical in nature. They can take good decisions but sometimes seek proper guidance from their family or friends. Cancer people learn from their past and try never to repeat those mistakes. Cancer people would like to control things around if possible. They also have good managing skills.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people are best known for their never sat die attitude. They have strong will power and confidence to win. They also have immense amount of power; together all of these virtues helps them to win in any task. They only take rest after completing their task. They have ability to survive in any kind of situations. Scorpio person is like calm sea, nobody knows what lies deep inside it. Scorpio may appear quiet and still but he is actually planning a very good plan. They want to improve their daily life. They would love to have luxurious lifestyle one day. They are not much of social people. They like to live alone and spend their time studying. They have curious nature to understand all the facts around them. This kind of nature makes any onlooker to suspect on them. Generally, they are calm in nature but their weird nature makes them look angry.

Cancer and Scorpio relationship:

Cancer and Scorpio have lot of things common in between them hence they can easily form good bonds among them. Their caring and well developed nature brings them closer. They both can enjoy light moments with little humor and creativity from Cancer. They grow such type of understanding that they both can talk without speaking a word. They can sense what other person might be trying to say at that point of time. Scorpio people do not want to lose their money to some other guys while Cancer has fears of spending their money unnecessarily. So together they can help each other for saving their earnings for their futuristic needs. There can be time when Scorpio is busy in his own thoughts and may not give response to cancer person properly. Such things can keep happening in this relationship which in turn can sadden the sensitive cancer person. There is no need to panic by Cancer person as Scorpio person is always analyzing something due to which they might appear detached from reality. Since they both have good understanding, they will learn from this experience and forgive each other.

Cancer and Scorpio enjoy each other’s company in any bond they make with each other. If they are friends or siblings then they would show support for each other though out their life. They would be grateful to one another. As family members they would have cheerful bond with one another. Cancer and Scorpio can be good in business partners as Cancer provides the financial stability while Scorpio adds more intelligent thoughts in it. Cancer and Scorpio can have successful marriage and love affairs. Combination of Scorpio male and Cancer female can prove to be even more productive. They make great parents together and would enjoy their parenthood.

Cancer and Scorpio

There are some personal issues with both of them which can damage their relationship. They both can try to control one another or may seek consideration from each other. As both expect same thing from each other, they may remain unsatisfied of their desires. Scorpio can feel irritable by the moodiness of the cancer while Cancer may feel insecure due to Scorpio’s tendency to keep track on them.

Cancer and Scorpio understand and have faith in one another they may forgive each other quickly. They may also reveal their deepest secret to each other. This is the indication that they both are loyal to each other.


Cancer and Sagittarius pair is little difficult and need patience to keep it alive. They both show some significant differences and sometimes similarities in their behaviors and personalities too. Cancer person looks for stable life while Sagittarius person looks for frequent changes and excitement. If they can give some time for each other than they would enjoy joyful moments with each other.

Cancer personality:

Cancer people like to lead people. They are strict on following disciplines. They may also become harsh if given the opportunity to lead others. Such Cancers can be very successful in their lives but this is not the thing with other cancer people. Cancer people are basically lazy and slow. They may have artistic talent and creativity. If they can work on these attributes of them then they can achieve good heights in their lives. Cancer people are quick witted and kind in nature. They would never hurt anyone intentionally. They like to greet people with sweet smile on their face. They are also good in maintaining their relationship with their beloved people. Cancer may show mood changes sometimes but they can also adjust with other people and their conditions. They like to work in harmony and on the same level of other person. If anyone tries to bully them or pressurize them then they might show you their furious looks too.

Sagittarius personality:

Sagittarius people are highly social and talkative n nature. They generally make lots of friends due to their good communicating skills. They are also good observers and quick learners. They are always happy and positive while thinking. They like to be honest with people so they might hurt you with their straight answers. They never think what their listeners will think about them, they are always clear about their opinions. Sagittarius person like to take frequent risks their lives in order to maintain the excitements and thrills in their lives. They can also become uncertain about some decisions in their lives. They can also be moody sometimes. They are restless for success. They never settle down for what they have and would always look to gain more. They would like to visit holy places as they are spiritual people and like travelling.

Cancer and Sagittarius relationship:

Cancer and Sagittarius both show good amount of loyalty and compassion, this builds the base for their relationship. Sagittarius has ability to gamble and win, which can help them to earn good amount of money. They both show curiosity for each other in their initial phase of the relationship. Sagittarius people are not so funny like cancer and they like to play pranks on Cancer. Cancer may feel bad for this but they would come back to normal after realizing no harm from Sagittarius.

Cancer and Sagittarius would have to learn some important things about each other. Cancer is not spendthrifts like Sagittarius; they like to earn and save money for future use. While Sagittarius people like to enjoy each moment of their life; which require money. Cancer may not like it and can behave rudely with Sagittarius. If cancer people are of low esteem then they may feel bad about this. At this time Sagittarius would calm them down. Both would feel bad about their act and would apologize for it. Such type of understanding makes their bond even thicker. Cancer would also have to give enough space for Sagittarius person as they like to be independent and free in their life.

Cancer and Sagittarius share very happy relationship with each other. If they are siblings, friends or relatives then they would provide good support for each other. They would like to see each other being successful in their personal and professional lives. Hence they would always help each other. Cancer and Sagittarius can’t be successful in their business venture as Sagittarius lack patience to work on it. Cancer will have to be in complete command to take their business ahead. This way he can also fulfill his wish to lead others. They can feel all the emotions in their romantic relationship. Their relationship will grow better with time spent together. Cancer and Sagittarius share amazing bond as parents and children. Cancer make caring parent for Sagittarius while Sagittarius make friendly parent for Cancer person.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Generally we say; that people start understanding each other with time but this may come false in Cancer and Sagittarius relationship. They may start finding odds between them. Cancer would like to have upper hand in all types of relationship but Sagittarius doesn’t like to take orders from others. Cancer and Sagittarius can be critical moment in this relationship. Cancer will have to put away their dream of leading their partner and co-operate with them. They might have to control their emotions to get better results with their bond shared with Sagittarius person.


Cancer and Capricorn both have such qualities that they both get attracted to each other. They appreciate their differences and qualities possessed by them. They easily form bond between them and rely on each other’s company to proceed ahead in their lives. They would just have to accept their differences and try to understand them after that comes the phase of attraction.

Cancer personality:

Cancer person has creative personality with gifted talent for arts. They are kind people who are sensitive to other’s feelings. They have sparkling eyes, charisma and politeness which can attract other people easily. They show persistence to stand any situation coupled with the mutable nature. These qualities hold a key for success achieved by any Cancer person. Cancer would also like to lead people or manage small business. They can also motivate people for giving better performance. They would need some good support in order to achieve their dreams. They are imaginary people who like to spend their time watching their fantasies. They may lack self confidence and positivity if they have gone through some rough phase. They would take some time to rise back.

Capricorn personality:

Capricorn people are serious about their ambitions. They show good amount of tolerance and will power to achieve their goals. They can become selfish and rude in order to achieve success in their life. They are simple in nature but they like to show their high status and hence they would dress good and leave from their home. They talk less and believe in practical. They do not ask for admiration but deep down they always want to get praise from other people. They want people to appreciate their work and their success. They seek royal, easy and carefree lifestyle. They may show urges to live independently and earn money but they always come back to their family and share happy moments with them. They always give higher priority to their family. As they are not so talkative, they lack ability express their feelings to their loved ones.

Cancer and Capricorn relationship:

Cancer and Capricorn share some things in common which helps them to understand one another. Cancer person lives his life in association with their past experiences similarly Capricorn also likes to learn from their past memories. They both are caring and devoted to their families. They both may also have likeness towards the arts. There are some differences which are seen in Cancer and Capricorn relationship. Cancer may have leading qualities but Capricorn takes time to believe in his capabilities. Capricorn person soon realizes that Cancer lacks the ability to make firm decisions like them. Cancer lacks the confidence to start something on their own and need some support from their families. This is not the same with Capricorn people as they make strong and good decisions. Cancer may also lack ability to rise back quickly as they becomes negative about their will. They should learn from Capricorn people as they never stop their fighting spirit even after great fall.

Cancer and Capricorn both are devoted to the relationships they make with each other. As friends, relative and siblings they show loyalty to each other. They would be very helpful to each other and shower lots of love on others. Since both of them are ambitious, co-operative and materialistic they perform well in business. Cancer and Capricorn can have good romantic life with each other if Capricorn can show little more dedication towards Cancer. They make caring but strict parents. As children they would show lots of respect for their parents.

As we have seen Cancer and Capricorn relationship walks in balance as they both show some similarities as well as some differences. Cancer lives in dreamy land while Capricorn likes to live in reality. Cancer can be very sensitive and expressive while Capricorn fails to do the same. There is a critical similarity between them which is urges to lead others. If there is a competition for leadership then Cancer might also take retreat; as they don’t want to hurt Capricorn person. It will depend on how both of them take their relationship ahead and who leads their relationship. It will be beneficial for Cancer and Capricorn if they both take decisions together based on their experiences.


Cancer people are kind and polite in nature while Aquarius people are friendly and outgoing in nature. Though this can help them make good bonds initially their different personalities can create problems to take their relationship further. They will need to make some compromises to sustain their relationship.

Cancer personality:

Cancer people are graceful and calm people. They show politeness and friendly nature while dealing with people. They are expressive while showing their emotions similarly they are also sensitive to the feelings of other people. Cancer can show creativity in every task that they perform. They may show their interests in arts. Cancer people are also known for their tolerance and ability to adapt any situations. They like honest and true people; they simply hate people who act in manipulative way. Cancer can also show good leading qualities and will to achieve success. They are always cautious while taking any decisions but sometimes they may also show hesitations to act. This is simply because they have fear of failing. They can also show moodiness sometimes, which creates confusion with other people in understanding Cancer person. Cancer people are loyal to their family members. They can also entertain people with their witty nature. They are really good with handling money.

Aquarius personality:

Aquarius people are known for bringing change or revolution to the world. They have their own perception which they want to convert into reality and make it useful for other people. They are confident about their decisions and do not like to change or manipulate it so easily. They are friendly and social in nature but they like to keep their personal life away from world. They would like to help people. They can be seen around hospitals or orphanages either helping those people or being treated by services available there. Aquarius people are creative, confident and practical in nature. Aquarius people like to have some enjoyable moments in their lives. Aquarius people like to live independently as they do not like to live in relationship. They have good control on their emotions. They can also be straight while pointing your mistakes. Aquarius people also like going on long trips and camping.

Cancer and Aquarius relationship:

Aquarius people believe in practicality and may also find cancer trying to do the same. But cancer would often suffer from moodiness and thus can confuse simple Aquarius person. They also have tendency to maintain silences in their lives. They would not easily open in front of Aquarius person as they take some time to settle down first. At the same time Aquarius understands the insecurities shown by Cancer person and tries to make them comfortable with them. They both should take some time off from their regular activities and spend some time alone to understand one another.

Cancer and Aquarius both can have some rough time dealing with one another. Aquarius has curious nature who tries to understand Cancer person more and more but Cancer people do not like their interfering nature. Aquarius who makes the firm decisions would not like Cancer’s nature of changing their minds too frequently. Cancer and Aquarius may also show competition to one another as they both are of independent nature. When winning gets difficult Cancer may use flattery to win over Aquarius but they show firm nature due to this cancer fails this time. Surprisingly, Aquarius person takes the retreat when they see Cancer person looking for desperate win.

Cancer and Aquarius relationship is not so difficult all the time. Being friends, sibling or relatives can be fun as they both show witty and caring nature. They share friendly relationship among each other. If they want to start business then it should be related to their intelligence level then only they can give better performance. Aquarius is not good with money and can lose it in experimenting. Though they can make good friends, they fail to have romantic relationship between them. It is difficult for Cancer and Aquarius to sustain their marriage unless good amount of closeness is created. Cancer can become caring parent while Aquarius maintains the friendly nature with their children too..

Cancer and Aquarius

Though there are differences between Cancer and Aquarius, there can be some soothing experiences for both of them if they try to co operate each other. Cancer generally have tendency to take deep dive into their past which makes them feel sad. Aquarius can help them to come back to reality by consoling them. Normally, Aquarius people are self-centered but Cancer and Aquarius can really help nourish this relationship by showing little attention at Cancer people. Cancer should not irritate Aquarius person as they don’t like to be questioned by anyone. Even Aquarius who lives in reality can also show dreamy nature sometimes. Cancer can help them by showing correct path.


Cancer and Pisces both have very appreciable bond between them. They both match with each other pretty good. Together they can make fulfilling relationship with each other. They can be seen sharing lots of affection with one another. Since they have similar expectations from their relationships they seem to have found good partners in themselves.

Cancer personality:

Cancer people can be seen in different moods every time. They would often start dreaming their fantasies or get pullover by their past memories. They are gifted with good imagination power. They also show strong will power which generally helps them to achieve their dreams easily. They are friendly in nature and talk with politeness. They also show good amount of patience in critical moments. They have ability to adjust in any circumstances thus they make peace in most of the relationship. They can also be demanding sometimes, looking to control things around them. They also tend to seek perfection while working in group. Cancer people are loyal and give respect to all the people they work with but they would also need them to give respect back. They are good at earning and storing money. They may have lots of secrets hidden from other people. They may have some fears but they usually hide them from others.

Pisces personality:

Pisces people are friendly and king hearted. They make good friends due to their good virtues. They are extremely calm and simple human beings. They show keenness in listening to people. They have caring nature which makes them keep their relationships intact. Pisces also have ability to adjust with other people and their views. They are always ready to help people. They are also optimistic in nature. They have mind which dreams continually but often fails to act on it. They may become successful artist as they have interest for arts like music or drama etc. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to understand Pisces because they lack stability. They show dual natures. They can be expensive sometimes. They are generally restless and keep moving in their life. They do not like anyone popping their lives and similarly they are not interested in knowing the lives of other people. Pisces people like to spend quality time with their family members.

Cancer and Pisces relationship:

Cancer and Pisces form rewarding relationship with one another. There is good understanding between those two. Pisces person can accurately find when and where cancer can show their moodiness. Pisces people have tendency to help others but they can also get troubled with lots of people coming to them with their problems. In such conditions, Pisces may have to keep their dream aside and complete their duty. Pisces doesn’t dream of getting rich. Their spiritual mind think money corrupts the good minds of people. Hence they only keep as much amount to themselves which is required. Cancer people are just opposite of them. They would like to be successful and their success means only money. They store money so that they can have secure future ahead. Cancer person is more of family guy and like to stay around their home while Pisces would like to discover new places and meet new people.

Cancer and Pisces have lots of thinks common between them. They both are polite while communicating with people. They show creative and imaginary mind. They both have ability to help people and understand their pain. They have tendency to adjust according to the situations. Like Cancer, Pisces also show interest in arts. They both help each other to improve their personality by showing enough respect and love.

Cancer and Pisces have nice and lovely relationship with one another. Friends or siblings show lots of affection to each other. Cancer and Pisces are ready to compromise for each other. Co-workers can share helping nature with one another. Cancer and Pisces can be close relatives who wish good luck for each other. With cancer in leading role and Pisces providing good support, Cancer and Pisces can succeed in any business. They can be most romantic couple around. As parents they would provide good security and caring to their children.

Cancer and Pisces

There are minor and basic problems in thus relationship. Cancer people who are naturally possessive about their lovers can feel jealous due to Pisces’s nature of mixing with other people. Generally Pisces people are outgoing and friendly while Cancer likes to stay at home. Cancer and Pisces can make them feel lonely and abandoned. Cancer can make Pisces feel confusing due to their moody nature. Money also means a lot for Cancer while Pisces doesn’t care if they have it or not. All of these problems can be solve immediately with understanding shared by both of them.