All About Taurus

APRIL 21 - MAY 21

Taurus is ruled by the planet of love Venus which controls the emotional attachment of an individual with particular zodiac sign. Venus is also responsible for good social and financial life. According to this planet person may have love, money, power or just nothing in his life. Taurus has great physical strength which he uses for completing any tough work. They are destined to have financially good conditions. Taurus people believe in action and they are reliable. They always choose to be in a comfort zone and refuse to embrace the change.


Sign ruler: Venus
Fall: none
Exaltation: Moon
Detriment: Mars
Zodiac Element: Earth
Zodiac Quality : Builder
Day: Friday
Color : green, orange , yellow
Flowers: violet and poppy
Metal: copper
Lucky numbers: 6 and 4
Lucky Gemstone: Emerald ,Diamond, Zircon, white coral and Sapphires

Positive points

Taurus people are caring and loving. They have lots have patience, will power and tolerance. Taurus people are simple in nature and they never try to judge people. They are charming and interesting people. Thus other people also like to be around them. Taurus people are good hosts and welcome their guests with warm greetings. They are hard working and it takes pretty much time to reach towards the goal. With their good attributes they earn reputation and money. Though they are slow in nature and stubborn, they stick to same work unless it is finished. They are the most stable and consistent zodiac sign among the all. They are not creative but they like to learn new things and improve on it. They have natural talent of re-creating long lasting things. Taurus people are also good with handling money. They believe in earning the money and storing it for future needs.

Negative points

Powerful and determinant Taurus can also be over-possessive sometimes. They unnecessarily take burden of their work and are slow in solving or understanding a problem. They show resistance to any change around them and this can make their partner annoying. Though they possess a humor they can be boring sometimes. Any creative zodiac sign can predict their behavior. Taurus people are also lazy in nature. The calm looking Taurus can also be very destructive and angry if anyone tries to test their patience.


Best matches:

Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn

Incompatible signs:

Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini


Taurus people spend more time with their old friend and are consistent with them rather than searching for new friends. It seems that they are uncomfortable with new people as they can’t trust them. Due to such nature they can become lonely if they have moved to new places. Their reliable nature and honesty makes them popular and trusted among their friends. Taurus person is always there for helping his friends. If he can’t help you, then he would give you honest answer rather than keeping you waiting for his reply. Taurus people often look for such a friend who has common interests as them.


Taurus people are very charming, loving and charismatic individuals. They keep lots of passion about their partner and are good in love making. Due to lack of trust and possessiveness they tend to test their partner before committing to them. Once they find their partner worthy of their love then they commit to them and become very loyal and faithful to them. Taurus people are in constant need of love, support and security to live; they gain confidence and respect from it.
When Taurus person is about to marry, he makes sure he has proper job and financially good position in order to keep his partner happy. They often get succeed in their professional life. At time goes by Taurus people gets possessive about their partners especially man, as he things that she is not taking interests in him! Actually she is busy in taking care of children and could not give time to him. Taurus people are supportive and disciplined but sometimes they fail to teach their own attribute to their children. Their children can get spoiled due to lack of control on them. Thus, Taurus people should have better communication with their children too.

Professional life

Taurus people are totally dedicated to their professional life. They never leave their work incomplete. Due to their reliable and trustworthy nature they would always be working with their seniors or at higher post in their professional life. They can be successful businessman as well. They know how to maintain the economy. They would themselves work hard to bring their organisation up rather than relying on others. They can also make their carriers in other streams like teaching, medical or in music. They avoid spending unnecessary money.

How to Attract

A Taurus person prefers a trustworthy person whom he can rely on and spend more time. If you want to get closer to the Taurus person then you must win their confidence and trust. Taurus needs a person to care for him and provide love and security to him. They are often not sure about their decision so one must assure them that they are doing just fine and support them. Taurus people don’t like fake or manipulative person, so please avoid it or you will have to face wrath of the bull. Be as natural and romantic as you can and you would win their heart.

Famous cancer people

William Shakespeare, William Lilly, Karl Marx, Harry Truman, Rudolph Valentino, Elizabeth II, Carol Burnett, Jessica Alba, Enrique Iglesias, Uma Therman, David Beckham, George Clooney ,Jet Li, Pierce Brosnan, Robert Pattinson and Carmen Electra

Cultural Translations

French: Taureau
Portugual: Touro
Italian: toro
German: stier
Arabic: Al Thaur
Spanish: Tauro
Syrian: Taurã
Turkish: Ughuz
Hebrew: Shõr
Swedish: Oxen
Indonesian: Altur
Hindu : Vrushabha

Word of advice

Though Taurus people are good in decision making they should also consider listening to other’s thoughts also, it can be useful too.