All About Scorpio


Scorpio people are known for their determination and will to achieve their goals. They can survive even in the extreme conditions. Due to their strong will power they are always able to succeed in their life. They have natural talent of research. They are independent and rather not like to get mixed with other people quickly. They live in their own space, so that they don’t have to worry about anyone else. Once they start working on a particular subject they will only stop when they have got the result and satisfaction with it. They are positive in nature despite of any problem in their life. They also posses great strength and can resist other types of zodiac signs. Their secretive nature attracts other people. They are also good lover and have desperate desires for making love.


Zodiac Element: water
Zodiac Quality: Fixed
Sign ruler: Pluto
Detriment: Venus
Exaltation: Uranus
Fall: Moon
Lucky day: Tuesday
Lucky color: Red
Lucky numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90
Lucky gemstones: Bloodstone and Topaz

Positive points

Scorpio person is kind in nature. They don’t like to interfere with others and are always merged into their own work. They are genius and have curiosity for learning new things. Despite having poisonous stinger, Scorpios are not aggressive and short tempered, they like to work normal. They have good reasoning ability. They are hard working individuals along with intelligence. They have strange source of energy which can be used for good and also for evil. They are intuitive and have capability to rise back if fallen due to some reason. They are proud and capable of doing anything. Due to their secretive, self-oriented and winning attitude, they are either liked by other people or they are jealous of them.

Negative points

They are always investigating something, which also increases the possessiveness inside them. This possessiveness can keep make them stressful. Even if they are done with specific problem they still keep thinking about it more and more. If this continues then they won’t be able to concentrate on their personal life. Another thing about Scorpio people is that they get jealous quickly. They don’t like other people keeping secrets from them. They want to know about it, which again leads them into suspecting them. They should learn to let things go and only concentrate on the things which are important to them. They can also get jealous just by watching their partner talking with opposite sex or if their partner simply brags about their success.


Best matches:
Cancer, Virgo and Pisces

Worst matches:
Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius


Scorpios are really good in friendship. They will often plan a gathering with all the friends and have fun together. They live their life to the extent with their friends. They enjoy doing several activities together. They make good friends and life-long friendship; they will never let each other get bored of anything. Scorpio people share all the things with their friends and expect the same from them.


Scorpio also describes the great urge of love making. They are the most sensual among all the signs. They would work hard to maintain the relationship. They are often seen proving their love to their partners. They can sometimes scare their partner with load of emotions thus they need to control their sexual drive then they can have good life with their partner. They can be good parents as they would themselves teach their children all about the good manners in a kind way. Scorpio people educate their children well. Often their children posses the same characteristics as them and become clever and independent.

Professional life

With their ability to forecast things and good judgmental nature they can be successful business man. Even in the professional life they want challenges to occur or they will not feel its right kind of job for them. They are loyal towards the work and expect same from others. They would have total support and respect from their co-workers and staff. Their expert mind always keeps track of the problems they had in past and the one which can resurface back. They know how and where to use their power in efficient manner.

They can become scientist, doctor or researcher. They should work in an environment where they are in leading or controlling position. They would become successful business man due to ability of taking wise decisions. They would usually keep their ideas and ethics secret so that no other can know it and give them competition.

How to Attract

Scorpio seeks a partner who has common characteristics as them. They don’t like weak person. They prefer their partner to be highly active and creative and energetic. They don’t like phony people so don’t lie to them. Give them attention they seek and listen to them. Never ever try to hide anything from them as they are quick to identify it. They like honest person so speak out your thoughts to them. Scorpion people don’t like other people telling them what to do, so don’t do that. Don’t try to prove them wrong as they would not like it.

Famous cancer people

Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, Wayne Rooney, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Julia Roberts, Laura Bush, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Johnny Lee Miller, Prince Charles Of Wales, Demi Moore, Pablo Picasso, Aishwarya Rai

Cultural Translations

French: Scorpion
Portuguese : Escorpião
German: Skorpion
Italian: Scorpione
Spanish: Escorpión
Turkish: Akrep burcu
Swedish: Scorpio
Indonesian: Scorpius
Hindu: Vrushchika

Word of advice

You should not give more preference to the work than family. Take care of your health. Let your partner know your insecurities and weakness. It will make your life better. Keep your professional life away from your personal life.