All About Sagittarius


Sagittarius people are positive and confident in nature. They are independent, courageous and risk taker. They like to take challenges and they are practical in nature. They can be greedy in certain situations. Even after achieving their desires they tend to run after more. They are never satisfied with what they have.They are kind person; they usually learn from their mistakes. They are attentive to other people and believe in helping the helpless. They are honest. Sagittarius people can have trouble with moody nature. They go for traveling whenever possible. They like following rituals and spirituality. They are blessed with good intellectual power hence they are also better decision maker.


Zodiac Element: fire
Zodiac Quality: Mutable
Sign ruler: Jupiter
Detriment : Mercury
Exaltation : None
Fall : None
Lucky day: Thursday
Lucky color : dark blue and purple
Lucky numbers: 7 and 5
Lucky gemstones: Topaz
Lucky metal: Tin

Positive points

Sagittarius people are curious and creative in nature. They are good communicator. Sagittarius people are talkative in nature and won’t mind speaking their opinion about the person. Such a straight forwardness can make others feel harsh but their intention is clear and they are just expressing their opinion .They are helpful in nature. They have good humor which can help them make an impression on other people.

Negative points

Sagittarius people want their friends to be active just like them, which is not possible all the time. They often try to give advices to other people, which can irritate them as they already know what to do. Their ego and lack of trust on other people do not allow them to express their feelings to friends. This can lead them to depression and stress. Though they have good humor, they can be irritating sometimes. In order to make you happy they tend to overdo things which can be annoying to others. They do not really mean this but it happens in their innocence. They are not stable. Sagittarius people can be outspoken and irresponsible.


Best matches:
Gemini and Aries

In-compatible matches:
Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn


Sagittarius people are energetic and have good humor. They can make anyone laugh. They would inspire their friends to do things passionately. They make good friends which are also loyal to them. Even if they had arguments with friends, their intentions are clear so that nobody remains angry on him. They are straightforward while expressing their views. Friends of the Sagittarius will frequently get a dose of Do’s and Don’ts. They want their friends to be always active. They always cheer for their friends.


Sagittarius person fall in love easily but followed by the feeling of uncertainty. This happens because they like their freedom so much that when it comes to share their time to someone else, they feel uneasy with them. After sometime the person of opposite sex feels that Sagittarius person do not have any feeling for them and they move on. Sagittarius person will learn a lesson once they suffer from heart break.

Sagittarius person seek trustworthy partner with whom they can share their personal thoughts. They would love to go for long journey with their lovers. They can always keep their partner happy and smiling with their humor. Sagittarius person succeed to maintain the relationship as far as there is an attraction from both the side. They are in need of having physical relationship with their partner. If they do not get response from their partner then there is a possibility of them breaking the relationship

Professional life

Sagittarius person has a ability to work hard at the same time they are innovative. They can be very handful in a working environment. They can quickly generate number of ideas for solving the problem. They are good at what they do and don’t like anyone poking their nose into their work. They are often favorites among the senior co-workers for their work. They would help anyone quickly. They can simplify any complex situation with their intelligence. They can have several carrier paths like teaching, communication sales etc.

How to Attract

You can easily attract Sagittarius people towards you; you just have to keep your emotions away and enjoy their company. They are adventurous so take them for outdoor activities. Ask them about their adventures, make them laugh and keep them happy. They will get attracted to you. They are likely to commit in a relationship, so be prepared for it.

Famous cancer people

Walt Disney, Bruce Lee, Brad Pitt, Akbar, John Milton, Ludwig von Beethoven, Winston Churchill , Steven Spielberg, John F. Kennedy Jr., Sri Sathya Sai Baba , Carl Benz

Cultural Translations

French: Sagittaire
Portuguese: Sagitário
Italian: Sagittario
Arabic: al-qaws
Spanish: Sagitario
Turkish: Yay
Hebrew: Kashat
Swedish: Skytten
Greek: Toxotis
Hindu: Dhanu

Word of advice

A Sagittarius person has tendency of taking unnecessary risks which can cause them physical damage . Due to unstable nature, they get bored easily. So they need to work on it.