All About Pisces


Pisces people are kind hearted and nice individuals. They are more sensitive to other people’s feelings and don’t want to hurt them. They always seek to solve other’s problems. They are not at all aggressive so they get well with all the people around them. They have ability to adjust themselves according to the surroundings and person. They have lots of positive energy stored in them. They usually get addicted to wrong habits and find it difficult to get rid of them. They would need good support from closed people. Pisces are of sensitive nature and fall in love easily. They sometimes show duality in their nature. They like traveling to the interesting places around the world.


Zodiac Element : Water
Zodiac Quality : Mutable
Sign ruler : Neptune
Detriment : Mercury
Exaltation : Venus
Fall : Mercury
Lucky day: Friday
Lucky color: Sea green
Lucky numbers: 1, 3, 4 and 9
Lucky flowers : Water Lily
Lucky gemstones: Moonstone, Cat’s eye
Lucky metal: Platinum

Positive points

Pisces people are naturally imaginative. They like to live in their world of dreams though it looks childish. With the help of their talent they can become successful artist. They believe in spirituality and charity work. They can easily feel other people’s pain and rush to help them. They are even ready to compromise their own desires to complete others’ goal. They are family oriented people. They have good understanding due to which they can avoid any trouble between people. They have good communication skills. They can keep other people engaged talking to them.

Negative points

Pisces have tendency of running after the people having problems. They often try to solve those problems and get lost in it. They keep low priority for their own problems. They lack self- confidence and self-esteem. They are dependent on others for making any decision. They show duality in their nature and they often fail to resort to final decision. They are not stable minded. They are not ideal person for business. They lack practicality and responsibility. Anyone can manipulate Pisces people easily as they start trusting people immediately.


Best matches:
Virgo, Cancer and Scorpio

In-compatible  matches:
Aries, Gemini and Leo


Pisces people are willing to do anything for their friends. They are keen to know about their friend’s problem and give solution on it. They never leave their friends alone and always cheer them. Pisces are honest, happy and caring in nature, hence they also have followers in life. They should take care while choosing correct friend as there can be people trying to take advantage of their helping nature. Pisces always need someone’s support to make a move as they are not sure of themselves. This happens due to duality in nature.


Pisces are very emotional, sensitive and passionate lover. They are very expressive about love and emotions. People with opposite sex can get attracted to this  nature of Pisces. Sometimes, they can be careless and fall easily in love with people. This can lead them in more than one relationship. It is advisory to control their emotions. If any Pisces person is trying to get married then he should make it clear that he is taking it seriously and not like his previous relations. After marriage, Pisces people tend to lose their own identity in order to complete their partner’s desires. You must not forget yourself and your needs. Show only dedication which is required.

Pisces people seek partner who is dominant in nature and can always support them. They are good parents and provide good education to their children.

Professional life

Pisces are born with artistic talent. They can make their carrier in arts, music etc. They are not responsible person hence they prefer to work under some authority or alone. As they are caring and like to help others they can become doctor or secretary. with their creativity they can become painters or architects. They can also become good detective or a police officer as they are intuitive in nature.

Though they are known for making sacrifices, they would leave all the things behind including family if they get a job of their interest. They tend to devote their life to their work sometimes, in such a condition. They would also work without considering the pay or at little pay.

How to Attract

To attract the Pisces people you should be able to think like them. They are intellectual and have ability of thinking the unreal things. They are talkative so feel free to open your thoughts and emotions to them, they like it. Listen to their thoughts and admire them. They really seek appreciation for their creativity. Don’t let them get involved in your problems; they are not good at solving it. They like adventurous things and social events, so if possible then take them out. They will get attracted to you if you have ability to make them laugh.

Famous cancer people

Nicolaus Copernicus,Albert Einstein, George Washington,Elizabeth Barrett Browning,Sir Richard Burton,Rudolph Steiner,Vaslav Nijinsky, Alexander Graham Bell,Jackie Gleason , Rupert Murdoch, Edward M. Kennedy, Bruce Willis, Drew Barrymore, Jon Bon Jovi, Chelsea Clinton

Cultural Translations

French: Poissons
Portuguese: Peixes
Italian: Pesci
Arabic: al-Huut
Spanish: Piscis
Serbian : Ribe
Turkish: Balık
Hebrew: Pisces
Swedish: Fiskarna
Greek: ihthis
Czech: Ryby
Latin: Pisces
Hindu: Meena

Word of advice

Pisces can easily get addicted to the drugs or other bad habits, after getting hurt. If you have any problem then, you should take advice of your closed friends or relatives but avoid this way.

You are likely to suffer from physical disorders, insomnia or anemia. You should have daily exercise, eat healthy food and live in sunny and dry climate.

Your too much love can spoil your children. Teach them good discipline otherwise your children would not take their life seriously.