All About Gemini

MAY 22 - JUNE 21

Gemini people are restless and they are expert in adapting to the changing environments. They like to explore new places and are social in nature. Since they represent “Air” they also show unstable nature like air. They are creative but at the same time they are also curious to check for new ideas from other people. This increases the communication with other people and help building up social ethics also. They are talkative, sharp and intellectual people.


Sign ruler : Mercury
Zodiac Quality : Mutable
Zodiac Element : Air
Detriment : Jupiter
Fall : None
Exaltation : None
Day : Wednesday
Color : Yellow, Orange and Lemon
Flowers : Lily, Lavender
Metal : Mercury.
Lucky number : 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50.
Lucky gemstone: Emerald, Agate, Pearl and Topaz.

Positive points

Gemini person is always looking to learn new things. They are real quick in learning new things; hence Gemini people are multi-talented. They prefer reading books or any material that can increase their level of knowledge. Gemini is social hence accumulate lots of friends. They are normally funny and people like them for this quality. They can be seen mimicking in family or public gatherings. They like to go out and meet new people. Gemini people are helpful to others. They never compare people with others and accept as they are. They can be good salesperson as they are good liar also. With the help of good communication skills they can earn success in business of media and communications. They can also become good fictional story writer.

Negative points

Gemini people are of dual nature and are never consistent with particular aspect. They are not reliable. They are innovative but often lose money while in the process of experiment. They are moody and may lose interest quickly after starting new work. They can find themselves in a problem with business partner due to unreliability and inconsistency. They are bad at decision making and often have two opinions for single problems. They are unpredictable in a debate as they can talk about either side of it. They are only good at bragging but never really follow what they say. They are also called fake because of their boasting and manipulative nature.


Best matches:

Libra , Aquarius and Leo

In-compatible matches:
Taurus, Cancer and Pisces


Gemini people are social and have several groups of friends. They can easily make new friends and people also accept them easily due to interesting nature of Gemini. These groups are according to their changing intellectual styles and they often use it to learn new things from those friends. They have good humor and can entertain people.


Gemini is a good lover and keeps excitement in relation. Gemini people look for someone who is intellectual, loving and one who can cop-up with their talkative nature. Gemini prefers variety in their work and same can be the case for their love life. They tend to involve in more than one relationship at a time. Gemini people want their partner to always keep them excited or else they can  go in search of other person. If they don’t control themselves then there can be the chance of separation between couple. A person should be innovative and dominant in nature, in order to keep the Gemini person in control because Gemini are flexible and can be molded easily.

Professional life

Gemini people are creative but they don’t have ability to convert those ideas into actions. They need some input from other people to work upon. They are not reliable and can be phony at a time. Other people approach Gemini person to get their ideas on particular subject. Gemini people know how to use their communication skills. They make their carriers in researches or teaching. Gemini person can handle any amount of a people. Their logical personality can lead them to be scientist. They can also be a poet or a writer. They like to take risks; they are also not afraid of doing dangerous things so they can join the national force.

How to Attract

You must know how to talk because that will make you noticeable to Gemini. Keep good Knowledge about your surroundings because, Gemini likes to gather information about new things. If you have detailed knowledge about certain things then feel free to tell them as they will definitely get fascinated by this. Though they like to know all the things, they don’t learn it in detail and often abandon that subject due to lack of interest. Just be normal, honest and loyal to them as once they lost their faith in you they won’t come back to you. Gemini people easily get involved in a relationship and expect excitement from their partner.

Famous cancer people

Queen Victoria, Nargis , Sunil Dutt , Ian Fleming, Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie Nicole Kidman Anna Kournikova, Johnny Depp, Paula Abdul, Kylie Minogue, John Kennedy, Barbara Bush, George Bush, Heidi Klum, Lenny Kravitz, Raj Thackeray and Lalu Prasad Yadav

Cultural Translations

French: Gémeaux
Portuguese: Gêmeos
Italian: Gemelli
German: Zwillinge
Arabic: Al Tau’amãn
Spanish: Géminis
Hebrew: Teõmïm
Greek: Dioscuri
Hindu: Mithuna

Word of advice

Gemini people are nervous in doing anything by themselves and look for other people’s advice. They are naturally talented and creative hence they should believe and follow their instincts. Try to be consistent with your decision.