All About Capricorn


For Capricorn person sky is the limit. They want to achieve great success and for that they have build themselves to work hard. They are independent in life and are confident about what they do. They are realistic and are always indulged in some sort of activity. They are of serious nature and generally self oriented people. If given an opportunity, they would like to lead others. They have business-man’s approach for almost everything and can become a successful one. They strive for fame and money.


Zodiac Element: Earth
Zodiac Quality: Cardinal
Sign ruler : Saturn
Detriment : Moon
Exaltation : Mars
Fall : Jupiter
Lucky day : Saturday
Lucky color: Purple, Brown, grey and black.
Lucky numbers: 2 and 8
Lucky gemstones: Amber, Onyx and Dark Sapphire.
Lucky metal: Lead, silver
Lucky flowers: Ivy, Pansy.

Positive points

First of all Capricorn people are ambitious, confident and hard working in nature. They know only way to achieve the success, is to work hard. They have keen interest in obtaining new knowledge, they have very good memory. They are also creative in nature and know how to use it in their life. Capricorn people can show responsibility and reliability to complete a assigned task. Their first preference would always be family, but they give more importance to their work. Capricorn’s another important aspect would be their discipline and loyalty.

Negative points

They can be stubborn sometimes. They get depressed easily and its effects can be seen on their co-workers. They lack self confidence. They need someone to cheer for them. They can be mean and bossy after achieving the higher post. They would use any path to climb up the ladder of success. They have humor but would often bore people with inappropriate way. They tend to lecture other people about life and how to survive in it.


Best matches:
Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio and Capricorn

Incompatible matches:
Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini and Aries


Capricorn people’s friendship lasts for the life time. They are really loyal to their friends and would help them achieve their goals too. They don’t just work hard for themselves but also inspire others. They don’t need regular interactions to keep the friendship alive. They can just start communication with people who have just met them. They just need an interesting person to talk. This ability makes them popular among the groups of friends. They often share their happiness with friends and celebrate it.


Capricorn person is a passionate lover and keep good relations with opposite sex.
Capricorn people want to indulge in a love relationship but they do not feel comfortable in it. They often hold their emotions and fail to respect their partner . They fail to convert those good relationships into a love relationships. Most of the times people of the opposite sex thinks that Capricorn are taking their relation too lightly and hence they leave them. Capricorn people are also choosy while selecting a one. If they choose a particular mate for them then they would probably marry them for life.

The problem with them is they consider their work more seriously than their relationship. They also fail to give respect to their partner.

Professional life

They would love to work in such conditions where they can have control on others. They can’t work under other’s authority. They are ready to compromise and take a risk for their work. You can say that they are committed to their work. They can become a good manager, principle and financer. They can use their communication skills for their carrier like sales, broker and advisor. If they are business man then they have tendency to work on multiple projects simultaneously.  Capricorn people can also make their carrier in arts, because they have ability to become an artist. They would need support from their family in order to succeed in it.

How to Attract

Though Capricorn looks strong and tough from outside but they are soft and emotional from inside. Be patient while dealing with them. They would not open to you immediately; you will have to win their respect and love. Try to make them laugh, talk on sensitive issues and keep it simple while talking to them. If you are going out on date then be there on right time as they are very punctual. With time they will open the path of heart for you. They will show you their loyalty and passion for love at right time.

Famous cancer people

Martin Luther King, Mohammed Ali Sir Isaac Newton, Mel Gibson , Benjamin Franklin , Bradley Cooper ,Tiger Woods, Joseph Stalin, Howard Hughes, Richard Nixon, Jim Carrey.

Cultural Translations

French: Capricorne
Latin : Capricornus
Czech : Kozoroh
Portuguese: Capricórnio
Italian: Capricorno
German: Steinbock
Arabic: al-jadi
Russian : Козерог
Spanish: Capricornio
Turkish: Oğlak
Hebrew: gdi
Hungarian: Bak
Swedish: Stenbocken
Serbian : Jarac
Greek: Aegokeros

Syrian: Gadjo

Hindu: Makar

Word of advice

Capricorn people should have some self confidence while making any decision, otherwise there is no use of having innovative mind. In future, you can suffer from knee injuries. Don’t try to dominate others so much that it will make you feel bad later.