Zodiac sign roles : Scorpio


As a Mother

Amongst all the sun signs in the zodiac, Scorpio moms are the most honest and straightforward moms you will ever find. They are in-your face moms who will never hesitate once to criticize you if you are doing something wrong as a child. These moms are very intense and powerful not only in their nature but also in their parenting skills.  These moms are very strict in nature but will also create a very beautiful space and environment for their children. These moms are extremely worried about their child’s overall development and you will always find her pushing and encouraging her child to do new things and join those extra-curricular activities.

These mothers are also doting mothers and their top most priority is their parenting and raising their kids. These mothers are very hard-working in nature and will always try to inculcate the value and importance of money unlike Scorpio fathers who will spoil their children by fulfilling their every wishes. For them being a mom is a blessing and they will forget everything be it their rocking career or anything else and just focus on raising their kids. These mothers are very much concerned about their daughter’s whereabouts all the time and they have a huge soft corner for their sons unlike Scorpio fathers who have for their daughters.

One trait about them is they are control freak and sooner or later their child has to accept it. They have their set guidelines and principles which their child has to follow. These moms want to know everything what their child has been up to, they expect their child to report everything about them and sometimes this could affect their child’s freedom or independence.

As a father

Scorpio fathers are excellent parents who will be very friendly and protective of their child. Scorpio has natural traits of being a good lover, caring and being possessive. Hence it is but natural that these traits will show up in their parenting too. They are very cool with both their sons and daughters. While you will see a Scorpio father having a drink with his son and discussing things about life, you may also find Scorpio father to be the best friend of their daughter, where their daughter will share everything with their dads.

These fathers are the most sensitive towards their daughters and they will never even raise their voice against their daughters.They love their daughters so much that they will try to fulfill even their wildest wishes. Even though they are very possessive and soft towards both their children but they will see to it that they will always have a strict persona against their children. Since Scorpio is a sun sign which naturally are not very expressive in showing their love, the same thing happens in their parenting too when sometimes they cannot show their love and fondness which they have to their children and as a result their children may start to drift away from them.

Scorpio sun signs are known as givers and these fathers have a king size heart, they will spoil their children with almost every wishes which their child wants. Overall these fathers are like coconut, tough from outside and soft from inside and always wish that their child excels in whatever he/she does.

As a child

The natural and basic traits of a Scorpio child is their intense nature, deep lovers and generally secretive and a little bit unexpressive. Hence a Scorpio child will be no different from the above traits and in fact you will start noticing from the beginning their intense nature from childhood. These kids are also very secretive in nature and they tend to hide things a lot from people. They are also very unexpressive. Hence to raise such kids their parents has to create a friendly and comfortable environment where their children could easily share with them.

Scorpio kids have a tendency to go off-track if their parents are very strict and are not able to give them enough attention. These kids are very mysterious in nature too, where their parents may not be able to make out what their child is thinking right now. They are also good at making friends and they are those types of people who will give their all in the friendship and expect the same in return. They make either have friends who are very close and thick buddies with whom they have an emotional connect or have no friends at all. But they can also be those kinds of friends, where once you have a fight they would never want to patch up or talk to you again.They are also very passionate in nature and once they like something, they will learn it with intense passion and master it. It is because of their intense nature and perfectionist traits, they tend to excel in studies a lot.

These kids are very tough to please and expect the same amount of love and affection from people whom they are giving. These kids are quite unique from other kids because of their serious nature and perfectionist trait right from the childhood and hence if their parents raise them in an environment where they can excel, these kids can become extremely successful human beings in future.

As a sibling

Scorpions are born with intense nature and personalities and they are quite secretive by nature. They are also quite moody by nature and sometimes you may have to bear the grunt or tantrums thrown by your Scorpion sibling. These siblings are also very secretive by nature and would never appreciate the fact that their brother or sister is interfering too much in their personal life. They like their own space and they also give that much space to their siblings.

They are also those kind of brothers or sisters who will immediately go up to their mom-dad and say what their sibling is upto if they find them doing something wrong or if they expose any secret of theirs unlike Aries or a Libra sibling with whom whom you can share your secrets. They also quickly get jealous and if they find that their sibling are getting more attention and love from their parents and their wishes are considerd more than theirs than be ready to have great fights without any reason with them. Then they will also find their own ways to trouble them and not let their demands or wishes get fulfilled.

One striking aspect which is observed in a Scorpion sibling is that if they have a youger sister, they are extremely possessive and protective of them. They love their younger sister more thantheir parents do and will always try to pamper her and make her smile. They won’t even trouble them, instead always comfort them. Similarly a younger scorpion sibling enjoys troubling their elder sibling and they get a kick out of it to make their lives a hell. But overall these are cute siblings with whom you won’y have as  much trouble growing up with them.