Zodiac sign roles : Sagittarius


As a Mother

Sagittarius people usually make cool and open-minded parents because of their naturally optimistic nature which gives them the courage and faith to raise their child. It is because of this positive nature of theirs that helps them to guide their children into right path in life. They have this strong ability to express and explain things in a very clear and accurate manner and this quality makes them good teachers and preachers too. These are the must have qualities in a parent which they possess in abundance. While Sagittarian fathers take their time to accept their new role of being a father and parenthood the Sagittarius mom will take the role of motherhood quite naturally and with efficiency. These moms also know how to balance their career and motherhood.

Sagittarius people also love travelling and hence you will always find a Sagittarius mom taking their kids to new getaways and picnic spots. These are also doting mothers and will always run behind their children to ensure that they are well fed. Most of the times, Sagittarius moms are very lenient and they will not mind giving their children ample amount of freedom and let them do whatever they want to do in life. These are the kind of mothers who will let their child do whatever they want and learn from their personal experiences and then decide in life what is wrong and what is right instead of giving them long lectures and forcing them to do things.

While a Sagittarius fathers are more possessive and inclined towards their daughters, the moms are more inclined towards their daughters and it is heard that Sagittarius moms do not get along well with their daughters as much as they get along with their sons. However as all mothers, all they want is well being of their child and see them become successful human beings in future.

As a father

Sagittarius fathers need some space and time to accept their new role of parenting and being a father and once they accept it they blend themselves completely in. Sagittarius fathers are those fathers who always keep a strict and strong persona towards their children. These fathers are extremely sensitive and possessive for their children and their ultimate objective in their life is to give them the best possible life which even they could not have. They raise their child with utmost sincerity and honesty and they will never ever falter in their responsibilities. These fathers know how to instill discipline in their child without being too strict or tough towards them and they also know how much freedom to give to their children so that they don’t feel dominated or controlled by their dads.

Sagittarius fathers expect a lot from their sons and they always expect their son to assume responsibilities while they will be very sensitive and possessive towards their daughters and they will spoil them by fulfilling every wish of theirs.  Sagittarius people are brutally honest and straightforward people, hence a Sagittarius father will be equally honest and straightforward in their parenting too and they will say whatever they have in their mind to their kids on the face instead of mingling words or hiding the feelings.

The only flaw in their parenting is their temper and uncontrolled anger which even their kids know but can’t help about. Overall these fathers are very responsible and possessive by nature and they will work hard towards giving their child a better future.

As a child

It is said and observed that Sagittarian kids will always keep their parents running behind them keeping them on their toes. These kids are just a delight to watch while growing up because of their naughty pranks and cuteness. These are adorable kids who will always bring a smile to your face and you will just melt forgetting what all things they have done so far to trouble you.

These kids are also very popular among their friends and peers and it is the best way to pick a Sagittarian child out of a bunch of kids. These kids are vivacious and exciting by nature and they will keep doing new things. They are also creative and at small age you will see them either trying to draw something on the book or dismantling your phone and than trying to attach it again. These kids are also highly optimistic bunch of kids and they spread their positive vibes everywhere. These kids always have a positive and open minded outlook towards their life. To raise such kids parents has to make sure they are giving their child enough attention and love because these kids demands their parents attention all the time. They will also require a lot of freedom and understanding from their parents in order to understand their goals and objectives in life.

These kids are no doubt a bundle of energy and you will always see them taking risks in life be it skipping the exam preparations before exams or doing stunts with their bikes or doing something berserk. It is this trait of their child where the parents has to keep a little attention and be a little firm as the child may get wayward and off-track if not stopped or guided. Overall these are adorable and energetic bunch of kids who are just a delight to watch when they are growing up.

As a sibling

Sagittarius siblings are the typical siblings you find in your neighborhood or while you are watching your daily soaps on TV. These siblings are very naughty and always busy doing something or another in the house. They will also fight a lot on small-small issues with their brothers or sisters and that’s why I termed them as the typical siblings. These siblings are just a roller-coaster ride while growing up with them. If they are the elder ones they will be quite dominating and controlling but at the same time they will be very caring and possessive for their younger siblings.

They will always ask the about their whereabouts and what they are upto and they will also be the first one to hit the people if they find someone troubling their younger sibling. As younger siblings this kids will always be up with new pranks and new tricks to trouble their elder siblings as they enjoy a lot troubling them. They will also go wherever their elder siblings are going. They are quick to complain their parents if their elder sibling is not taking enough care of them. They are also those very dramatic and would act in front of their parents to gain their more attention.

They are also bound to throw tantrums and fight a lot if they notice the parents are giving more love and attention to the other sibling. These siblings are but no dount fun to hang out with because of their energetic and active nature, you are asusured you won’t have a boring childhood with them. If they are the elder ones, not only will they be more responsible but also they will bear the tantrums of their younger siblings as they love them and feel its their responsibility to protect them.