Zodiac sign roles : Pisces


As a Mother

Pisces mothers are very calm and patient in nature. Their parenting style is also very understated in nature as compared to other zodiac signs. They are not strict by nature and generally very lenient towards their children. They are very caring and possessive for their children. Just like Pisces fathers, the Pisces mother also loves parenting and eagerly waits for a child to enter their life. As a result, they take their responsibility of motherhood very seriously and always strive hard to give their children the best possible values and education.One more good thing about Pisces mom is they have a very big heart and will always spoil their children with whatever they want.

They have a heart of gold and hence they will always give unconditional love towards their children. They will always cheer their kids and take pride in their child’s every achievement. Even when their child is doing something wrong, you will find them consoling and supporting them to not repeat the mistake again instead of being strict with them. Pisces moms are super sensitive and if they are hurt, they can become emotionally manipulative or also become a little aggressive. Overall these moms are very good and they will always be very creative in their parenting methods but they can also become over possessive and emotionally manipulative of they don’t get enough of love and attention from their kids in return.

As a father

Pisces are one of the most practical and straightforward people you will ever meet. They are intelligent and they are good at making decisions. Hence you will find a Pisces father to be extremely practical and straight-forward in their parenting. You will always find them working hard to fulfill the needs of their children. For them giving them the best education and values in life is their top most priority and they will do anything for that. They are not at all strict fathers and you will never see them raising their voice or their hands whatsoever.They are extremely sympathetic towards their daughters and they have a huge soft corner for them. They expect a lot from their sons, they will always expect their son to perform well.

These fathers love parenting and hence they take their responsibilities extremely serious. These fathers are very supportive towards their children and they will never try to dominate or control their child. This is the quality which their child will appreciate a lot in their fathers. They are less demanding and very patient in nature but that does not mean that their children should take them for granted. They can change their parenting style if they ever find their children taking undue advantage of them because of their soft and sensitive nature. But at the end of the day, Pisces fathers just like every parent are very attached towards their children and they are always worried about them and their future.

They are doting fathers to their sons and daughters. They are amongst the most practical, caring and patient dads amongst all the zodiac signs. Even though they are damn strict but all they want is the healthy-development of their children. They are also very sharp observers who will always keep a tab on their children even when their child feels that dad is not keeping attention on them.

As a child

Pisces child are one of the most observant and friendly signs in the zodiac. They are also very charming by nature, hence a Pisces child will always be very observant to all the things happening in their surroundings. Since they are observant, they will also quickly grasp things and understand it quickly. They are also good in academics because of their calculative and observant nature. Since they are naturally charming, you will also find them having lot of friends.

Since Pisces are extremely emotional and sensitive in nature, you will always find a Pisces child to be very sensitive and emotional in nature. They may get hurt easily and even the smallest things affect their minds. So their parent has to become very careful in their parenting that their child does not get hurt in any way.  These children are also very intelligent and when I say intelligent, mot like Gemini kids. They are intelligent in a different way. You will find your Pisces child sometimes very mature and practical while taking decisions. These kids are also very creative in nature and they like having freedom and liberty to do whatever they want to do. This kids likes to be a little aloof and they will not like the fact that their parents are not giving them enough space. Their parents should see to it, they are giving their Pisces child enough of freedom and liberty in life.

As a sibling

Pisces as a sun sign are naturally calm, very charming and practical minded people and its but natrual if you have a Pisces sibling they may all possess such qualities. Unlike the other sun signs where they get a kick or have fun fighting with their siblings, Pisces siblings don’t fight much with their brothers/sisters. They are casually cool and they mind their own business almost all the time. They give enough space to their siblings to do whatever they want to do and expect the same amount of space from their brothers or sisters.These are also those kind of brothers and sisters who possess an amazing sense of humor and you can always be making fun of others and laughing together as siblings.

These siblings are very good at conversations and they are effortless communicators so they will find it easy to put their point across their parents unlike their siblings. They also know how to make things work from them because of their convincing  skills.Pisces people are also very social by nature and you will always find your Pisces sibling bringing along their friends or partner at home and thus invading your space which may also irritate and trouble you during childhood.

When they are younger they can also be quite dramatic throwing tantrums and exaggerating things but they can also be the heart of the party and make your bachelor or bachelorette party wild and amazing with their social and party animal skills. As they grow older they bond well with their sibling and arguments and fights lessen up. They also start understanding the importance of giving space to each other. They will also become more responsible and protective as they mature and grow older towards their brothers or sisters. Overall these are a great bunch of siblings where you won’t have much trouble growing up with them together.