Zodiac sign roles : Libra


As a Mother

Libra mothers are those type of mothers who wants to be considered as the ultimate mom, she wants to be best at her parenting skills even if it means they have to be strict in their parenting.  The Libra mothers are totally different from Libra Fathers because one parent has to be strict and disciplined if other is too lenient. Libra mothers are doting mothers for whom their child is the sole purpose they live their life. For them, it is all about raising and developing them and trying to inculcate the best values and principles so that they become better human beings in their life. They are very concerned mothers who will always run behind their child, so that they are well fed and healthy. They are also very concerned about their education and academic progress. They will always encourage their child to join extra-curricular activities and always be a step ahead than other children. They feel extremely happy when their child outperforms. They are strict from outside but just like a Libra father, they are extremely soft and sensitive parents from inside. They are probably the best role models for their children because they lead with example and not just preach their children. They are probably hard working and even if they are a working parent they will take their time out and arrange their schedule for their children because their family and child is their first priority. No doubt, for them rules are rules and their children must strictly adhere to it. They will be very stern if they find their children disobeying their mom. They are the typical strict mothers which we see and we are afraid of, but all in all they are quite tender from inside and they always wish the best for their children.

As a father

Libra fathers are naturally enigmatic personalities and they flow with lots of energy and charm. They are also good communicators and leaders, so it is but natural that they will be great fathers. They like to give a lot of freedom to their children in fact freedom is one of the most important elements of their parenting.  These fathers are very considerate and sensitive towards their children and tend to forgive them very easily even if they commit mistakes again and again. But the most fascinating element about them is that even though they will try to be modern and behave in a manner which their child feels cool, they have this innate ability to inculcate good ethical values and manners without being strict or tough enough on their child. They are in general very caring, loving and generous fathers who are very protective of their kids. They will do anything to bring a smile on their child’s face. They will constantly strive hard to give their children the best possible education ever and also fulfill their children’s demands even though sometimes they may be absurd or out of the world. But, that’s what Libra fathers are all about, for them their children are the diamond of their eyes and they would do anything for them. They like to give their children great amount of freedom in their life and they would always encourage their child to take their own decisions. But that doesn’t mean the children can take advantage of their dad’s given freedom. They can also become strict if they come to know that their child is taking undue advantage of them. All in all they are very caring and possessive bunch of fathers amongst all the sun signs in the zodiac.

As a child

Libra child is highly notorious and beaming with energy, they are those children who will always be up to new pranks and mischieves, their parents will always be receiving complaints from their teachers and principals. They are also highly social in nature and they tend to make friends very easily. They have attractive and charismatic personalities which attracts a lot of people. These are also very intelligent people who are very good at academics. They also enjoy taking part in extra-curricular activities. They are also born leaders whom you will find leading all the social groups or fests in school or college. These are children who needs right guidance and liberty from their parents and they can go a long way. As a mother being stern with them isn’t going to work as much as being friendly with them because Libra kids are born leaders, and they don’t like someone dominating them, even if the ones who are dominating are their parents. One has to keep a lot of patience with a Libra child because they are intelligent but all they need is someone who can influence them and a friendly advisor who can push them to their limits. You will find a Libra child either good at sports or academics or leading one of the social parties or political groups at college or schools. He/she may also have lot of friends because their positive energy attracts a lot of people. No doubt, they are some-what tough to handle but they are also one of the most -wittiest bunch of kids where if they are pushed to their limits with the right parenting skills, they can prove to be very successful human beings in future. All in all they are enthusiastic and happy go lucky kids who are naughty as well as talented.

As a sibling

Libra is a sun sign who are born charismatic and energetic, they are cute and charming at the same time, so you are bound to have lots of fun with your Libra brother or sister. Libra siblings are quite similar to Aries siblings when it comes to having fun with them. You will enjoy every moment growing up with a Libra brother or a sister. These are the kind of siblings who will argue and fight a lot with their siblings not because they are right or they want to express something but only because they have fun doing so.

They cherish the siblinghood which they have and with these siblings you are bound to make a great team. They will find the weirdest reasons to just argue or debate with their siblings because they not only like that but it is also their way of showing love towards their sibllings. No dount they are fun to be with but they are also those types pf sibling who will open up your wardrobe and wear your clothes without even asking you. But thats because they thing it belongs to them and they fell they have a right to do so because of their blood relations.

They are not as competitive as  Aries or Taurus but that doesnt mean they are totally off it. If they dont get what they want or if they find out that their sibling is getting more attention and love than what he gets than be ready to see Libra siblings thrwoing tantrums on their parents and their brothers and sisters. They are also very exciting and charismatic by nature so you can also have a great party or a bash with your Libra sibling, infact the elder Libra siblings are found to be very generous and responsible towards their younger siblings.