Zodiac sign roles : Gemini

MAY 22 - JUNE 21

As a Mother

Gemini mothers are the quintessential caring and doting moms who will dedicate their entire lives towards their children. These mothers expect their child to excel in whatever they do. Since Gemini people are naturally intelligent and career oriented or academic in nature, they expect the same from their child, even if they are not Gemini. They will try to inculcate the best values and manners in their children. They are not at all strict in their parenting and they raise their children in a very friendly environment. Gemini mothers have a soft spot for their son unlike Gemini father who has soft spot for their daughters. They will try to fulfill almost every wish what their children demands for. Gemini mother also tends to take pride in their child’s academic performance and gives their academics the highest importance in parenting.  A Gemini mother is very soft hearted in nature and they are very attracted and possessive or we can say protective for their children.  She is the kind of mother who will give full freedom and liberty to her children to live life the way they want and never try to dominate or control them.  She is the kind of mother who will be totally devoted towards her children even if it means she has to take time from her busy life if she is a working mother, because at the end of the day, she works so hard for no one, but her children. An all-round progress of her children is a must for a Gemini mother and she will constantly strive hard towards achieving that goal. All in all Gemini mothers are very caring, modern and cool minded moms.

As a father

We all know Gemini people are very intelligent, mysterious and highly academic in nature, so it is but natural that the Gemini fathers are very different from the usual lot of fathers. They are usually highly educated in different fields and expect the same from their kids from the beginning. They are also strict in their parenting and they will always try to instill the value and importance of education and knowledge in their child’s life. They always tend to keep a tab on their children so that their child doesn’t lose focus or track in life. They are intelligent and hard working fathers for whom career and success means a lot. It may also happen that because of that nature of their father, the Gemini father may sometimes may not be able to keep the attention and care which is require on their children. These fathers have strict guidelines and rules which their child has to follow. But they are also the sweetest fathers. They are their daughter’s favorite and son’s best friend. Gemini fathers are not as strict towards their daughters. The children may not feel the generational gap with their father because he tries his best to understand their children’s life and demands and adjust accordingly. A Gemini father will also give a lot freedom to his children when it comes to making choices regarding what they want to pursue in life or what they want in life as general. The only drawback in a Gemini father is that he will always expect perfection and performance from his child even if it means he has to be stern and tough sometimes towards his children just because he is perfect in whatever he does. All in all Gemini accounts for sweetest and most caring fathers amongst all the sun signs in the zodiac.

As a child

Gemini children are born mysterious and intelligent because it is in their sun sign to be intelligent and mysterious. They like freedom and liberty and they will never like to stay confined in the same place. They are also witty bunch of kids and they will be the first students to raise their hands when teacher asks a question in the classroom. It will be tough for the parents to raise them because understanding them is very tougher and it is more tougher to know what’s going on in their mind. The best way to raise them is to give them freedom and liberty in what they want to do. The parents should also be a little bit friendly in nature if they want their child to share everything with them, because Gemini child does tend to become secretive and mysterious over a period of time.  These children are those types of kids who love their parents and also respect them a lot, but they will not appreciate if they find their parents interfering their life a lot. . The Gemini kids are also going to be a unique lot of children. These children are dreamers and always think more than the other children of their age. They are also good at academics and extra-curricular activities. They can be good leaders too. All they need is a role model who inspires and motivates them to do good things because these children can get easily influenced by someone. They tend to be very happy when they are given their own space in life because they like to make their own world and live happily in it. These children are also extremely intelligent when it comes to taking decisions in life. Hence to raise these children, parents need to support them in whatever they want to do because they are usually good at deciding what they want in life.

As a sibling

Gemini people are born with unmatched academic intelligence and calculative skills, so if you are lucky enough to have a Gemini sibling, assure yourself you won’t have any dounbts in your maths subject or if you are trying to learn physics, because your Gemini sibling will always be there explaining you with perfection. These are also those kind of brothers and sisters who possess a great sense of humor and you can always be making fun of others and laughing together as siblings. These sibllings are very good at talking and they are good communicators so they will find it easy to put their point across their parents unlike their siblings.

They also know how to make things work from them because of their skills. Gemini people are also very social and you will always find your Gemini sibling bringing along their friends or partner at home and thus invading your space. When theya re younger they can be quite dramatic throwing tantrums and exaggerating things but they can also be the heart of the party and make your bachelor or bachelorette party wild and amazing with their social and party animal skills. As they grow older they bond well with their sibling and arguments and fights lessen up. They also start understanding the importance of giving space to each other.

They will also become more responsible and protective as they mature and grow older towards their brothers or sisters.Overall these are fun and highly intelligent siblings which you have and they are laos those type of brothers and sisters who will hold you back and remind you to have some fun and chill sometimes if they find you upset or stressed.