Zodiac sign roles : Capricorn


As a Mother

Capricorn mothers are one of the most simple and caring moms who are very calm and they keep a lot of patience while raising their child. They value their role of being a mother very seriously and they will probably do their best to secure their kids future and their education. Capricorn is the sun sign which are known for sacrifices and the same she may do in her parenting.

A Capricorn mom will make a lot of sacrifices to raise their children in the best possible manner. These mothers appear to be strict from outside but in reality they are very sensitive and possessive for their children. She is the kind of mother who is very perfect and particular about your discipline and she would always expect her children to respect their elders and relatives.Capricorn people are silent observers and they are also good at planning and executing things in a swift manner, hence Capricorn women will do her best in planning their child’s future. She is usually a multi-tasker where you will find her doing many things at a time be it running the household, raising the kids and also making her own career if she has.

As a father

Well, we all do come across fathers who are extremely strict and you don’t even think once to utter a word against them. Be it your friend’s father, your strict grandfather, your girlfriend’s father or your father itself. Chances are maximum that these fathers are Capricorn fathers. They are the true examples of strict and old world style parenting. They are not the usual everyday cool dads who blend with their children in order to raise them. They have their strict rules and guidelines which their kid has to follow a lot. More over they are very protective and possessive for their daughters and they can do every possible thing for them just to see them smile.

They are amongst the most responsible, caring and practical dads amongst all the zodiac signs. Even though they are damn strict but all they want is the betterment of their children. They are also very silent observers who keep a tab on their children even when their child feels dad is not keeping attention on them. They are one of those fathers who can be very strict and even use their hands if their child has gone off-track. They are hard working fathers who will always makes their children realize importance and value of money and principles in life. They are always ready to sacrifice their own luxuries to give their child the best possible education ever.

As a child

Capricorn people are usually very social and outgoing and they are also very good communicators. Hence you will always see your Capricorn kid making new friends and always talking a lot. These kids are naturally popular and you will see the kids of same age flocking towards them. They are not as naughty as Libra or Aries but they are definitely up with a few pranks which others could not detect.Capricorn kids also love going outdoors and going to the parks or gardens because they like travelling and adventures a lot. They are also social in nature so they would always look for the company of other kids, be it playing in the park or studying in the classroom, for them a company is a must.

Capricorn is an athletic sign and they often rule the knees and hence you will always find them inclined towards sports be it football or cricket or any other sports, but he will be very good at it leading the team or being the top performer.  They are also good at music and they have a unique sense of music and they are usually good drummers and guitarists. Because of their outgoing and social nature they will also have lot of friends. Hence to raise a Capricorn kid, you need to give them adequate space and see where their inclinations are and then rightfully support them in their ambitions.

As a sibling

Amongst all the sun signs in the zodiac, Capricorn siblings are the most humble and loyal siblings you would ever come across. Be it the younger or the elder Capricorn sibling, they are found to be very possessive and over-protective of their brothers and sisters. The elder Capricorns are quiet and calm by nature and sometimes their siblings may misconstrue it as their Capricorn sibling is not loving or interested in their life, but that is not the fact because they are infact the most loving and protective siblings in the zodiac.

As the elder ones they will try their best to fulfill your wishes and bring a smile on your face, They are the protectors as the elder ones. They are very devoted and loyal towards their loved ones and their siblings would always appreciate the caring nature of their Capricorn sibling. They are also very hard working and they will do anything to achieve what they want in life. Even as they grow apart, they will make a constant effort to attend your birthdays at 12 night or the important occasions of your life. They will always make an effort to keep in touch with their siblings because of their caring and loving nature towards them.