Zodiac sign roles : Aquarius


As a Mother

Aquarius moms are the quintessential modern moms whom you will find up to date with the latest trends in life just like their kids, be it the latest songs in her mobile or the latest book launched or the latest trend in dressing, their kids will never feel a generational gap with their Aquarius mom.

Aquarius mothers are the most sincere and devoted mothers you will ever find. They will always take their parenting role seriously because their kids are the most important things in their life. The main objective of her existence is her kids. She will constantly crave that her children is getting everything they want. She is very devoted in her parenting and she can also be strict at times which their children may find it tough to handle. She is very protective and possessive for her children and will always keep a tab on their whereabouts and what they are up to. Even as mothers they are very unpredictable in nature. These moms are most of the times very friendly and jovial in nature and that’s the quality which their children may appreciate a lot.

The Aquarius sun sign itself is not very expressive in nature and even in their parenting these moms are not very expressive about their love towards their children even though they love them to the core and at times because of this the children may feel that they are not given enough love or attention and they may get wayward.You will also find an Aquarius mom very chatty and friendly with their daughters and their daughters can’t just live without their moms. They are equally possessive and protective for their sons too. One of the most important elements in parenting of an Aquarius mother is their cleverness, clarity and sensitivity.

As a father

Well, we all do come across in our life where we find fathers who are extremely strict and you don’t dare to utter a word against them. Be it your girlfriend’s father, your strict grandfather, your friend’s father or any one. Chances are nine out of ten times those are Aquarius fathers. They are the epitome of strict and old world style parenting. They are not the usual everyday cool dads who blend with their children in order to raise them. They have their strict principals and guidelines which their child has to follow a lot.

More over they are very possessive and protective for their daughters and they can do every possible thing for them just to see them smile. They are amongst the most responsible, caring and practical dads amongst all the zodiac signs. Even though they are damn strict but all they want is the betterment of their children. They are also very silent observers who keep a tab on their children even when their child feels dad is not keeping attention on them. They are one of those fathers who can be very strict and even use their hands if their child has gone off-track. They are hard working fathers who will always makes their children realize importance and value of money and principles in life.

They are always ready to sacrifice their own luxuries to give their child the best possible education ever. They may not provide them with all the ultra luxuries but when it comes to studies they will be ready to sacrifice anything to give them the finest education and make them better human beings in life.

As a child

Aquarius children are really unique and they tend to think a lot. They have inquiring minds and you will find them always doing new stuff. They are not as naughty or troublemakers as an Aries or a Libra child but they also have a naughty and mysterious side to them. These kids are also very experimental in nature so don’t be surprised or shocked wither if you ever find the taking apart your mobile phone or the TV remote and again joining the parts after dismantling it. Their experimental and enquiring nature also makes them very good in science and physics and other related fields and you will always find teacher praising their parents about their analytical skills and observation.

These kids are a little bit reserved in making friends as compared to other sun signs, but once the ice breaks, these kids are really interesting and fun to be with. These children are dreamers and always think more than the other children of their age. They are also good at academics and extra-curricular activities. They can be good leaders too. All they need is a role model who inspires and motivates them to do excellent things because these children can get easily influenced by someone’s activities or preaching. You will find them very happy when they are given their own space and freedom in life because they like to make their own world and live happily in it.

These children are also highly intelligent and good decision takers, so when it comes to taking decisions in life, they are almost always right. Hence to raise these children, parents need to support them in whatever they want to do because they are usually good at deciding what they want in life. All in all these are witty kids and they can go a long way of their parents supports them in their ambitions and goals in life.

As a sibling

Aquarius siblings are very cute and they are lovable siblings with whom you can have an comfortable and fuss-free childhood with them. They are a little bit unexpressive but they are very emotional by nature. Because they are a little bit unexpressive they are a little tough to understand and you need to spend more time with your sibling in order to break the ice and understand them well.

These siblings are a little bit different by nature and they like to things in a different manner. They are amazing sibling s and a delight to watch while they are growing up. As younger siblings they will always amaze and surprise with new and creative ideas to have fun be it inside the house or outside. They are always chirpy when younger and you are bound to have a fun time with Aquarius siblings. These siblings are also very adventurous and experimental by nature and hence you can have fun time playing new games or either exploring new places with your Aquarius brothers or sisters.

These siblings also like to meet different types of people from all walks of life and they are very social and you would be lucky in that part as you as a sibling would also get a chance to meet different people and be social. The elder Aquarius siblings are also very loving and understanding by nature and they would not only give their youger siblings the space they want but they would also try to understand what their yyounger siblings wants to express. Overall these are very sweet siblings by nature and they are very affectionate and be assured to have a wonderful childhood with them.