Zodiac compatibilty : Taurus

APR 20-MAY 20

This can be union of two self sufficient powers which are different from each other in many fronts. Aries is impatient, energized person whereas Taurus is slow and highly patient person. Aries can be ferocious while Taurus person takes everything calmly. Do not be fooled by their patience as they can be most devastating than any other zodiac sign. Bull will not like anyone tempering with their feelings and can cause chaos. This is can be best couple if synchronized and communicated properly. One possesses the innovative mind with positive attitude while another is hard working and patient person. This combination is rare to see but can be transformed into winning team.

Aries personality:

Aries people are optimistic and are always ready to take any challenge. For them life is all about test and they have to come first in it. Their ultimate goal is to become a champion and earn respect for it. They go for any extent just to get little fame. Aries and Taurus are dominating and prefer to lead people than following them. They strive for success; if anything can give them the taste of the success then they will do it without thinking much about their consequences.

Aries people can be under debts due to their uncontrolled habit of spending money. Their excitement makes them indulge in multiple activities. Unfortunately due to their impatient nature they tend to leave every activity unfinished. They have tendency to get attracted to anything new.

Aries and Taurus
Taurus personality:

Taurus people are strong and calm individuals. Unlike Aries and Taurus are much more focused on their work; they put all the efforts in their work to complete it. Taurus people will indulge in one work at a time and will complete it. They can be relied to complete any work. They are also self contained people thus prefer to work independently. This doesn’t mean that they are not social; Taurus people are also light hearted. They just don’t show their inner side quickly. They are simple in terms of their behavior and nature. One can predict their mindset and sometimes their actions too.

Taurus people are always connected with their past, especially with their past relationships. They are lazy people. Taurus people like to use traditional methods thus they can show rigidity if anyone asks them to adapt to new things. They are generally calm people but can show very bad anger if forced.

Aries and Taurus relationships:

If Aries and Taurus both are bonded properly with each other then they may show roper understanding. Taurus will try to cop up with impulsive nature of Aries. With regular interaction they will come to know that this is just another trait of Aries people. Taurus people will be attracted to outgoing nature of the Aries people and security provided by them.

Aries and Taurus

Aries people will like the down to earth nature of Taurus people. They will soon get habitual to the helping hand provided by Taurus person. They will want Taurus people to always accompany themselves. Aries will come up with new ideas and will complete it with the help of Taurus. They both will enjoy each others’ companionship. Taurus will feel relaxed with Aries around and will open itself step by step. Once they both have understood each other then they can easily enjoy every second of their life.

When highly active and outgoing nature of Aries meets the insecure and fun seeking nature of Taurus they both will have very good time together.

Aries and Taurus

Aries people are ambitious and can turn into selfish person. Such things can hurt Taurus person. They can also become unresponsive to Aries person, which in turn can make them possessive about them. Taurus person can remain detached from reality which can make Aries person angry. Aries will have to learn how to save money from Taurus person. This relationship will work if they both are friend or siblings. They both can have bad time coping with each other as they both are self- centered.

Aries should not look for the laziness of the Taurus similarly Taurus should try to dissolve the lack of concentrations of Aries person. They will have to remember that they can only survive if they bring best of both.

Taurus and Taurus

Taurus and Taurus make earthly relation. They both are stable, hardworking and calm people. Since they are ruled by Venus, they will share emotional and romantic moments with each other. Having similar personalities will make them feel comfortable with each other.

Taurus personality:

Taurus people are born with good fate. They can be rich, famous, happy people. They are also good in keeping love relationships. They are social and like meeting people. They have strong and bold personality which can be easily spotted in crowd. They can easily charm people with their calm and cool personality. They are caring and loving people. They believe in reality. They want to have secure future thus they will put all of their power to complete their ambitions. They like to have their own plan on which they will precede their work. Due to this habit they may be called rigid or afraid of changing. They make their own firm decisions. They will not like anyone making them do against their will. Too much pushing can change the calm Taurus into destructive bull. So, it is advisable that never try to pressurize the bull. They will need affectionate partner who will also admire them.

Taurus and Taurus relationship:

Taurus and Taurus relationship will turn out to be much more stable than most of we have seen. They both dislike frequent changes in life. They will only adapt to changes when they are totally aware of the consequences they can cause. They will study it and if they think it is worth it then only they will resort to it. They learn from their experiences. They are loyal to each other which strengthen their relationship. They have better understanding qualities; they never make immediate conclusion after having terrible fight with their partner. They will think about it first and would take necessary decision.

Both of them would make dedicated attempt to complete their work. They will show affection and obsession towards their loved ones. They will do fine as long as they both have common thinking about particular subject. Problem may arise when one of them will force another to follow their thoughts. They may also have long arguments on it but finally they would forgive each other. They don’t want to insult each other and ruin their relationship. As siblings or friends Taurus and Taurus will share love and care with each other. They will never feel the sense of competition from each other. In business they can achieve quick success as there is double dedication, hard work and materialistic thinking. Lovers will maintain cherished intimacy with each other. With quality to forgive others quickly they can have happy life together. Since Taurus people are family oriented people they will together tack care of their house and family.

Taurus and Taurus can have some problems due to their persistence to change. They sometimes tend to become unsure and negative about things. They both want their partner to shower love on them but this may leave them waiting for each other for long time. It will get lot easier if they discuss these things with each other. They may also find little wittiness in each other if tried to share their mind.


Taurus represents the Earth while Gemini represents the Air. This combination could go out of context as one shows rock solid characteristics while other one is unstable and freely flowing in nature. If they can succeed to maintain balance between them then, Taurus can enjoy jolly nature of Gemini and provide it security and love.

Taurus personality:

Taurus people have highly stable and calm character. Taurus and Gemini achieve great heights with their strong determination and hard work. They are reliable and hence they get to work on higher posts. They live simple life with caring nature thus they are also admired by other people. They have charm that can attract lot of people. They like to work according to plans and would not like anyone disturbing them. This may be the reason they prefer to work alone. They are not creative but they like to modify existing things for their own use. They can repair things and make it work for longer time. They have urges to keep learning new things and use it. They feel the need of having secure and safe future thus they save money.

Taurus and Gemini
Gemini personality:

Gemini people are active, chatty and social. They like to find and learn new information. Taurus and Gemini are innovative people who can generate several ideas. They also take opinions of their friends and relatives. They are good humored and adaptive. Thus they can have no problems keeping with other people. Their analytical mind helps them quickly take decisions and stay out of any danger. They like to maintain their space from other people. They will often go on small trips since they like travelling. They can’t be stopped at particular thing; they like to have changes in their life. Gemini people can become masters in multiple talents. They can handle large crowd with their witty nature. They are fun loving and can be seen surrounded by the people in parties or at social gatherings. They can lack consistency as they do not like to stick with same thing.

Taurus and Gemini relationship:

Taurus and Gemini would have to put extra effort to maintain the bond between them. Whether they are friends, relatives or co-workers, if they have to work with same work together then they may show different approaches towards it. They also have different way of handling the money. Besides these, there won’t be any particular problems with them. They will be gentle with each other. They can have problems if they are business partners, especially regarding the money. Gemini, being smarter one would run from responsibilities and work. It will put pressure on Taurus. They can get attracted to each other easily but will not stand chance for long term relationship unless they compromise. Taurus will need to show some flexibility while Gemini must show some stability to Taurus. Taurus can make good caretaker for his children while Gemini shares friendly nature with them.

Taurus and Gemini

Gemini people show adaptive nature in every way of life. They change themselves according to needs but this can be annoying for rigid Taurus people. They may even show keenness to learn new things but it becomes difficult or Gemini to teach them. This can make Taurus people angry on them. Gemini people are more involved in social causes then their personal lives which can create space between these two. Taurus needs constant touch and love from their partner, which is not felt here with Gemini people. They both may get involve in heating arguments over Gemini’s outgoing habits. Gemini people are not good reasoning which may not satisfy Taurus causing more havoc.

Taurus and Gemini

They both will need to adjust with opposite natures of each other which can be time consuming. Taurus people can calm down uneasy Gemini people. Their company can provide Gemini steadiness in life. Gemini can teach Taurus people about experimenting and bringing change at least in vital aspects.