Zodiac compatibilty : Scorpio

OCT 23-NOV 21

Aries and Scorpio both share great passion for physical as well as emotional pleasures. They both can also get attracted to each other but just for few moments of pleasures. They define two opposite characteristics. Aries defines the Fire element while Scorpio defines the water element. They both differ in their personalities and nature.

Aries personality:

Aries people live independent lives. They like to be admired by people thus they are always involved in effort that will get them fame. They don’t like to be controlled by others hence they prefer to go their own way. They have good managing and communicating skills thus they also get quick success. They are quick witted but they also get temper quickly. They are not stable and that’s what put halt between their success. They lack consistency and patience. They often tend to things without any rigorous study, which can again put them in misery. Though they are social and talkative person they can also get involved heated arguments. They have kind and sensitive heart. They will always run for help if they see any helpless person. They just want to dominate people. If they can get what they want and some admiration at regular intervals, then these people can be merrier than ever. They can be selfish sometimes. They need constant excitement in life without which they will lose interest in it.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people symbolize the strong will power and tolerance. They are highly adaptable to any environments. It is believed that they possess unknown power which makes them little different from other signs. This power can be used for either good or evil. They are strong individuals and they never back down. They have enormous power put they never misuse it. If anyone tries to assault them then they will tolerate at that time but when they will strike it will be inevitable. They strike with full force. They are secretive, intelligent and ordered people. They don’t like to rely on others thus they make themselves tough enough to stand in any situations. They have natural talent for exploring and studying. They have good analytic mind. They can look after themselves and can be self oriented sometimes. Some people admire such attitude but some may just say that they are too conservative. Their habit of investigating every single detail can make them desperate and obsessive towards it.

Aries and Scorpio relationship:

The strong base of this relationship is built with loyalty shown by both Aries and Scorpio. They are also determined individuals which can definitely help them achieve any feat in their lives. With some time spent with each other and patience they both can form a good bond. Scorpio will need some privacy at initial stages to adjust well with Aries. Aries who likes living on his own would not hesitate to allow this. Scorpio will need to create a emotional bond with Aries, which can be easily created with passionate Aries.

Aries and Scorpio both can have better understandability between them. If they are friends or co-workers then they will have competitive but friendly relationship with each other. If they are relative or siblings then they will be affectionate with each other. As business partners they can achieve good success and respect for each other as both are courageous and born to win. Lovers will share good intimacy and passion for each other. They can make disciplined and kind parents.

If both of them stand against each other, they will come to know that their opponent is not easy to win. If Aries has winning persona then Scorpio has strong determination to win. One wants to win always and another can’t take defeat. Both of them are firm individuals. They soon understand the need of being together as they both can win every task of their lives.

Aries and Scorpio

Though, there are lots of matching points present in this relationship there are moments which can simply destroy it. Aries like to rule and control other but Scorpio prefer to work alone. This can increase the heat in this relationship. Aries are talkative and like to share things while Scorpio talks less and keep it up to them. This secrecy can explode the fire in the mind of Aries. Scorpio may find Aries sloppy and would not dare to trust him. Scorpio likes to live royal life but within their budget this is not same with Aries people as they spend money without thinking about their needs.


Taurus and Scorpio share some of the very important virtues of life. They both are determinant, powerful and reliable. Personally they both seek loyal relationship and commitment. Along with some positive virtues they also share some negative ones which may change the equation. They both are stiff natured people thus it can become difficult for them to co-operate.

Taurus personality:

Taurus people are honest, serene and less active in nature. They remain simple and down to earth. They believe in hard work and are ready to work until they are finished with it. They always follow their own way for doing any work. They are disciplined people and would not like any carelessness. They are usually quiet and patient people but if they see anyone interrupting or unnecessarily testing them then they might show their original character to them. This scene can be threatening for that person and would never again go in Taurus’ way. Taurus people are kind to their loved ones. They are sensitive people with need to share their emotions. They are either emotional or strict. Sometimes they miss being funny as they are devoted to their job.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio sign has strong will power, intelligence and courage to keep fighting unless they achieve their success. With these virtues Scorpio can be really successful person in his life. They have developed self reliant nature and try to be as independent as possible. Being independent also removes the extra responsibility from their shoulders. They can be little lazy sometimes and try to find comfort for them. They also possess strong physic with which they can handle any problem with any other signs. They are smart and know how to talk to people in order to get rid of their work. They can survive in any type of environment. Another good thing about Scorpio is they have good amount of patience. It is said that Scorpio people own mystical powers and powerful venom which can be harmful to others, but it is hardly seen that they misuse of it. They can feel suspicious for others as they are always inspecting to them. This can make them possessive even for their close people or relatives.

Taurus and Scorpio people:

Taurus and Scorpio both show stubbornness to each other. They will have expressions like “I don’t care about the world” but deep down they have respect for each other. They like each other for their strengths and abilities but never speak it out. They both have so many things to express to each other but they never show guts to express them. This circumstance may also be seen between close friends or relatives, who spend whole time with one another but never try to tell their emotions. If they try to be frank with one another and empty their heart, then they can learn lot of things from each other. They may also start sharing their talents together which may lead them to be more vibrant then before.

Taurus and Scorpio

When Taurus and Scorpio become serious about their relationship, they tend to do anything that will keep the relation live. If they are siblings or friends then they both will be helpful to each other and know their role well. They like each other’s company very much. If they are business partners then they can become rich and famous, since they both are materialistic, clever and hard working. Love relationship will take place only after being around for extended time. Once they accept their relationship, they will become passionate about each other. As parents they would like to teach their children by self and take care of them. If this relationship has Taurus woman and Scorpio man then it will result in better compatibility.

They both show good signs of healthy relationship but they can become cold towards each other if failed to express their feelings. They both can be expressionless sometimes. Analytical nature of Scorpio may also disturb the Taurus people as they don’t like anyone interfering in their work. They will have to ask one another for their feelings rather than waiting for chance to express them. They both will show honesty in their relationship, which may hold the key to save them from separation.


Gemini and Scorpio relationship is a real testing time for both. They both have different nature and characteristics which can blow up their relationship. Gemini is extrovert, active and high-spirited while Scorpio is of serious type in all of their activities. They may have initial attractions for each other due to different characteristics but it can become worse later when they move towards the serious phase. It has chance to live up if they both get married and are living together.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people are fickle minded and easy going. They are never serious about what they do. They like to meet people and entertain them. They have gifted qualities of talking using which they can make you listen to them for hours. They are humorous and funny people. They show impatient and frequently changing nature. They can never be stopped at they have whole world to hunt. They make decision but even before executing it they change their mind and move on to next decision. They want to achieve the best. Actually they are clever people but usually fail to convert those decisions into results due to their moodiness. They like to live independently which can make them fall in trouble if not guided properly.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people have good amount of strength and they can tackle anybody who tries to dominate them. They themselves are dominating creatures but often like to keep it cool and under control. They are self-sufficient people. Scorpio people can possess strong will power with which they can achieve any task. They make their own decisions and stand for it. They rarely mind others view so there is no way that they will change their decisions. They are honest people for those who respect them and be honest with them. They look mysterious due to their self-reliant qualities. It is also difficult to read their minds since they do not socialize more and always involved in some activities. They have need to research and study.

Gemini and Scorpio relationship:

Gemini and Scorpio Since Scorpio people are expert in analyzing they easily notice the moody nature of Gemini people. This is not their type as they have stable mind. Gemini also talks too much which is not appreciated by Scorpion. Gemini can get tired of talking alone and would feel need of having someone with whom they can share their feelings. They are the people who need frequent change and if they get paired with people like Scorpio then they can get bored easily. They like to show people how intelligent they are. They have good entertaining abilities with which they can keep them amused all the time. They are careless people who take every task easily. Be it their relationship with another or their professional life, they never care what may be the result of their activity.

If Gemini and Scorpio decide to live together then they can have honest and devoted relationship. They both will show interest in learning more about one another. Generally free spirited and active Gemini may start concentrating more on Scorpio’s mysterious work style. As Scorpio