Zodiac compatibilty : Pisces

FEB 19-MAR 20

Though Aries and Pisces represent two opposite elements they share lots of common characteristics. You will see fire and water blending together. Like Aries, Pisces also like travelling. They both have innovative minds with which they can easily solve any problems. Due to their common traits, they will appreciate each other’s company. They will have good initial phase but as they discover each other more, they will come to know about their differences. They will need some time to solve these differences.

Aries personality:

Aries people are active and energetic individuals. They have good leading skills accompanied by their dominant nature. They can achieve quick success without many efforts. They like to win every task they have started. They take every task as a challenge. They may lack tolerance due to which they can suffer from loses. They have tendency to leave their jobs incomplete. They like competitive life rather than living simple one. They have personality of warrior who is born to win. They are also kind hearted people. They can leave their own task beside to help others. They want people to follow them otherwise they may have to suffer from the wrath of the Aries. They can also become self-seeking and arrogant sometimes.

Pisces personality:

Pisces people are kind hearted and friendly in nature. Aries and Pisces also like to help other people. In fact, they can be even better than Aries people when it comes to helping and problem solving for others. They are intelligent and logical also. With good communication skills they can impress anyone. They have adaptive nature thus they can live with any person and with any conditions. They always have positive energy which keeps them ready to face any problems. Pisces people like to dream, they can get lost in it easily. They would prefer to go and visit exotic holiday places. They may sometimes show dual nature also. Though they are intelligent, they need somebody to support them. They lack confidence to perform any task by own. They can’t be relied on.

Aries and Pisces relationship:

This is a relationship of extreme hot and extreme cool people. Aries can take advantage of calm and non-violent Pisces. Aries will feel more superior by commanding and controlling Pisces. On the other hand, Pisces who are smarter than Aries find their own way to complete their wish without being noticed by Aries people. They both are sensitive, emotional and loving thus they both can get benefitted by being together. Pisces may receive surprise gifts from impressed Aries. Aries can learn few important things from Pisces like how to keep your mind cool, how to maintain your budget and savings etc.

Aries and Pisces

They can be seen in many roles in real life. As friends they may have individual goals to achieve but they will wish for each other to successfully complete their goals. If they are relatives or family members then they will watch and learn from each other. Since they both are dedicated, innovative they can achieve good success in their partnership for business. Love relationship will have initial excitements but they will need to understand each other’s traits to take this relationship further. As parents they will choose their roles in family and would take care of their children with lots of love. Aries man and Pisces woman has better chance of having good relationship.

Aries and Pisces

This relationship can work well if they both can maintain certain rules for them. Aries should not try to control Pisces too much so that Pisces will slip away from them or become sad. Aries and Pisces both should sit and talk to each other but usually Pisces do not talk much about their past and Aries has no relation with his past. One can say they have too volatile memory to remember it all. They can also find Pisces to be little secretive. They would want their partner to share it with them. Otherwise they can also become possessive with them.

They both are show good compatibility with each other but can have some bad moments with each other. It may occur due to furious nature of the Aries. They would like and appreciate each other’s company. They will achieve their goal by stressing more on their positive qualities.


Taurus and Pisces together can lead in to peaceful life. They will have balanced and cheerful life. Taurus will always appreciate kind and helping nature of Pisces person while Pisces will adore the reliable Taurus person. They both have characteristics that are liked by another; due to which they both feel comfortable with each other despite their differences.

Taurus personality:

Taurus people are serene and calm people. They are strong from exterior but sensitive from inside. They have needs to express their feelings but may fail sometimes, if their partner is not cooperative. They are practical people who believe in hard work. They are of serious type and would often concentrate on their work. They have huge ambitions to achieve and they achieve their goals with their consistency. They may show unwillingness to work with other people. They start their own workplace or business. They may also follow their own rules and regulations strictly. They believe that following rules strictly will aid in achieving goals easily. They can get very furious if anyone tries to break their rules or tries to bully them. Taurus people are family oriented and give more priority to their family members. They are loyal to their loved ones and they take responsibilities for them. They express their needs of physical intimacy easily.

Pisces personality:

Pisces people like day dreaming. They are very sensitive to emotions. They like helping people and solving their problems. They are friendly in nature thus they get many friends. They also show adaptive nature, thus they can easily work with anyone in any circumstances. They are soft hearted people and may fall in love easily. They have creative minds which can provide nourishment to their talents. They may show artistic talents. They are also good in communications. Pisces people avoid any conflicts and try to solve problems right away. They observe and learn quickly. Their creative minds can take them into illusions, which they can use to become a good story writer. They may show duality in their nature, failing to come to conclusion. Still they are positive about their life.

Taurus and Pisces relationship:

Taurus and Pisces
share complementary bond with each other. Taurus can provide stability to Pisces while Pisces can show innovative ways to Taurus people helping to gain more success. This is possible only when Taurus is ready to accept the ideas from Pisces people. Taurus’s rigidity may harm this relationship. Taurus may consider Pisces person as low esteemed and aimless person. Pisces may find Taurus as too strict and ambitious person. Their thinking about money also differs as Taurus absolutely cares for their money while Pisces see them as aid to good lifestyle. They also have different approaches to look at life. Pisces person may have several opinions but they usually fail to resort to one. Taurus people are not creative like Pisces but they fight with reality and make their decision come true.

Taurus and Pisces can have kind and emotional bond between them as they both are family oriented people. They both are caring towards their relatives. They can have fun and joyful relationship as friends or siblings. They both can help each other in areas where innovations and patience are needed. They will both give their best performance to bring optimum results. This relationship will work fine especially if Taurus man and Pisces woman is involved. There is no doubt that they will become caring and supportive parents.

Taurus and Pisces

There can be several quarrels in this relationship but Taurus and Pisces will maintain the peace again. There can be only problem when they both try to solve common problem with their own methods. They both can be seen playing a supportive role whenever required. They will grow more intimacy through good communication and it should be initiated by Pisces person.


Gemini and Pisces have two totally different personalities with different requirements to fulfill in their lives. This relationship can be tricky for both of them. It will be interesting to see how this couple progresses and adjusts with one another. There can be one thing to note that both of them like to maintain harmony. They both can have good conversation to solve their mutual problems.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people are intriguing and intelligent in nature. Sadly they lack patience due to which they can’t concentrate on sole thing. They need frequent change in life to keep it full of surprises and excitements. They would just change their work or relationship like it doesn’t matter to them anymore. They can be very careless in such situations. They prefer to hang out with different people all the time. They are emotional but not sensitive to other’s feelings. They want to have all best things in the world. That’s why they run from one task to another hoping they would get something better than previous. They are talkative and just know how to use their talent to get their work done. They talk to people not just to fulfill their urge of talking and gossiping but also to get latest information from around. They like to experiment with their artistic talents.

Pisces personality:

Pisces people are creative, calm and very friendly people. They are spiritual and optimistic people. They believe helping other people and giving them joy would give their soul peace. They are patient and cheerful people who can get along with anyone. Probably that’s why they have far more friends and followers than others. Pisces people try to understand the life and adjust themselves with world. They are kind people who understand the people and their feelings. They would like to go on long travelling and to exotic places. They show devotion to their loved ones and close people. They have tendency to get addicted to drugs. Pisces people also like to dream and they have ambitions to achieve. They are born with artistic talent and can make successful career in it.

Gemini and Pisces relationship:

Gemini and Pisces both can have wonderful communication with each other. They both like to talk and share their thoughts. Gemini has more needs to be heard while Pisces people like to listen to the people. Pisces will provide keen ear to Gemini and Gemini will show her talent with interesting talking style. They both have imaginary worlds to discover and would love to take each other for ride in it. Together both Gemini and Pisces will capture great moments of their fantasies.

Gemini and Pisces both can be fluctuating every now and then. They can also show duality in their nature. They both have tendency to get involved in situations and then quickly remove themselves from it as they fear they might have to be responsible for it. Gemini may lose its grip from Pisces people as they are more outgoing. If they lose their touch then this relationship can have bumpy road ahead.

Gemini and Pisces
As far as their relationship is concern, they live independent lives and don’t really open up to each other unless one of them need to talk. If they are friends, relatives or siblings then they will have deep conversation whenever they meet each other but that happens on few occasions. If they open up to each other they will have lot to share with each other. They can’t do much well in business as they both have tendency to change their mind quickly. They will need to be more st