Zodiac compatibilty : Cancer

JUN 21-JUL 22

There will be lots of fog generated when Fire meets the Water. This relationship can be little mismatch as they both show opposite characteristic to each other. Aries people are active and impulsive individuals whereas cancer people can be lazy, slow and calm individuals. Aries and Cancer will need to spend lots of time together to understand each other. Aries will have to control their impulsive nature whereas cancer will have to give away their past to concentrate more on their present.

Aries personality:

Aries people live their lives to fullest. They are cheerful and highly active people. They don’t care about the results and would often act without thinking much. They may have to suffer from its bad results later but knowing that, they still risk their chances. They are humorous people and entertain people anytime. They may also have huge fan following. Normally Aries people attention seekers and they would do anything to get center of attention. Being famous nourishes their ego. They like to take on any challenges and would try different things in their lives. They are adventurous people who are born to lead and win.

Aries and Cancer

Their confidence helps them to impress the world and also to kick start any work. Though, Aries are known for their aggressiveness they are also soft and emotional from inside. They will never hurt anyone intentionally and are keen to help others.

Cancer personality:

Cancer people are emotional and sensitive too. They are calm and often slow people. Unlike cancer they have precision and patience. Once they take any task to perform they will only stop when they are done. Cancer people like to socialize and meet new faces but they are also reserved when it comes to share their thoughts. They may come across many friendly people but they make only few and lifelong friends. They are kind and helpful people thus other people also care and cherish their company. They can also be witty sometimes. Cancer people are artistic in nature and may possess good skills like drawing, dancing, singing, sports or any other skills. Cancer people are intellectual and creative. They have better understandability and ability to quickly adapt the environments.

Aries and Cancer

Cancer people are generally possessive about all things that are closed to them be it their family, friends and lover or their favorite clothes, book, games, ball etc. They can use their humor to distract people from original subject of conversation.

Aries and Cancer relationship:

This relationship between Aries and cancer can be of two professionals. Aries people are business oriented; they prefer to have their own business or at least working at reputed post. Similarly Cancer people are honest to their work. They may show high degree of professionalism. Due to this situation, it is possible that Aries and caner both have met each other at their working place. They will normally discus about their families whenever they get free time together.

Aries and Cancer

Their romance may start in office environment too. Since Aries and Cancer both are passionate about their relationship, they may create intimate bond between them. Aries may try to dominate this relation as it is his nature. Cancer people like to lead others but they are not greedy for doing so. They can always adjust with circumstances. Though, Cancer people remain calm they can burst out someday very badly. For better relationship they both should co-operate each other. There should be no feeling of master and servant. As Aries will never bend down, cancer will have to proceed first and mention the need of adjusting with each other. Cancer will have to be very understanding and mature to that otherwise they may end up in abusing or fighting with each other. This may also end this relation.

As friends, they may have good understandings but also have contest for every little thing. If they are cousins or siblings then their different nature will hardly come into the existence. They will have great chemistry together. If they are business partners, then they both can come with different ideas as they both are visionary. Cancer people can manage all money related problems and Aries will have to manage his business plans. If they are lovers then they may face some crucial problems but if they get married then they can make great parents. Their responsibility will make them work together.

They both can have problems with expressing their emotions. Aries people have probably never felt their own emotional side before they met cancer. They may hide it from cancer. Whereas, cancer people are sensitive and may immediately express their feelings. They will need to compromise on few things in order to get better relationship. There is also big difference between how they treat money. Cancer people think it is fundamental thing for their lives and prefer to save it for better use in future. Aries people are not like them, they would spend it unnecessarily.

This relationship is shows two individuals, who will have to learn their differences quickly and adapt it. Only this can allow them to live together happily.


This relationship defines the bond between Earth and Water. Earthly Taurus can provide steadiness to moody cancer. Taurus and Cancer both can have light hearted and soft relationship with each other. They both show emotional and physical support for each other. There can be some dull moments with frequently changing moods of cancer and rigidity shown by Taurus.

Taurus personality:

Taurus people is signifies sheer strength and will power. They are peaceful and self centered people. They seek emotional attachment and faithful partner. They are charming people who stand apart from other people. They give more priority to their families than any other things. They like steady life styles always try to have one. They don’t like people who are constantly running after several things. They have good patience and determination which takes them on new heights of success. They work on pre-ordered manner and complete their work as promised. Hence they are also dependable people. They can also get hot tempered when tested for patience. It is rare to see them angry but once they lose their temper it is better to stay out of their way.

Cancer personality:

Cancer people are calm and sensitive in nature. They are generally slow but can show too much enthusiasm sometimes. They can suffer from moodiness. They may react differently at different occasions. One may find them extremely energetic and happy sometimes but at another time they will be seen sitting alone. They also like day dreaming. They are caring and lovely people. They like being around their family and loved people. They are romantic people who also believe in committed relationship. They are affectionate to others and would share their feelings. They are helpful in nature. They may attempt to make those people laugh who are suffering from pain. They also have good managing skills which are well utilized by them with help of kind nature. They are innovative people and show good talent for arts.

Taurus and Cancer relationship:

Taurus and cancer make one of the most compatible relationships. They can be helpful to each other in any bond they share with each other. They can become best friends with each other. They will be frank with each other and would feel happy being together. They will listen to other one’s thought and try to help them. They can be very successful being business partners, as they show devotion for work, believe in saving money and live up to their reputation. The intimacy which they share can make others jealous of them. They are never short of love and romance. They handle each other like treasure. They have always dreamed of becoming caring parents.

Taurus and cancer may have dream of making their own organization. Taurus would like to organize things properly while cancer would love to manage and run things properly. Taurus may show stubbornness sometimes but they would be well handled by Cancer. They tend to adapt themselves according to Taurus personality. They both find loyal and honest lover inside each other. They both provide safety and love to each other. They both are family loving people thus they may build their own house and move in with full family. They cherish their past memories with family members. Cancer may sometime fail to forget their sad past and would hide it from Taurus partner. They both believe in sharing thus they may be seen in sharing their personal stuff too. Another aspect where their thinking meets is Money. They both think that spending unnecessary money is not good thing.

Taurus and Cancer

Taurus and Cancer may have satisfying bond all together but there can be some moments which may spoil it. Cancer people like to be praised and admired by their partner but Taurus may find it difficult to understand them due to frequently changing moods. Taurus may show too much rigidity to cancer which will make him even more moody. Their fights can also end up with broken hearts and anger. They both have cautious mind and patience which can help them to sort out the problems. This relationship should be happy, compatible and easy going.


Gemini and Cancer find it easy to adjust with one another since they bo0th are mutable in nature. They both have different tastes and attitudes of living life but still they fascinate each other. They may also share close intimacy that most of the couples want to have between them. As cancer is sensitive in nature, he may get hurt by mischievous Gemini sometimes but it is not a big deal.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people show restlessness. They are highly intelligent but unstable due to which they may appear confused or little uncertain about their decision. They are talkative people and like to brag about themselves. They may talk about what people should do against pollution and crime but never really follow it. They would just talk and leave its burden on you. They never try to do or act on what they usually insist to people; because they will have to follow it first. They can even just say lie to entertain you. Gemini people need frequent changes in their lives. They sense something more interesting is missing in their lives, and thus they keep running from one task to another. This habit can give them, problems maintaining friendship, relationships or more importantly their careers.

Cancer personality:

Under strong shell their lies the soft hearted and sensitive person. Cancer people are kind and forgiving in nature. They are little lazy but when they decide to do anything they do it with full dedication. They can work in any conditions with patience and full determination. They usually come with good ideas and convert them in reality. They are creative people and have artistic talents. They may have gifted talents of dancing, singing, drawing or any sport. They may also show high values like honesty and loyalty. They can even show urge to dominate sometimes but not in cunning way. They would like to manage things around. Cancer people are attentions seeker and they love taking admirations from people.

Gemini and Cancer compatibility:

Gemini and Cancer share good compatibility as they may find many characteristics common between them. Cancer person is creative and sometimes even talkative. They like to share their thoughts so that they can get better reviews of it. They are also a good listener which will give good opportunity to Gemini to talk and share their feelings. Gemini and Cancer both can be funny and cheerful. They both possess the ability to daydream, with which they both can entertain each other by sharing it. If any outsider listens to their gossips then he would probably listen to their imaginary stories more interestingly. They both can also get moody sometimes.

Along with their abilities they may also share some common interests. The