Zodiac Personalities : Scorpio



Scorpio woman keeps high ambitions and achieve them with strong will power and hard work. She often wins in her task. She likes to have power and rule others. She can be good leader also. She can easily find out your problems by just looking at you. She is mysterious and can be self-oriented too. It is because she doesn’t like to share her thoughts with anyone and for of the same reason you can share your secrets with her and rely on her to keep it up to her only. Scorpio woman is kind would often leave her work beside to help you.

Scorpio woman is sensual and believes in a long lasting relationship. When Scorpio woman falls in love she immediately commits it; she will not head back unless she wins you. She becomes extremely loyal to her partner. So it will be advisable not to play with her heart if you are not sure of your feelings to her. She will not only get hurt but will get furious on you too. Scorpio woman usually likes the man who is courageous, sharp, clever and has high ambitions. She is expressive while showing her love and emotions to her partner. Scorpio woman always backs up her husband in every area of life.

Scorpio woman can get jealous easily if she sees her partner standing with another woman. She can be suspicious to her partner but at the same time she would not like if her husband suspects her for cheating. Many men will try to admire and flirt with her but she will not cheat on you. She will always be faithful to you. Scorpio woman will make a good mother and wife; she will teach her children good qualities and manners. As she is strict she will enforce her own rules on her children to protect them for being spoiled. She also believes in a disciplined life. She would like to do all the household chores, keep her house clean and cook good food.


Secretive behavior of the Scorpio man always draws the attention of lots of people. He likes to spend time alone in studying something and researching. He is not so social and would not meet new people easily. He is action-oriented and independent. He is stable in nature; when he starts to work on something he stop only after achieving it. He strives for adventures in his life.

Scorpio man has sharp looks causing most of the woman to fall for him. He has passion for all the things in his life and love comes with highest priority. He will become honest to you once he commits to you. He has control over his desires and never feels jealous of anyone. In order to attract him towards you, you should show him your feminine side and try to lure him into it. Don’t easily open yourself and keep some mysteries in front of him. Scorpio man likes to solve mysteries. He will judge you for some time before committing to you.

Scorpio man has very bad anger and can give you really bad memories about him. He likes to win and failure can break his confidence. He may never show it to you but it will keep haunting him for life. Scorpio man is practical and will do whatever he has decided to do. He is possessive about his lover so never try to indulge in affair or else you and your lover will be facing the rage of the Scorpio. There can be some reasons for you to be jealous of him as there is huge number of people who want to come closer and know him. Of course Scorpio man has got the charm to attract them all. But still after all this, he will be only yours as he is the character of loyalty and honesty.

As a father Scorpio will be detached from his children but he would want his children to follow discipline and have respect for all the people. He should learn to express his emotions towards the people he love.