Zodiac Personalities : Pisces



Pisces woman has all the feminine charms that every man wants to have in his dream woman. Just one look and a man will fall for her. She is gentle and simple. She would only expect to be loved and protected by her man. She likes dreaming and possesses the ability to make them real. Pisces Woman is clever and has very good intellectual skills. She may be having some sort of addiction if she has gone through difficult phase in her early years of life. This incident will always be haunting her in her present. She may not tell you this but she is actually trying to overcome it.

Pisces woman is romantic and lovely person. She believes in a fairy tales and fantasizes that someday her prince charming will come to get her who will love her forever. Deep inside she dreams of living like a princes. Pisces woman will have faith and belief in her partner giving herself completely to him. This will help her partner to gain the confidence and faith. She will be very loyal to him. She will just sit next to you and listen to your feelings. She is reliable person and you can tell her your weaknesses or any secrets you have hidden from the world. She will listen to it and accept it.

Pisces woman may show detached behavior sometimes; she has tendency to go away from people and spend some time alone. This helps her to calm down her mind. She may also show impulsive behavior and bad anger which can make you feel irritated in her company. She can also show some secretive nature sometimes. She  usually lacks confidence and thinks of being useless but you will need to give her that confidence by praising her from time to time. She may give a look of being independent woman but behind that, there is a deep fear of getting hurt and exposing her true side.

Pisces woman may lack the discipline and it will be your responsibility to teach it to her and to your children. She is also not so good with money and often spends it unnecessarily. You will have to teach her to control  her spending habits.  Pisces woman remembers all the important days of her life, so you should remember your anniversary and most of all her birthday. Pisces woman will always be on your side to help you throughout your life.


Pisces man has creative mind and he is always dreaming his fantasies. If he has dream about anything then he will put all the efforts to make it true. Due to this nature, he may seem detached to you. He is dedicated person and could be the best in his professional life; he takes interest in his work and complete it successfully. He is positive and believe in winning. Pisces Man is adaptive in nature thus he can work in any conditions and with any person. He is talkative and like to have communications with other people.

Pisces man is good in judging people. He likes to listen to the problems of other people and give them accurate solution. He may also burden himself by trying to help people. Pisces man treats every people equal and never keeps favoritism. He often needs some freedom to have his time alone. He also has tendency to take little rest after every small task.

Pisces man is expressive about his emotions. He is also very romantic and will never give you chance to complaint about it. He would prefer woman with dominating nature. He often seeks support from his lady. He is faithful to his woman and expects the same from her. He wouldn’t mind compromising for his loved ones. Pisces man often shows too many emotions towards the person they love. He is always helpful to others thus many people would often come to see him from both the sexes. He will also cherish their company which can make you jealous. If there are any beautiful women then he would not hesitate to admire their beauty. Don’t worry he won’t flirt with them. It is just appreciation and you should get used to it.

Pisces man is not so good while handling the money, so you will have to teach him how to save money and control his streak of spending money. He has tendency to follow his loved ones so it will be easy to make him understand your thoughts. He likes to dream, so in case if he shares his dream with you then don’t laugh at him. He will get hurt very badly. Pisces man makes a lovely father. He will show lots of affection towards his children. He will teach them how to improve their intellectual skills. You just need to keep your faith in him and he will provide you long lasting love to you.