Zodiac Personalities : Leo



Leo woman can always attract men with her beauty and charm. She is sensual and graceful. As a lioness she likes to dominate people. She seeks attention from other people and gets it due to her popularity. She falls for admiration from people. She is also helpful person and always has people following her. Sometimes Leo woman would find a place where she can spend some time alone.

If you are trying to impress a Leo woman then make sure you are giving enough attention to her. Admire her and be truthful. Leo woman likes to maintain their higher class, so if you want to gift her something then give her unique gift. She likes to spend money for luxurious life so you are likely to enjoy her company. She can be real harsh and aggressive sometimes. She likes people with good appearance so try to look good. She would expect to you to be truthful to her, even while praising her.

Leo woman is clever and powerful individual. If she is committed to you then she will become very kind person to you. She will also start considering your decisions. Leo woman needs freedom to live life in her own way. If she is happy then she would make your home like a heaven. She has tendency to spend money on decorating her home, buying new cloths. Leo woman can become goods mother and take care of her children. She will keep her children well disciplined. Leo woman is possessive about her partner so try not to flirt with opposite sex. She can have worst temper if she finds you cheating on her. You will regret about your action later.

Leo woman generally has lots of men following and appreciating her which can make you feel jealous; but she will always be faithful to you. She just likes to have followers and it boosts her ego. You both will have to trust each other to save this relationship.


Leo man is born leader like a lion. He is charming and humorous and hence always surrounded by his supporters. He likes to be admired for his works. Leo man is strong and is not afraid of anything. He likes to take challenges in life. Leo man is positive, courageous and risk taker. He likes to take advice from others but if you would put pressure on him to approve your decision then you are definitely asking for a trouble. He also don’t like taking criticism from anyone. You will break his ego and suffer from the consequences. He likes to go on long journey.

It is easy to make Leo man fall in love with you. He just needs little praise and romantic moments from you; then he is all yours. Especially if you are famous woman then he will fall for your popularity. He will search for such a woman with whom he can show off. Love and romance is must in his life. Leo man has urge for physical relationship. He is passionate about love and is irresistible. Leo man becomes loyal and faithful to his partner. He can also be flirtatious sometimes and indulge in an affair.

At the same time Leo man can become possessive also. Even if his woman take just look at another man he will feel hurt. He can even restrict his wife from going to her office; he want nothing in between them. Leo man would want his woman to take interest into him and his house, which can irritate her. He will make her every wish complete but in return he wants her loyalty and love. He want his wife to look pretty when she goes outside.

Leo man believes in making. He will help you in repairing things at home. If he gets proper affection from his woman then he will bring harmony in their life. He is not good in dealing with money so his woman should take responsibility to manage the expenses. Leo man will make good father to the children and protect them. He would demand respect from his children too, so one should teach their children good manners.