Zodiac Personalities : Gemini

MAY 22 - JUNE 21


Gemini woman is talkative person and likes to share her views about anything. She likes to travel to new places and learn new things. Gemini woman is highly unstable and can drift away from her actual goals. They are friendly and social.

Gemini woman shows duality in her nature but it will reduce as she becomes more mature. She can have difficult time taking decisions. If she is in relationship then she may show fluctuating moods. She can’t stay with single person for a long time. They are creative and like to spend time with people who have ability to generate new ideas quickly. Even in the love, Gemini woman seeks creativeness along with intelligence. She has good humor and can convert any serious environment into fun and laughter.

In love relationship, they can always bring up new thoughts to keep it alive and filled with excitement. Gemini woman would express her love towards you at regular interval and allure you with her personality. She will never make her partner get bored of her. Gemini woman likes to have her freedom and will let you have yours.

There can be problems for possessive partners, as Gemini woman has tendency to look at other guys even if they are in committed relationship. They are always looking to understand the nature and habits of all the men they meet; Gemini woman then would start looking for these habits in you. If you really want to be with this woman then you will have to overcome your Suspiciousness, which is just not easy.

Gemini woman will start acting normal as she grows older. With maturity she will gain stability in her life. She can indulge in multiple tasks at same time. As a mother she would teach her children to live independently.


Gemini man is innovative in nature. He likes to make new friends and discover new things together. They have tendency of showing duality in their nature. Gemini man likes to have variety and changes in his life. They are fun loving and intellectual people. With their friendly nature they can get along with anybody. They are good in communicating with people and have ability to talk on almost anything. Due to duality they can become a good mediator.

Gemini man has good charm and attractive looks with which he can attract lots of woman. He tends to have multiple affairs before marriage. Once Gemini man finds a right partner he will become loyal to her. Gemini man seeks excitement in all the things in his life including love. This can be the reason behind his multiple affairs. So, it is necessary for his partner to keep him excited in order to save the relationship or else face the consequences of it. Gemini man appreciates the woman who has got beauty with the brain. He never get attracted to only good looks. Gemini man lack stability and doesn’t care about emotions of others. Due to this, they can have several break ups with their partner.

They may come with different moods and behavior, which can make their partners irritated. They also shows secretive nature and they like to keep some things hidden from you. They like to maintain their own space and are not at all possessive about their partners.

Only way to keep Gemini man close to you is compete and show your intellectual abilities. They like woman who is clever. Play mind games with them and they will accept you as a challenger. Bring more and more challenges for them and they will come closer to you. They won’t mind if you win because they are not at all egoistic in nature. You just have to make them feel that you are always available for them whenever they need you. Make sure you share all of your thoughts with him; if you will try to hide anything from him then he will definitely spot it.