Zodiac Personalities : Capricorn



Capricorn woman are very successful in their life; the reason behind it, is their strong will, confidence and hard working nature. She seeks lots of fame and money in her life. She keeps high aim to achieve. She wants everything of highest order. She doesn’t like to have anything rather than best. She will never let you peak inside her mind and heart. On the exterior she is strong and independent individual but from inside she is sensitive and romantic lady.

She will only select a man who is financially good, has some status and can respect her. She would want her partner to be independent of her. She is very cautious about her relationship. She will only accept you if you possess the same characteristics and life as her. She will first make a friendship with you and then consider if you are good for her or not. Capricorn woman seeks appreciation from her man. If she gets a required attention from her partner then she may open her heart in front of him. She has her own desires which she wants to complete with you. She dreams and then tries her best to achieve them.

She is always concerned about her appearance. She likes to be clean and look beautiful. She will need you to assure that she is presentable and looking beautiful. She can show frequent changes in her emotions. Capricorn woman likes to be with her family and she respects her elders. She will have same feelings for your family too and would expect you to do the same. Home of the Capricorn Woman will always be tidy and clean.

Capricorn Woman in love will make romantic gestures at you; remember she talks through her action. This is also her way of showing that she cares for you. She is practical in nature and would teach the same to her children. She would mold her children with discipline.


Capricorn man is innovative and intelligent person. He is often lost in to his world of dreams due to which he may appear detached from you. Capricorn man is ambitious and greedy for success. He gives highest priority to his work and is less social. One day he would like to be a leader of his team. Capricorn man can be good business man as he is sincere to his work. You can always rely on him. He has very good will power. They are always looking to gain knowledge from all possible sources.

Capricorn man has great control over his emotions. He actually is soft from inside but he has made himself look tough. He thinks that money is most important part of the life and dedicates all of his life to the work. Even if you will praise him he will not show any reaction to it, but he is real happy from inside. They are strict in nature and always follow the rules.

He is romantic but you will need to get close enough to feel it. Capricorn man likes to follow his desires. He would like if you admire his work. He will never mention that he loves you even after being in a relationship with you. He will always be loyal to you. Capricorn man is charming and will show his love through his actions. He feels shy to express his love. He would take you for romantic diner and for long drive. He will show increasing interest for being with you. They are disciplined and would prefer to have partner who is same as them. If you are wrong then they will not hesitate to point out at your faults. Though this rudeness can hurt you but they do not intent to hurt you; it is only to improve yourself.