Monthly Horoscope : Taurus

APRIL 21 - MAY 21


In love, people of the sign Taurus will experience ups and downs, which can disrupt them in their daily lives. Fortunately, in the professional field, it will be euphoria. Much excitement and creativity in this month’s program. In terms of health, it will be necessary to face some tests and especially to avoid the declines of morale …


If you are in a relationship, you will be in doubt. Doubt about your real feelings, doubt about those of your partner, doubt about the viability of your relationship. But this state will fluctuate and you will be able to think exactly the opposite a few days later! Why this cyclothymic behavior? It will be up to you to answer it. If you are single, the stars are not favorable to the beautiful stories of love. It will not be too illusions during this month of October. By the way, is this your priority right now?


Your sky announces a lot of effervescence in the professional field. Your excitement will be at its height. If you are self-employed, you can win a tender that will allow you to establish your situation. If you are an employee, new responsibilities will be entrusted to you. In any case, you will move up a gear. For your greatest happiness. For Bulls looking for a job, this month of October should bring a lot of opportunities. But the places will be expensive and you will have to be particularly persuasive


This month, temperatures will drop. As a bull, you will need to be vigilant especially protecting your neck (your Achilles heel). It will also be necessary to watch over your diet. Your bulimia, which is often important in people of your sign, could cause you physical as well as psychological problems. Rigor will be required. By agreeing to eat less and spend more, you will find a balance. What will help you in your positions …