Monthly Horoscope : Scorpio



This month, for people of Scorpio sign, will be similar to the previous month in the professional field. In other words, everything will go fast, very fast even. Maybe too fast for some. Fortunately, for singles as for people in relationship, love will sparkle and bring a lot of joy and comfort.


It is a month full of tenderness that awaits you this month. Your life partner will be very caring with you and you will be grateful to him. You will go hand in hand whether there are difficulties or not. If you are single, you will also be protected. Cupid will not be stingy in opportunities and you will know how to seize them. A beautiful meeting should illuminate this period. Note that the ascendant ram and gemini will be a little less spoiled by the stars.


Will there be an extra activity, a new organization in your work this month? Anyway, you’ll have to roll up your sleeves during this month of October and work extra hard not to be outdistanced in the heat of the moment. Some will experience this change with euphoria while others will feel overwhelmed by events without giving up. In short, you will not see the time pass during this time of the year. If you are looking for a job, you will enhance your applications by showing you particularly creative and … cheeky! A takeover seems imminent …


A good health will accompany you during all this month or almost. Indeed, you may find yourself on the kneecaps during the last week. This will be due to your involvement at work where you will have given without counting. If you can take a few days of rest it will be perfect but if you are unable to be absent, it will be necessary to be careful not to break. A next month very rich in events awaits you and it will be imperative that you are on foot to take full advantage of it.