Monthly Horoscope : Sagittarius



Multiple and varied events await the native Sagittarius people during this month. But it will be necessary to consider them as opportunities to grow, to reach a certain maturity. Fortunately, the Sagittarians will enjoy a good health to negotiate this period a little delicate but full of prospects.


If you are in a relationship, you will wonder about your feelings. A little lost, a little disoriented, you will wonder if your relationship should continue or end. Unable to decide, you will tend to lock yourself into a silence that will lead you into a dead end. An event in mid-month will allow you to see more clearly and to progress the situation with confidence. If you are single, opportunities will come up. However, you will have to accept to challenge yourself to achieve them.


You will, by overconfidence, take your feet in the carpet in your professional activity. This will create conflicts with your hierarchy but also with your colleagues who will not dissociate you. However, you will be able to very quickly go up the slope. But it is not excluded that after this heavy ordeal you choose to change employer. Question finances, the stars do not give precise and definite indication. Therefore, there should not be any exceptional cash inflow or difficulties.


Aside from people with a Libra ascendant who will experience some sores during this month, Sagittarians, in general, should be protected in the field of health. However, it will not be necessary to be defeated by the drops of temperature and continue to play sports and eat without excess. It is only on this condition that the shape will be maintained throughout the autumn or winter period. Beware of prolonged blues and the impact on the body …