Monthly Horoscope : Pisces



In this month, the fish will be able to exert their creativity with brio in the professional field. This will allow them to enjoy a certain renown. The loves will also be at the zenith. Money problems will tarnish the period but it will not be serious. It will be necessary to beware, to keep in shape, of the fall of temperature of the beginning of autumn.


If you are a single fish, you should bite the hook during this month. Especially from the second week. You will be literally in love. Rest assured, reciprocity will be respected. A beautiful story will be written. If you are in a relationship, the magic will always work. You and your partner will know how to maintain the flame in this autumnal period. It will also be an opportunity to get lost under the cover at the slightest opportunity. Cupid, attentive spectator, can only applaud and congratulate himself.


In your professional activity, you will be able to stand out by your originality and your ability to create. If you work in the artistic field, you will be on the front of the stage. The stars seem to announce a certain celebrity. It will be up to you to keep a cool head. For job seekers, it will be necessary to wait until mid-month to see opportunities arise. Pay attention to your bank account: inconsiderate expenses could catch the wrath of your banker …


Do not worry, your health will not cause you any problems or very little in this month. Forgetting that summer is behind you, you risk to dress inappropriately. The stars announce small worries. Surely a cold snap that will end in a good cold. Nothing serious obviously. It’s up to you to be a little more cautious on a daily basis. But these little sores will not stop you from having a good mood. You will remain very successful in all areas of your life.