Monthly Horoscope : Libra



People born of the sign of Libra will be a little jostled during this month. Whether in the professional or private sector, they will have to accept to question if they want to see their situation evolve. They will have to be open-minded. Which will not always be easy …


If you are single, this month of October suggests great prospects. Cupid rode and it will take advantage. A love at first sight is perfectly conceivable. It will be more complicated if you live in a relationship. Reproaches will be made and you will have trouble hearing them. If you refuse to question yourself, you will go straight into the wall. On the other hand, by accepting these grievances into consideration, you will be able to clean up the situation.


A surprise should come during this month of October in the field of work, especially from the 15. Your professional organization will experience profound changes and you will have difficulty finding your bearings. Conflicts with one or more colleagues are also likely to disturb you. Be careful not to be too naive. At the level of finances, it will be necessary to be rigorous and to avoid the purchases too consequent. If you are looking for a job, do not limit yourself to your geographic area and broaden your search.


You will be subject to a lot of stress during this time. Some will do it and will use it in a positive way while others will suffer it full force. It will then be necessary to regulate it quickly before it has repercussions on the body. Watch out for heart accelerations and hypertension. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with your doctor. Also think about practicing meditation and / or yoga to improve your shape and learn unless you plan for the future.