Monthly Horoscope : Leo



This is an interesting month for people with the sign of Leo! There is going to be a lot of questioning in the professional field as sentimental. A desire for change will be felt and this will bring extremely positive perspectives. The decisions taken during this period will have very important repercussions in the coming months …


If you are single, you will question your ability to seduce and want to reinvent yourself. It is not excluded that you speak to a professional, a coach in seduction, to guide you in this area. If you are in a relationship, you will analyze your current situation in a will to break with the routine, the monotony of everyday life. Your conclusions will surprise you. There is a risk that there will be some upheaval that is extremely surprising but always life-saving. It will not be necessary to back down.


It is in the professional field that this month will bring you very positive waves. You will not know where to turn because you will be asked. But that will not displease you. You will feel extremely creative and determined in your missions. If you are on your own, be careful not to multiply commitments. You could have bigger eyes than stomach and find yourself overwhelmed by too many activities. During this period you will improve your financial situation very significantly.


This month, you will have every interest in strengthening your immune system to protect you from fall diseases. Fruits and other fresh vegetables should be favored to get your iron, zinc and vitamins A and E. Eat fish to replenish vitamin D. Otherwise, you risk collecting rhinopharyngitis or even bronchitis if you are a smoker. If you play sports, avoid outdoor activities and go for indoor activities.