Monthly Horoscope : Gemini

MAY 22 - JUNE 21


This month will be for Gemini a transition period quite delicate. If the last quarter looks very positive, it will first of all suffer the vagaries of life and reach, despite the damage, to hold firmly on course. Courage, the best is coming soon.


If you are in a relationship, you will lack enthusiasm in your home. Well aware of the problem, you will try to fix it but without any real success. Do not play comedy, stay yourself and tell your partner about your state of mind. This will prevent him from imagining anything and everything. If you are single, you will be seduced but you will hardly have consumed that you will be remorseful and regretful. You will always feel like you can find better elsewhere. Be careful not to hurt your conquests, as ephemeral as they are …


Work question, you will not work. If success and recognition await you next month, but this month, it will force you to clean up some relationship situations. You may also be required to assert your authority. It is therefore a difficult but rich period of perspectives that awaits you. Do not neglect it ! It is now that you will create the bases that will allow you to build your future projects. If you are looking for a job, the results will not be long in arriving. It will take a little patience. For all that is investment and financial investment, the period is very positive.


You should not be weakened by poor health during this month of October. However, you will need to monitor your diet. A weight gain is announced. It can be due to stress but also to a lack of lifestyle, a way to eat on the go, without worrying about intestinal comfort. Do not be surprised in this case if your transit makes you miseries. You will be the sole responsible. Do not neglect this problem because it could become a real handicap and prevent you from fully living your various ambitions in the months to come.