Monthly Horoscope : Capricorn



This month will rhyme with dynamism and enthusiasm. During this period, there will be trials and difficulties, but people with the sign of Capricorn will solve them with disconcerting ease. This will earn them the admiration and respect of those around them. In love, there will be renewal. For the best only.


If you are in a relationship, you may experience relationship difficulties during this month. A break can not be ruled out. But this last, if it takes place, will be lived, in fact, as a relief. A bad for a good. If your heart is to take, there is a good chance that he finds owner or at least tenant. With a consequent lease. Indeed, beautiful meetings await you. You may even have to choose between several suitors. This is a luxury rare enough to emphasize!


A thousand desires, a thousand ideas, a thousand ambitions, that’s how we can summarize this month of October for you in the professional field. You will feel yourself growing wings and will be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. Desires for creation or business recovery will be felt. It will then be necessary to measure the risks and not be too imprudent. Even if it will be the effervescence in the work, pay attention to finances. The stars indicate difficulties in this area.


Nothing will stop you during this month. And for good reason: you will have a horse health! Even when you will be loaded like a donkey. Hyperactive, you will not hold in place and will constantly seek to solicit your neurons. Playing sports may help you consume this over-energy. Organize yourself to spend daily, it will allow you to keep fit. Doing meditation will also have relaxing virtues for your brain. He will be grateful to you at this time …