Monthly Horoscope : Cancer

JUNE 22 - JULY 22


The people born of the sign Cancer will have to take up many challenges in the professional field. Very busy, they will have some difficulties to devote themselves to their loved ones and more generally to their private sphere. This will not fail to create some tension. Fortunately, health will be cloudless.


This month, in the sentimental realm, will not bring anything very exciting. Very invested in your work, you will not be very available for your life as a couple. You will not be surprised if your partner multiplies outings with friends rather than waiting quietly at home. If you are single, you should not rely on this period to change your sentimental situation. Unless your ascendancy is Sagittarius or Aquarius. Indeed, for the latter, Cupid will be rather active and generous


It is in the professional field that this month will bring you very positive waves. You will not know where to turn because you will be asked. But that will not displease you. You will feel extremely creative and determined in your missions. If you are on your own, be careful not to multiply commitments. You could have bigger eyes than stomach and find yourself overwhelmed by too many activities. During this period you will improve your financial situation very significantly.


If the stars hinted a few small sores during the previous months, it will be nothing in this month. You will not encounter any problem that could weaken you. In full form, full of energy, you can invest 100% in your work. Do not overdo it though and make sure you have at least full nights of sleep. Be careful not to overeat in the evening and prefer hearty meals at lunch. Especially in this autumn period, you will not want to play spor