Monthly Horoscope : Aquarius



For people of the sign Aquarius, the month will be the scene of serene and safe love. The work will also be promoted thanks to beautiful long-awaited opportunities. It is at the level of the finances that it will be necessary to be careful. A breach of trust is to be feared. It may be necessary to appeal to justice.


If you are looking for love, your quest is likely to end in October. All the stars converge on this sentimental success. It is not excluded that you engage with someone by deciding not to live under the same roof. Perhaps this is the key to happiness … If you live in a relationship, you will share with your partner moments languorous and tender, full of complicity. You will consider projects for two. Maybe a trip to the sun during the winter holidays?


Everything will be fine at work and better! If you are hoping for an increase or promotion, you will definitely be upgraded. It will not hesitate to raise the auction with your hierarchy. The stars are on your side. People looking for a job should finally flourish in a professional activity. Finance side, a big problem will occur. You risk being abused by a person with definitely dishonest intentions. If this is the case, you will certainly be required to appeal to the courts to enforce your rights.


Your form, during this month, will be very fluctuating. As soon as you encounter a test, a problem, you will tend to let yourself catch up with black thoughts and you will indulge in a certain melancholy. You will have to learn to be less fragile in the face of adversity. Is not life an eternal reciprocating movement oscillating between happiness and trials? If your form will be capricious at this time, it will still not succeed in shaking your health.